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  1. NyarlaBcn

    Demented celebrants (minis)?

    Thank you so much! Several of those seem to be pretty much what I was looking for; the Maenads too, as a bacanal style fits the subject perfectly. I guess I'll start to pick stuff soon. The couple from Ragingheroes are impressive. Somehow this studio flown under my radar (their first sculpts were IMO too rendery and artificial), and recently I discovered they have really astonishing material. And about The ballad of the bastards... looks amazing, right? I know about them, they are an spanish studio.
  2. NyarlaBcn

    Demented celebrants (minis)?

    I'm looking for some minis of... demented celebrants: decrepit, ghoul or demon-like, or just very ravaged humans on an attitude of celebration. If they suggest pure dementia, the better. I can't think of any miniature that fits that description right now, any suggestions? from any studio as long as it works with 28mm, either fantasy of SF (if SF, then easy to convert) thanks!
  3. NyarlaBcn

    DSM7443 Eleven warlock

    Well, first of all... love that mini, I have it too, and I think I will take yours as inspiration. The hair color works perfectly with his style. About the OSL, fantastic. And the whites... omg, shadow it to almost black?? that sound crazy! the effort here looks so great, it's beautiful, love the ochre tones. Amazing ^^
  4. NyarlaBcn

    Happy pride 2019 ^^ a mini hommage

    +1 to almost everything you said ^^
  5. NyarlaBcn

    Happy pride 2019 ^^ a mini hommage

    In the spirit of this colorful june, my hommage to my community ^^ I'm a bit hesitant with the tattoo's outcome, but besides that pretty happy with the result. If anyone wants to visit my insta gallery & give it a like & follow it means everything ^^ its @albertnyarla
  6. NyarlaBcn

    Bones 4 maggotcrown ogre juggernaut

    Cool mini. Is the first time I see it (the cast I mean, till now I had seen only the concept art). I'm a bit disappointed, I was hoping for a bit more hulky look, head even smaller and almost lost amongst a bigger armour. It does look good though, and your paintjob is really on point.
  7. NyarlaBcn

    Kyphrixis 77565 for a birthday present

    Love it. I still have to try paint metallic dragons, and your palette is inspiring. Love the verdigris for its wings given its a copper dragon. And the spellbook tattooed... brilliant ^^
  8. NyarlaBcn

    I Dream of Djinni (Bones 4 Fan Favorites)

    Love it!
  9. NyarlaBcn

    New Pathfinder Iconics?

    Is there a new look for pathfinder? Sorry, I don't follow the game but I do love the minis... do you have a link to see examples of that look?
  10. If your adventurers ever see Fimbul Frostbite they'll definetely feel the winter coming. The mighty white dragon dracolich rules its frozen wastes with a (rotten) sharp claw and twisted magic! This is my rendition to the "zombie dragon" from Reaper Bones IV. Decided for a cold palette to take advantage from the link between death and ice that Game of Thrones so wisely stablished over eight seasons till its apotheosic... ehm. Well, till its peculiar end. If anyone wants to visit my insta gallery I'll be honored ^^ its @albertnyarla
  11. I'm exploring that possibility right now :( But I bought it from a retailer on ebay; he doesn't accept devolutions. I know I have the right to ask for one if the product is defective, so first I needed to determine if it was indeed defective. I thought contacting with the manufacturer will be a good idea too, since maybe they can send me replacements for this specific parts. Even if I sent it back to the seller, my ideal solution will be to receive another one: it's a cool mini, I love beholders, and there's not a lot of them on any miniature catalogue. If, apparently, it's an issue all the castings of this mini have... then I'm not sure what to do. If it just requires more work but it's not an impossible job to make it look good, or to remove the stickyness... I may prefer to keep it and try it instead of sending the mini back and having none.
  12. Oks, I will try that. Looking up on google, I've found that apparently it could be not an issue with my miniature: but with each an every casting of that character. On a video of an unboxing on youtube the youtuber mentions that the same parts I have an issue with are "shiny" as opposed to the mate tone of the other ones. If his are sticky or not, I don't know, but I suspect it may depend on just the storage conditions (temperature, etc) that may make it also sticky. If it makes sense. A forceful demand... well, GF9 is, I think, either on Australia or New Zealand, can't remember. I can push to a certain degree. Ultimately I suspect it will depend on their good will, and even with that, if the solution is "send it back to us" and includes me paying for the shippment, I won't do it given it will cost close as much as a new mini. With Scibor, a brand that nowadays I try to avoid, I did that: after priming, it acquired a sticky coat. Some users - can't remember if it was here in this forum - suggested it was due to bad quality resin reacting to the agressive products of a spray primer: so I peeled off the sticky primer coat with alcohol and a brush and primed with a brush primer, without further issue. I may try that here. Thank you so much for your advise!
  13. :( If that's so, I don't hold great expectations about what they may tell me. Gf9 isn't imo a great manufacturer: most of their minis look terrible and cheap despite being actually quite expensive. I'll contact them - I already did it actually - but... I'm not holding my breath. If the issue if uncured resin (not sure what it means), what can I expect? I mean, if I prime it and paint it... will the paint fall out, or something like that? Will I have a bad texture? If I don't get any solution from them, I may try to just work with what I have if there's not another solution... I mean, this mini is about 30€, more than 40 with shippment costs. I can't toss it aside :(
  14. I've just received The Xanathar from Gale Force Nine minis; after unboxing, I realised something that by previous experiences I know it can be problematic. Some of the resin parts seem to be sticky; sticky patina, I don't know why. The photo may show it or may not, I'm not the best with a camera. Photos show sticky parts & normal ones to see the difference. I was planning to wash it with dish cleaner soap and a small soft brush. Do you people think it will be enough? Does anyone know why does this happen? Previously I had a similar issue with minis from Scibor: those looked nice just out from the box, I cleaned them with soap & water, but after priming the primer was also sticky acquired a sticky texture. That's why I prefer metal minis... ultimately resin gives SO much work
  15. NyarlaBcn

    size comparison of old giants and new giants?

    Ohh I see. I tend to stock these episodes and watch a bunch of them at once. I need to get up to date urgently! Really like the new storm giants. They look as big as they should be, nice sculpt & pose, it will be a must have.