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  1. Well at least in metal there's already some really cool tielflings :( I know it's not the same... They should take in consideration that they are now - just as dragonborn - a playable class on D&D 5th ed. I mean, they were before too but with modifiers I guess less people got them. If you're interested Dark Sword miniatures released two tielflings this months, although they look horrible IMO.
  2. Oh :( I'm sorry I can't keep the pace, this forum goes now as fast as the marker lol
  3. Are you sure? I mean I have my doubts Kalanazar will get in, but people seems sure he will; maybe other unlocks yet to be announced will include godzilla
  4. YES!!!! My boy C'mon pledges Mine is already about 700$ I can't go higher but I will for Kalanzar!!
  5. Does anyone have a pic of Not-Godzilla-At-All at hand? A friend hasn't seen it, and I'm hoping to encourage him to increase his pledge
  6. But is that really like that? I mean, ideally it will get financed on the KS, but if it doesn't, I guess they just retail it when they can/want just as with their normal releases.
  7. Lol the oyster familiar is a MUST Not gonna get this expansion but I'll buy it the second it hits retail!!!
  8. Well, I hope it's safe to assume Kalanazar is the red Dragon. It sounds very red-dragonish. Now I can sit and relax finally ^^
  9. Didn't realized: the amount to unlock yog-sothoth is higer than the usual required between unlocks.
  10. I agree with everything. Chronoscope is a messy expansion, the theme is not really clear. I like that each tier has one, but... it's just not really exciting. The first, as Steampunk/pulp, doesn't have anything new I think, and lacks any big sculpt. Would liked to see some steampunk machinery, some vehicle maybe. The second has a lovecraftian vibe, and that's good, but again it's like half gas. The third is maybe the most cohesive? To reveal it so late and two tiers on one unlock really makes it feel rushed: no question about this expansion being the ugly sister to Greek, Depths or Brinewater. Two complaints though, and I realize pretty much everything I say here is a complaint or a neurotic rant about how they aren't delivering the sculpts I want to see... first, I feel they don't promote the KS nearly enough. If you follow other brands, from GW to Warmachine, each release they do gets a lot more promo. A 3M$ KS should get more. More social media presence, more info, on every possible platform. I also don't feel a synergy amongst the add-ons that compel you to buy B if you bought A, and I think its something that could both really help rise the numbers and make it even more appealing for us. As I said before, releasing add-ons that complement the encounters: some explorers for the pass, some more hobbits for the spiders. And finally... although I would be really pleased with what I get, particularly depths and Greek expansions & the dragons, It will really, really have a sour taste if they don't release Brinewater III and Red Dragon.
  11. Now we are so close to the end, how do you feel about this KS? overall, management, promotion, reveals, maps, content... I prefer not to read the comments section on the KS, but some of you said they were pretty negative all the time.
  12. Mmmm I'm very intrigued with that vampire matron, it may be one of my favourite vampire sculpts from Reaper, with that Coppola's Dracula hairstyle. Yet, I would like to see her closer... I may get the encounter just for her. I feel a disconnection between their look and that of the ruins: they don't look to me as your classic ruin lurker vampire. An elegant castle room would be more fitting imo. Of course the ruins are super useful, I just don't think they combine with the vampires. Also... is everyone at Reaper sleeping or what?? two unlocks not marked on the map and no progression to another map
  13. Out of curiosity. For how long the Pledge manager remains open? Once the KS is finished so people can still include stuff to their pledge.
  14. Do you people think they could implement "thematic add-ons" packs? For example: the five chromatic dragons at 50$. The Spider Encounter + Arakoth. The villagers with the bridge. The busts + the dragon bust. I don't know, I think it could be a good way to encourage people who may want one or the other to get it all. Overall, I feel there's little synergy among Add-ons: it could be easy to include stuff to add to the encounters (troll hunters; expeditioners for Mandupar; more hobbits for the spiders; a castle, even just a tower, for all of this siege machinery; Ruins, for the wights). Stuff that it's appealing by its own, and doesn't need anything else to work... but that you can buy to complement an encounter or a particular add-on (dragon cultists for the dragons...) I feel that with little effort the add-ons section could be much more productive with unlocks that push you to pledge for other unlocks.
  15. Do they have any kind of show planned for this last hours? Something like the stream we are used to, but... bigger, with a community manager spamming social media, showing (again) some of the prettiest pieces, commenting on the marker live?
  16. For me, on Barcelona, this KS will finish on a pretty convenient time, around 11pm. You think this kind of stuff is under consideration when they prepare the KS? That it will finish on Saturday, what time it will be for their bigger market (US I guess), etc
  17. Just woke up. Can't believe it! Map about to finish, and there's no red dragon nor godzilla! (Or brinewater III) What do you think based on the pledges we're seeing, will we see another map? About the encounter, any clue of what could it be? I love love love the Lovecraftian Nightgaunt on Crhonoscope II, but I'll have to wait to retail. It's literally the only thing I like on this expansion :(
  18. Ahh makes sense. Yes, I'm a backer. So much a backer I'll have to sell a kidney.
  19. Have you received that mail about the KS being about to finish? I thought It was supposed to arrive when we were 48h from the end, but I didn't receive anything...
  20. Oh, they did Chronoscope II-III as a single unlock! That's nice. Or... as my pessimistic OCD brain says... dangerous! They don't expect enough pledge growth?
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