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  1. I just received some of the new releases from this month; the witch coven, the Scarecrow, headless man, etc. 

    Noticed that - particularly with the witch conven - there's some... granulated texture on the metal: I don't remember this being noticeable on other metal Reaper miniatures. It's a premature question, as until I prime and start painting I won't be totally sure if this... granulation is just visible with no real effect, or it gives it a rough texture. 

    Do you know if Reaper has changed its metal "formula"? is it something I could/should be worried about before painting? 

  2. 6 hours ago, Rigel said:

    @NyarlaBcn is correct...let's see some comfortably fat half-orcs and double-chinned lizardfolk! (The Jim Henson "Dinosaurs" might serve as inspiration.) Fwiw, Sister Maria is great and the Townsfolk series has some larger clerics. And if Stieg Brinegrog isn't a fat barbarian I don't know what is. Cadwalon is a fat rogue if ever I saw one. 


    A Sergeant Jack Jackrum-inspired figure would be amazing for a rotund Fighter. 


    Yes! And Friar Stone, is actually the mini that inspired me doing that post. 

    And besides a couple Ghoul Kings, it could be cool to go with the fat villain trope too, Baron Harkonen style.


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  3. One word: FAT. 


    There's a lack of fat characters that is borderline fatshaming. Except, of course, races who are supposed to be kinda fat and then its funny. Like, for example, Dwarfs, Halflings or Ogres. 


    Understandably some classes must be less prone to that; a barbarian, certain types of rogue or ranger. But where are all the fat wizards and witches, all the fat warriors, clerics, etc? 

    I collect minis so when I look at my collections what I see is the same body type over and over. Take inspiration on Volstagg or Bayaz, Mustrum Ridcully or Ursula! 

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  4. 13 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

    Excellent improvement!  I like the color scheme on the new one better also.


    thanks! I actually have yet another Domur (I spent a lot on an order back when Domur was the free gift) and I will paint it with that first blue-green scheme, and see how it looks next to both my 2018 and the one in red-orange. 


    12 hours ago, Kuroneko said:

    Wow, you can really see the improvement! Excellent work :winkthumbs:


    Thank you so much ^^


    3 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    While I like the first one and that one is certainly one to be proud of, the second one really shows your improvement.

    That one has more depth and personality.




    Thank you! 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

    I love it!

    And I think the lichen is a good way to emulate the jungle.




    thanks to both! 


    My doubt was about the contrast among the lichen and the painted, plastic plants that I also used. Lichen is one colour each, is a... "natural" part where the plants are made of plastic and handpainted and I wasn't sure if they will look cohesive. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

    Superb!  Great details, especially all the writing in the books.  I can read most of it, but would like you to share the rest, if you wouldn’t mind.  Your OSL is a very nice touch.  You should definitely find a contest to enter this in, if you hadn’t thought to.


    I just noticed the goblin holding up the book!  That’s wild.


    Thanks! I will try to add some more photos about the writing; but most of what's not already on the photos is just gibberish, either because It wasn't gonna be visible or bc... i Just didn't know what to write lol 

    On the book leaning on archimedes, its the formula that Merlin uses on a very well known scene on the movie: "Higitus Figitus..." 


    18 minutes ago, paintybeard said:

    Wonderfully done and Archimedes is especially nicely detailed.


    Now might I recommend going and reading the original book? (The Once and Future King" by T.H. White.)



    I know it, read it, the full series; always felt robbed by that later revision by White that left out Mdme Mim, to be replaced by a new scene with Morgana. It made no sense :(

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  7. 4 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:

    Yes.  You can get  up to 10 of any offering. 



    Thanks. I kinda remembered reading that about 10 as a limit, but I never asked nor searched for the info... and now the KS finished, and I already invested that money as a pledge where this friends have several expansions and other stuff, and I was imagining myself having to tell them I made a mistake. All of us combined I guess will reach about 800$ more or less, 500$ already pledged. To think I "only" spent 300$ on Bones IV... 

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  8. What a ride, amazing :) 


    What I'm getting: 


    - Core

    - Greek (2) 

    - Underwater (2)

    - Dragonfolk

    - Valfuryx 

    - Aganzarax 

    - Dragon bust 

    - Shavinra 

    - Storm Giant 

    - Elemental Scions 

    - Arakoth

     - Ildraedis 

    - Kalanzar 

    - Fan favourites (2)

    - Brinwater 

    - Yog Sothoth

    - Kaiju Chaos 

    - Demons 

    - Vampire encounter 

    - Daimyo 

    - Beginners paint set 

    - Extra gem dragon 

    - Extra Kobolds


    Ehm... Can I get two of certain stuff, such as the expansions right? because I'm buying for a couple friends too... 

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  9. 1 minute ago, rubegon said:


    I was thinking he should be at least as big as the big chromatics we’re getting.  If he has the same amount of plastic as the spider he won’t be very tall because he’s more of a solid chunk.


    Before seeing the price I was assuming it will be as big as Kajira, which I think it's pretty big (never seen it compared to other stuff). After all Kajira is a mix of a tarrasque and Godzilla 

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