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  1. Hi just put ma'al drakar mostly together was wondering if it is better to paint him without the wings being on? Or should I attach them before I start adding the green stuff?
  2. Hi i just couldn't wait all the way till Christmas. The Kraken is so perfect for my CAV army ty ty Corsair.
  3. I am going to use black and white too. I thought for my first time I wouldn't go too tough on myself :) How do you like the Purple so far. I am in love with the purple and mint green still not sure about the olive though. what other colors did you get besides imperial purple :) I am going to work with the black and white as well. I think they will be good for hues and mixing into the colors as well as using them plus the three colors for shading. :) Thank you. I'm looking forward to the challenge and it I'm hoping to get some more paint on him this weekend .
  4. Imperial purple is the main color with mint green being the secondary color and last but not least olive green. I was like wow when i rolled the first two they go so well together then olive still it could be worse. Lol.
  5. Rankin was playing in the floor and got covered in it so bath time for him. Looking forward to getting some imperial purple on him as well as the mint green the challenge will be adding the hints of olive green on him it's the challenge.
  6. Last day at Reaper Con this dragon spoke to me and said paint me paint me so I heeded the call and decided to accept the rainbow challenge .
  7. Hi I signed up for Frost Grave and am so looking forward to Reaper con. I see it is being run by Craig Fox. How do we find out more :)
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