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  1. Yes! And Friar Stone, is actually the mini that inspired me doing that post. And besides a couple Ghoul Kings, it could be cool to go with the fat villain trope too, Baron Harkonen style.
  2. One word: FAT. There's a lack of fat characters that is borderline fatshaming. Except, of course, races who are supposed to be kinda fat and then its funny. Like, for example, Dwarfs, Halflings or Ogres. Understandably some classes must be less prone to that; a barbarian, certain types of rogue or ranger. But where are all the fat wizards and witches, all the fat warriors, clerics, etc? I collect minis so when I look at my collections what I see is the same body type over and over. Take inspiration on Volstagg or Bayaz, Mustrum Ridcully or Ursula!
  3. Sartzanek, the mad archmage! Twisted like an iron pole struck by lightning. On another world, on another time, he says he was Blackcloack, the lord of an infinite dungeon. On sundays he is Zifnab and White Jenkins, the small aberration on his shoulder, secretly a dragon. For a while he liked to play games with adventurers and claimed his name was Penthos. Who knows, really. He may just be an old lunatic. Or maybe a sorcerer like no other... you decide. At your own risk.
  4. thanks! I actually have yet another Domur (I spent a lot on an order back when Domur was the free gift) and I will paint it with that first blue-green scheme, and see how it looks next to both my 2018 and the one in red-orange. Thank you so much ^^ Thank you!
  5. After going back to Darius and repaint him I decided to do the same with Domur. Like I did with Darius, I'm posting both versions, the first I painted and the current one. I kept both since I had two or three of them. For the first one I tried a scheme similar to the official one: on the second, a more conservative fire look. First Domur (2018) 2nd Domur
  6. thanks to both! My doubt was about the contrast among the lichen and the painted, plastic plants that I also used. Lichen is one colour each, is a... "natural" part where the plants are made of plastic and handpainted and I wasn't sure if they will look cohesive.
  7. Drums! Tribal drums from the heart of the deepest jungles. The Goblins wage war. They spider heards will consume everything on its past and, when there's nothing left, they will leave the trees behind to invade the lands of men. Their Chief, riding the giant eight legged spider steed Sleipnir, is ready to lead them to victory. Here I wanted to try a particularly colorful palette to tap into the jungle theme. Maybe in that note it lacks a bit of green... first time I use this colored liquen. Maybe is too much? If you liked it, please consider following my instagram :D
  8. Oppulence! They. Own. Everything. Sometimes adventurers survive their... well, their adventures, and retire with a fortune to live like kings and queens. Here we see Delia "The red terror" Axemaiden and Konrad "Quickfingers", the fastest rogue the realms ever seen... and Klauth the Pug, their beloved only son. Now retired, they enjoy the dolce vita.
  9. Love the scene! Now you say it, it's true that there's no sitting miniatures. Imagine it for Bones VI: the central theme of the KS, a two floor tavern with all its details & furniture and plenty adventurers (brawling, sitting, drinking, planning, "encountering") to create a diorama. Did you also create the walls & floor?
  10. No, with the 2018 version I tried a spell/magic writing effect with a tiny bit of OSL. I still like it, but this time I was really set on a less ecclectic palette so... no bright greens.
  11. In 2018 I got one of my favourite 25th Anniversary miniatures, Darius the Blue. I actually have all three of Darius sculpts, the latest being my favourite too. First I tried to paint it with the same mosaic pattern Reaper used, without any success, so I settled with... kind of a freehand that I didn't like at all and a very excentric color palette. That (in my opinion) failed attempt got stuck on my head and recently I bought another one to paint it again, and I'm a lot happier with the results. This is my only "1 year improvement" pic, and I thought on sharing it here since being the exact same miniature I would love some feedback. Here the 2018 version And the 2019 version that I just finished today
  12. While watching Ks Bones V, I was painting in front of my PC. Here, the second one I painted. Wizard/Druidesque palette, first time I try painting freckles O_o
  13. So, after my initial pledge, I spent much of the past month following KS Reaper Bones V. While watching the marker grow painfully slow in the second week, while anxiously wondering if the last dragon would be unlocked, I was painting some minis in front of my PC. Here the first one: Bonehenge Priestess. I tried an unconventional scheme, which I hope worked.
  14. Thanks! I will try to add some more photos about the writing; but most of what's not already on the photos is just gibberish, either because It wasn't gonna be visible or bc... i Just didn't know what to write lol On the book leaning on archimedes, its the formula that Merlin uses on a very well known scene on the movie: "Higitus Figitus..." Thanks! I know it, read it, the full series; always felt robbed by that later revision by White that left out Mdme Mim, to be replaced by a new scene with Morgana. It made no sense :(
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