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  1. We have launched "Sea Stack Cove : The Lighthouse," a fantasy Kickstarter featuring a 3D printable Lighthouse built on a sea stack. Our core design uses easy stacking assembly and features FDM or Resin printing options. Resin files will be pre-supported and FDM prints will be support free! This Kickstarter marks our first return to the site since early 2020, The Lighthouse is a kickstarter exclusive. Models and resale rights will not be offered outside of this campaign. The campaign will reveal many small stretchgoal surprises along the way and a small mid-campaign add-on with it's own stretchgoal list! Thanks for having a look:)
  2. Ah, yes guess there is some resin being slung around here. Thanks WhiteWulfe i will edit.
  3. We launched "Roads to Adventure" today, it is going swell it is a short duration kickstarter with a $10 consumer level buy in, Thanks for checking it out 4 road styles ALL stretchgoals open, more being added Large road sections for 8 inch printers 35 road sections & 30 parts of scatter terrain Stretchgoals double parts and add road styles This is for STL design files only $5 wagon add-on now available (see images added below) 2 free models now up , swamp wall dungeon sticks and Dire Chicken (see images added below)
  4. Thanks for the support and much thanks for the comment earlier in the campaign. As it went along, it seemed to me like others may have felt the same. Rolling on wood elves helped get it moving I'd do a product interest survey but I already know I'd get stuck making dragns
  5. Thanks for taking the time to check it out @Knight of the Dinner Table . Enjoy the siege tower, it should be an easy print added a bonus and free asset for immediate DL in addition to the siege tower. WIll probably add a couple more. Bumped for brand new images and painted siege tower:) New Tree Fort/House Bonus Model Added. Images on Top Post. Test Printing underway. $10 for 2 foot tower+stretchgoals+2 bonus models (including tree fort) and 2 models totally free on page. Don't miss the Biggest Little Kickstarter! 48 Hours Left:)
  6. Double Launch today. First our " '2 Tower" mini-kickstarter, go get a FREE siege tower just for checking it out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamescape3d/2-tower-a-tall-tale-for-3d-printing-free-siege-tower Thanks for checking it out, I'll be around to answer questions_Jeremy
  7. We have added this Town Watch Building as a small reward on our Kickstarter. One week left!
  8. Posted a a decent sized promotional model for this kickstarter if anyone wants a sample piece. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3376666 Thanks for looking:) includes an overview video and full PDF diagrams.
  9. Guess the prices dropped since I last got it, time to buy another one :)
  10. I can second that @knightofthedinnertable I have a couple anycubic and they are great. I can second that the ender3's are very popular. You can usually find an anycubic for 350 with shipping and I think sometimes you can get an ender for $100 less than that on sales. Though the anycubics are such tanks I don't know that it is worth it. I'm guess I have to just get an ender3 to see what the fuss is about.
  11. Citadel for 3D Printing on Kickstarter Review with test prints at Haldane Creations Funded and many stretchgoals Open
  12. 5 Days Left. Several OpenLOCK sets have been added to the stretch goals, Most are open!
  13. Reconstructed and redesigned in response to your input, Stronghold on the Borderlands has been reimagined as a MASSIVE digital, infinite fort design for 3dprinting. This Design will offer more than SIX TIMES the digital content for the SAME PRICE as our initial launch! Original resin options will also remain with many NEW add-on options.
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