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  1. You guys know that it's illegal to post stuff without me, right? It takes me ages to get through all the cat dragons. Anyway, if the dire crab was in the core set, then what about the guy next to him? Crab demon... THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED!!! I don't want ReaperBryan to exile, dismember or maim me in any way because I got everyones hopes up.
  2. Why would you send that? *sends counter impulse. REVEAL MORE BONESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS*
  3. Considering it is about 4 am in the US, the next update may not be for a while.
  4. I noticed how that a lot of the minis (minotaurs, kobolds, Rocky, fire giant huntsman, etc) seem to be built on round bases. Is this true? And if so, will they be produced connected?
  5. This is probably a stupid question (I'm good at those), but what's this about breaking up the core set?
  6. That doesn't change the fact that a cat dragon is 100% necessary.
  7. NO!!! This place is one of the last to remain 'uncontaminated'.
  8. Bad time for Australians. Once my clock reaches 3 am I'm probably going to start having nightmares about sleeping through the whole KS.
  9. Sorry, you can only ask for a minimum of 5 Cat Dragons. With interest.
  10. So there is a limited number of spots for each wave except the last?
  11. We get there when we get there! Ignorant newbie questions #2 and #3: Is there a limited number of people who can back? Is it beneficial to back as soon as possible?
  12. Sorry stupid question, but when you pledge on the core set you don't know what is in it?
  13. The silhouette on the right is holding a flaming sword and a shield, just like the chibi Almaran.
  14. Oh...I saw that...Those look more like vines than tentacles. Considering the setting (crazy cultist standing over an eldritch tomb) I think they are probably tentacles.
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