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  1. At least they'll fight in the shade...
  2. just don't mix good and evil and, yeah you're good to go.
  3. Bindsouls weren't a faction ABILITY, they were a faction specific EQUIPMENT. therefore, they are no longer tournament legal.
  4. I've thought for some time now that just implementing card activation per squad/vehicle instead of IGOUGO, would make the game 10 times better with nothing else done to it.
  5. Well, post them again I suppose. Make sure the answer isn't already in the previous posts though please.
  6. Q) Will (x) model being getting more sculpts? A) While I'd like all models to get more sculpts, I'd have to agree with you that (x) model needs them more than any other. I'll see what I can do. Q) What exactly does the spell Violent Possession do? A) 1 point of Damage. (it doesn't need LOS) Q) I'm having trouble understanding how the Trencher SA works now, as opposed to the previous edition. Could you explain it to us please? A) Certainly! Previously it mattered where the model that was giving the Reach Support Bonus was in relation to the model with Trencher, throw that concept completely out of your mind. Now, a model with reach just needs to be giving a Reach Support Bonus against another model, which is a matter of standing on the other side of a friendly model from the enemy. Now the model is giving a "Reach Support Bonus" against that model. Any friendly model attacking it, or any friendly model with Trencher thats taking defensive strikes against it, get the Reach Support Bonus added to their rolls. You decided which enemy model is getting Reach Support Bonuses against it at the time you declare your MAs or Defensive Strikes. Q) Why was (x) spell, SA, Equipment, or rule changed or removed? A) We felt it would make the game better. Q) How should we address conversions, proxies, etc? We are already seeing discussion of various exploits of this (elevated capes added to models, for example, repositioned weapons, etc) specifically to make it easier to block LOS. A) Tournament Organizers have the ultimate say whether a model is legal for proxie or not. If something is overly cheesy, it could/should be brought up to the organizer.
  7. Im not sure thats a hot idea.... Our neighbor is operated by Homeland of Security / FEMA / Sheriff / Firemarshal.
  8. This months tournament will be 1000 points and be using the recently published RAGE Chronicles 2007 rules and datacards. Sign up begins at 11, and the first game will begin at 12.
  9. thats the next project. We wanted to do FAs by themselves, so we could concentrate on them and get them done right.
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