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  1. Going through my loot. A couple comments: The male efreeti concept was good, but the figure itself is very, very lazy. The dragons: got the whole set, and, funny enough, the red dragon seems to be the second smallest of the bunch.
  2. Maybe it has been answered already: I was just unpacking my loot and realized some of the minis have, in some parts, an oily glow. I'm not sure if it's actually some substance (like for example to de-mold them) or just parts where the plastic looks shinnier. Has this been noticed and commented already? also to take a moment to ask about spray primer. How does it work with this material? I remember I couldn't be used with regular bones, as it made them sticky. In regards to my importation process, had no problem on my end, just to report it as a nice outcome ^^
  3. I was asking due to an article I read pointing to an extreme shortage on distribution/truck drivers on the UK, as a result of Brexit. Wonder if it has anything to do with Reaper UK being so, so far behind (besides, of course, pandemic restrictions).
  4. Does anyone from the EU have received their pledge? Last I know is there were working on wave 3 a week and a half ago; I'm on wave 3, still haven't received a confirmation mail. Wish reaper's EU headquarters were actually in the EU
  5. Seond of Morlar's apprentices uploaded!
  6. So, there's this set of minis from Zealot Miniatures that really speak to me; classic concepts interpreted on a bizarre, hensonesque way. So much so I couldn't just paint them, I had to write a silly ryme to go with the set; a bit on an Edward Gorey tone, maybe, except for how much is lacking in refinement and ability. Here's the first part of this set... and I'll upload the rest in the following days. So, here we have Morlar, an evil sorcerous overlord, archwizard in chief: an archetype. He's Fistandantilus and Sauron; the Crimson King, Morkar, Palpatine, Andrak, Shaitan, Torak. I wanted to paint him in the style of that DM screen from Heroquest, and that meant red, and as any sensible individual, I HATE to paint red. Hope you like it and if you do, please visit my instagram gallery at @albertnyarla!
  7. I just received some of the new releases from this month; the witch coven, the Scarecrow, headless man, etc. Noticed that - particularly with the witch conven - there's some... granulated texture on the metal: I don't remember this being noticeable on other metal Reaper miniatures. It's a premature question, as until I prime and start painting I won't be totally sure if this... granulation is just visible with no real effect, or it gives it a rough texture. Do you know if Reaper has changed its metal "formula"? is it something I could/should be worried about before painting?
  8. Yes! And Friar Stone, is actually the mini that inspired me doing that post. And besides a couple Ghoul Kings, it could be cool to go with the fat villain trope too, Baron Harkonen style.
  9. One word: FAT. There's a lack of fat characters that is borderline fatshaming. Except, of course, races who are supposed to be kinda fat and then its funny. Like, for example, Dwarfs, Halflings or Ogres. Understandably some classes must be less prone to that; a barbarian, certain types of rogue or ranger. But where are all the fat wizards and witches, all the fat warriors, clerics, etc? I collect minis so when I look at my collections what I see is the same body type over and over. Take inspiration on Volstagg or Bayaz, Mustrum Ridcully or Ursula!
  10. Sartzanek, the mad archmage! Twisted like an iron pole struck by lightning. On another world, on another time, he says he was Blackcloack, the lord of an infinite dungeon. On sundays he is Zifnab and White Jenkins, the small aberration on his shoulder, secretly a dragon. For a while he liked to play games with adventurers and claimed his name was Penthos. Who knows, really. He may just be an old lunatic. Or maybe a sorcerer like no other... you decide. At your own risk.
  11. thanks! I actually have yet another Domur (I spent a lot on an order back when Domur was the free gift) and I will paint it with that first blue-green scheme, and see how it looks next to both my 2018 and the one in red-orange. Thank you so much ^^ Thank you!
  12. After going back to Darius and repaint him I decided to do the same with Domur. Like I did with Darius, I'm posting both versions, the first I painted and the current one. I kept both since I had two or three of them. For the first one I tried a scheme similar to the official one: on the second, a more conservative fire look. First Domur (2018) 2nd Domur
  13. thanks to both! My doubt was about the contrast among the lichen and the painted, plastic plants that I also used. Lichen is one colour each, is a... "natural" part where the plants are made of plastic and handpainted and I wasn't sure if they will look cohesive.
  14. Drums! Tribal drums from the heart of the deepest jungles. The Goblins wage war. They spider heards will consume everything on its past and, when there's nothing left, they will leave the trees behind to invade the lands of men. Their Chief, riding the giant eight legged spider steed Sleipnir, is ready to lead them to victory. Here I wanted to try a particularly colorful palette to tap into the jungle theme. Maybe in that note it lacks a bit of green... first time I use this colored liquen. Maybe is too much? If you liked it, please consider following my instagram :D
  15. Oppulence! They. Own. Everything. Sometimes adventurers survive their... well, their adventures, and retire with a fortune to live like kings and queens. Here we see Delia "The red terror" Axemaiden and Konrad "Quickfingers", the fastest rogue the realms ever seen... and Klauth the Pug, their beloved only son. Now retired, they enjoy the dolce vita.
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