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  1. Love, love love it. Corset, back and front of skirt, the colors, the blending. Vibrant with pride ^^
  2. Well, yet another Reaper Wizard. Guess it shows what's my favourite class :d Here I tried a combination of potential disaster: black and white. It was an appealing scheme to me, simple and elegant. But I always had trouble highlighting both colors. The black looks sloopy, and so does the woods. Faces are also not my forte. I think I should highlight her face even more and give her lipstick. So, here she is. Any feedback so welcomed :)
  3. I'm working with Kristianna and her squire. The clothing is almost done on her, still in progress with the boy. I still have a lot of work with the golds and gems, but my main concern is her armour. I decided to try and copy the scheme of Anne Foerster on Reaper's catalogue, but I'm not happy at all with how it looks now. I always had trouble highlighting whites and blacks, and I think here it shows. There is almost none, and I dont know if I should give it a wash or what. Tips? The faces are also a bit awkward, particularly her lips and all of the squire's face. Then we have Bergun. Although I'm not sure about the highlights on his sleeve, I think I'm done with him. I painted his face better than Kristianna's I think, but I would like your opinion about the amulet. I tried to give it a magical light glow. Since it's supposed to be from a solar god, I used oranges-yellows, but it kind of looks like tanned. What do you think, should I use white, or a lighter yellow?
  4. Amazing, a masterpiece. Leather and bronze are so smooth and match so good. I'm also about to start on her and Eli Quicknight, and I think I will try a similar scheme (except mine will look rough lol). Great job!
  5. Thanks to all! You're right about the highlights... I will correct it.
  6. The crimson herlad, by Reaper. I tried a red/purplish clothe scheme first, but I wasn't happy with it, so I changed it to this dark seaweed green, I think it works good with the tentacles and bronze mask. Since It doesn't fit anymore the name Reaper give it, I like to call him Jelerak. I tried a freehand to illustrate the book, but I'm not precise enough so instead of the Lovecraftian arcane symbol I had in mind its just a pentagram wannabe. I'm not happy with the metallic mask, Metals are always an issue with me. And I think the tentacles could be better too. About the photo, I applied some of the advice received on my other post, until I find ways to use it all to a better extent. Any feedback will be fantastic. Thanks!
  7. thanks ^^ Btw, what's the protocol here, It is better to use only one thread to expose my miniatures? It seems the logic way to do it, but always better to check first.
  8. Thank you all :) Yes, the light comes from desk lamps, two of them. Both far above the miniature. I intend to post some other works very soon, and I will try to use your advice. I used before a different background, just a plain white paper, I may try it again. About the paint job, thanks for your words, It's not only the first time I post here, it's also the first time I show my work to other miniature painters. I started by my own and I'm not used to feedback from people who knows what's about, other than my friends who can say if it's "pretty" or not. Color scheme is one of the key issues to me, and I tend to decide about it giving the miniature a character, a specific personality. The skin does look like on the photo. It does look orange now you mention it, particularly on the bare foot. Now I see it on photo, I realize I should work a bit more on it, it's too plain. I was trying to paint it darker than I usually do, I think it fits the miniature and its features. And, btw, I love detailed feedback ^^
  9. My first upload here. Just finished this one last week. All feedback will be so welcomed... Not only about the paint job, but about the photo: I'll have to read carefully the tips forum to learn how to make decent photos of my miniatures. I just couldn't take a good one with it standing on a base, had to hold it myself to find the proper light/focus. My only camera is my iphone so I'm also limited on the tech side. About the painting, I think that the pearls necklace & on the ankle are not as they should be, neither the bone skull. The light on the dress could also be better mixed. Btw, sorry about my english. It's like my third language :d
  10. I would love to see an elven archwizard. With Reaper's elf mage miniatures I always have the same issue; they are either too "old school" aesthetically or too common hero, like larnach for example. I need a majestic archwizard, screaming "power" and elegance. Something like Kael'thas from Warcraft... without the horrid Warcraft looks :d
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