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  1. It does topple forward, yes. But the balance issue is due to that... tab (sorry, not sure about the correct word: not a native speaker) made to be introduced into the base. It's irregular, so the throne is not flat on the bot. Again, easy to fix, yes.
  2. I really don't want to keep arguing about that: but unless you're telling me Reaper intended to deliver Lord of The Jungle without a base (therefore, unbalanced), it is a defective figure, no matter how easy to fix (and let me tell you, I can mold a base easy, but to get the same decorative knots as the rest of the throne is an entirely different matter). And remember, apparently it will be eventually sold like that: not balanced, base missing. Bubles, mold lines, even some minor damage are to be expected and part of the process of cleaning a miniature before painting it. Having to mold a base because without it it's not stable, that's not. Sorry for the fuss.
  3. Ok. So I guess If the rock cliff from Dance of Death was missing, since I would still have... let's say about 80% of the mini I would have the same solution: give the dragons back or build a base myself. I understand your point, I understand reaper's, I'm just saying I find it really lacking. Particularly given the miniature will be sold eventually on the site I assume, and according to what I've been told, sold without that base. If we were talking about just a base similar to that of the Tree of Despair, that can be displayed without any base, no problem. Here it unbalances the miniature. That's all. I really don't want to make it bigger than it is: I understand it. It's just not nice.
  4. Well, yes. But again, that was a special pledge. I'm not sure about the knight, it may be too - not sure which one you mean - but if we were talking about some random mini amongst the hundreds of the core pledge, or among the Darkreach/Dreadmere expansions, fine: it happens. It's a special miniature though. It's just like Dance of Death or Baba's hutt. A special, specific miniature: and maybe it's just me, but that makes it all a bit different. But yes, I don't disagree: it's a risk we agreed on, it's not a vital part, and I do have the option to send it back. Yet I don't think it's... nice, or decent from Reaper to offer no other solution than that. That wasn't an ordinary KS: Bones (all KS bones) are amongst the most popular, overfunded, miniature based KS ever. Bones IV collected 3M$ from about 16K pledges. And that's the best they can do? a "send the mini back or deal with it"? ok.
  5. Well... official answer: they will issue a refund... if I return the miniature. And it's not to be expected a 3d print or a corrected figure to be released. Apparently it's just an inherent risk of the KS. Which may be true, but its not a really nice thing to do for a company as customer friendly as Reaper is. Quite disappointed.
  6. Agreed. One or the other. And... I do realize - now I went back to the KS campaign - that the image they show to pledge on was without that base. Yet, it was also of a Lord of the jungle with his feet on the ground. And since their own design included it, and the miniature was built to include it... the point still holds.
  7. About the Lord of the Jungle issue: I got confirmation that it was a mistake from Reaper. That it should had included a base, as shown on the box, but the file was somehow not received correctly by china and now all the sets have that issue. In my opinion, that's an incomplete set. It's not just lacking of part of its aesthetic value; without the base the figure is unbalanced, particularly due to the fact that the throne has a tab to fit on that unexistent base, and the creature's feet don't reach the ground. I know lots of stuff can go wrong on a KS as big as this, but this was an specific pledge, with the sculpt, not just concept art. So everyone who pledged should be given a refund, full or partial, just as if you buy a defective product.
  8. NyarlaBcn

    Giants: "huge" vs "normal"

    I see; so my Frost Giant King (that one https://www.reapermini.com/search/giant king/latest/77591) is about the same size as the "huge" fire giants, isn't it? I just received my pledges of Bones IV and it's been a pleasure to see that Bones has improved SO much on quality since my previous experience with bones, back with Bones I.
  9. NyarlaBcn

    Giants: "huge" vs "normal"

    I just discovered that - at least with fire giants - there is at least two versions; one of them labeled as "huge". I was interested on the fire giant king. Right now, I only have the frost giant king. No "huge" label, yet exactly the same price. Are they the same size? What's the difference - besides a slightly better sculpt - among "normal" fire giant king or "huge" fire giant king? Sorry if that subject should be posted somewhere else or has already been answered; I couldn't find any releated topic (or better yet, a photo comparison)
  10. NyarlaBcn

    Halloween Knight

    My work for this past week. I don't have space to display big dioramas; not even for scenic bases. Lately, though, I've been trying really, really small diorama ideas or improved basing with a bit more life. An example was my Mucroack posted here a month ago or so. Now I used that idea to combine two Reaper miniatures that fit together perfectly; special edition Halloween Knight & Halloween Tree. I used a rusty bronze, green & orange palette for most of this work. Really happy with the outcome :) P.S. Gallery on Instagram @albertnyarla , will love some new followers ^^
  11. NyarlaBcn

    Terrain items

    I'm terrible at sculpting; I would like to know if there is any company making terrain elements - mainly vegetation -, plastic or resin, like those from GW https://www.games-workshop.com/en-FI/Barbed-Bracken-2017 I prefer that kind of stuff since I can paint it the way I need, better than, let's say, Army Painter's tufts. It could be anything from small twisted trees like some Reaper has on its catalogue to jungle plants. Any advice?
  12. NyarlaBcn

    Mudcroack, frogman Shaman 03174

    Yes! Had the creature in mind but couldn't remember the species. When I finished the blues, I was almost set on not painting the greenish-black spots pattern; afraid of ruining it. Thats what I meant, I usually have a clear idea of what I want to do, and while doing it, lots of second thoughts. It looked great only with the blue: could it be a mistake to draw the spots? It may seem worth the risk, but sometimes a mini can look "overcooked" if you keep working on it past a certain point. Haha yep he's tripping on himself xd About the bone: what brand do you use? I only use citadel. Later on I can give you the exact recipe. Its a mix of two colors for the base + ink washing diluted with mixer + one of the previous two as a first highlight + final highlights with a ceramic white. If I'm not forgetting any step. sorry for the lack of precision, not at home right now. I'll give you the names of the paints (& photo so you can see the tone) later
  13. NyarlaBcn

    Mudcroack, frogman Shaman 03174

    Right? I was about to use gloss on all its skin; many selvatic frogs are... well, glossy, due to sticky/wet skin. But in doing so I would have ruined that special touch the eyes have, now I think they pop out much more.
  14. NyarlaBcn

    Mudcroack, frogman Shaman 03174

    Haha thank you so much ^^ I had so many second thoughts about the colors while painting it.... I wonder how it must feel to paint a mini without hesitation and moments of regret...