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  1. Making pumpkins out of greenstuff or whatever you prefer to sculpt in isn't too difficult. You can match them to the mini size-wise that way. (and it's a great way to use the greenstuff I invariably have left over when I sculpt.) Here's my Gauntfield that I painted last year. And now that I think about it, the pumpkins do look kinda small... Oh well. I sculpted the grass, bones and pumpkins. and
  2. I had this crazy idea on making easy textured trees. Please tell me if this sounds stupid. I thought of taking a twisted-wire tree, with all the limbs straight up but separated, and dipping it several times (successively deeper & base first) into a rubber dip. This dip is normally used to add a rubber grip to hand tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches. There is a textured black dip, and I thought it might make an easy tree bark texture. At that scale it looks like oak bark or something. After the rubber coating has dried the branches could be bent to whatever position looks tree-like. Anyone have such a tool dip and the willingness to try my crazy idea? (...trying to find a link to the product I'm talking about...)
  3. I think I'm going to do a pattern, (although I may have to dip him from frustration and do a solid color!) and now I get to decide... Rattlesnake vs Gartersnake! whooo. And thanks to the miracle of graphics programs, I have pics! Well, headshots really. http://people.tamu.edu/~dragonag/color_sch...artersnake2.jpg (I'm leaning towards this one.) http://people.tamu.edu/~dragonag/color_sch...rattlesnake.jpg
  4. Ah, I guess it would help if I told which dragon I have... It's Razorwing sold by Magnificent Egos. http://www.magnificentegos.com/Images_Stor...ing_pnt_big.jpg I kinda want a simple color scheme, but the spotted one would be cool too... It would take longer to paint though. Eh. Anyone painted this guy?
  5. Howdy guys! I'm painting a dragon soon and am having problems coming up with a color scheme. I thought I'd get some opinons first. So, I slapped some paint on a few dinos I had lurking around. What do you think? (I apologize for the fuzziness. I was racing the death of my camera batteries.) And the other pics: Conga line right. Based on a garter snake. (This one is a bit washed out, his base color is a nice cream.) Forest camo? Um, this one's just from boredom.
  6. I'm currently basing a dragon on a cd, but I built it up with MagicSculpt first to give something to drill into and give the glue something to grip. Plus, it'll look cool. It's not a Reaper dragon, but I can post some in-progress base pics later if you want. (I don't have them at hand right now.)
  7. Very nice! The first thing I thought when I saw her was, "Hey, I know her!" She was a speedpaint mini at RAC last year. A very nice mini, but hard to do justice to in just an hour. I'm glad I got to see some care taken with her.
  8. Ooooh, must paint tiny creepy things....
  9. Found a good site for gem references in general. It's got good pictures of amber stones, but not clear amber. Anyway, here's the link.
  10. Just ordered my ticket, can't wait to learn some more sculpting-fu!
  11. Added the wing-web supports tonight, after making a test run in the oven to make sure the mesh holds up okay. I used fiberglass window screen so the heat's not so much of a problem. I'm just hoping the glue holds it well. I'm hoping to have shots of all the steps I use. Apologies for the orangeyness, it's the lights in here, my camera doesn't like them. Anyway, pics. left view Right view
  12. I've added some sculpey to bulk the mini out, and it seems to have held okay. The glue is where his arms are attached to his chest, and where the tail meets the hips. Both sections are quite solid after baking. He's 5 inches tall, wingtip to base. I'll see how the glue holds up after later bakings, should be okay. He's only getting baked 15 minutes at a time.
  13. I'm currently making a mini with sculpey, and have made my own armature. Several joints on it are secured with the help of some zap-a-gap. Here's my question: When I bake the mini in the oven at 275 degrees, will the glue melt, give off fumes, or fail at the joints?
  14. The card the Reaper blister minis come on is great for filling in the slot around the mini tab. Just cut a small rectangle (or three, depending on the width of the tab) that is close to the size of the slot, and wedge it in with the tab. A hit with super glue and it should hold fine. Then cover with your basing material. This makes for a flat base and doesn't leave much room for cobblestones or built-up areas on the base unless you build the base up first, and then you might as well fill the slot in and stick the mini wherever you want. :)
  15. There is a sitting monkey in the Familiar pack IV. You could maybe switch the head with a skull, or just paint him up with some gruesome colors? Also, there is a pirate monkey and chest.
  16. Nice concept! His shoulders look a little narrow, try making the armor stick out off the shoulders more, instead of being right on the flesh. It should make him even more imposing! Looking forward to seeing the sculpt!
  17. They look like they're line-dancing. Badly. But really, good paint job! What color sand are you aiming for? Natural tan? I'd probably cop out and paint the base tan, and glue on real beach sand. But then I'm a cheater.
  18. If you're using a pre-made metal armature like the ones Reaper sells, you can flatten the hand part and cut it into a thumb and fingers, as long as you have good clippers/knives. (I haven't actually tried this myself, so I'm not sure how hard it would be. So why am I giving second-hand advice....? *runs and hides*)
  19. What exactly does this assembly-fiend look like? Could anyone post a pic? I tried Googling it but didn't get anything useful.
  20. You could always pin a hawk on her hand and call it done. :) Get that whole Horus thing going on.
  21. i guess something is added to the air to make it glow? or cooled to hold moisture so light bounces off of it. that sounds kinda neat :)
  22. I primed my griffon right before rainy weather at the Asylum, and it ended up tacky and shiny. My basecoats on him have been beading up and not covering worth a durn. Definately a lesson to wait for dry weather, although in SETexas I'll be waiting a long time for that low humidity. After one basecoat it seems to be painting up fine though. It's just that getting the first one on was a pain.
  23. Most of the super-badass poses that the minis are in can't be cast in one piece. Unless you want a pose that is flat and uninteresting, multiple-piece minis are what you get. They can be firmly held together with pinning and glue, and a little greenstuff fixes those cracks right up. Then you have a spiffy pose, smooth joins between pieces and greenstuff under your fingernails. Or you could always find someone near you that does well pinning minis together and pay them to do it. *shrugs*
  24. Blue ink tattoos like the Iceman would be cool.
  25. Nice looking mini! Bringing the highlights up over the metal could help it stand out more.
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