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  1. For those of you waiting for Chronoscope, what's the consensus right now? Is it what you expected? Imo for a themed set this bunch of miniatures are completely lacking of any cohesion: if it's steampunk, there is only a couple that fit, and it would have been nice to have some steampunk machinery instead of... Santa and a mad doctor.
  2. And with that one, we are two steps behind: c'mon Reaper, wake up, update the map and the previews! Edit: ah, it's just being updated. So the nereids weren't part of brinwater :/
  3. If it helps you identify it (when we talk about them on here), Valfuryx (the first revealed) is green, Aganzarax is black, Shavynra is blue. Then you have the white that has just been revealed, Ildraedis; and Krateryx is a shadow dragon, which is a subtype.
  4. Have you seen the red already? IMO all look great; yet, by order of (my) preference: - Red - Black - Green - Blue - White Here you have it:
  5. Gonna read it all. Didn't even know there was a Reaper World, called Adon O_o That, absurdly enough, it makes it more interesting, the minis and factions.
  6. Oh, I did not know that!! That's cool, I think last time I asked (a long, long ago) it was just cool names for miniatures.
  7. While waiting, don't you think it's a shame that cool scenarios such as Dreadmere or Brinewind have no background, no stories? To be honest I don't visit the forum that often sadly, feel really insecure about my english, but has it ever been considered to write stuff, fantasy stories, based on those scenarios and inspired by this miniatures? I'm always wondering what does a Duskwalker do, or what's Bonehenge, or what's the Maggotcrown. BTW while writing this... DING! unlock ^^
  8. Really hope Illdraedis is the Red Dragon ^^ such a beautiful sculpt...
  9. Yes, that's the beauty of pessimism ^^ On the other hand... C'mon Reaper, make them a conjoined Add-on, call it "Fire and ice" or something even more subtle and charge 28$ for the couple!
  10. Despite Crhis Palmer's best efforts to increase my morale, I'm sure I'm not gonna see this remaining two dragons Too many stuff to unlock yet, and this isn't going fast enough by far. Yes, I know, it will increase. I'm just a pessimist through and through.
  11. Right? And you can make thematic packs: you don't like the dinos? Well, sell it as a pack; then do the same with skeleton samurais and some other stuff and in no time you will have recovered your 50$. Expansions are particularly useful to do that: Greek has tons of medium to big monsters that will retail for a lot, for example. Take the Storm Giantess: considering she's bigger than other giants and right now the Fire Giant Queen costs 13$ aprox, I guess she may go for... 15-20$.
  12. Well... On Bones IV, I did the same: "Only what I really want/need". Then my friend, who also participated, received his pledges. Two expansions, several add-ons, core set. A lot more stuff than I picked. After a while, the stuff I didn't get started selling on retail: at two, three, four times the price I could have paid if I got it on the KS. He just kept all what he wanted from his pledges, gave me some stuff, and sold what he wanted. Take for example that giant on Depths: how much is it gonna cost once in retail? 20, 30$? That's about half the entire expansion. And, you know... once you have it in your hands, it frecuently looks even better and it's too late (that was particularly annoying with Dark Reach Expansion, I'll never regret enough not having pledged for it) So, my personal position this time is pick everything I can afford and I'm even slightly interested on. If once arrives I really don't want it, I can sell it, gave it, share it with my D&D group.
  13. Cool! Parity at last! Third one, "burt Reynolds" style... It could be used to make a conversion to a famous Stan Lee photo too
  14. Oh, +1 to the Headless horseman! And I would add... Bathalians: it would be nice to see more of them, particularly since the only sculpts we have are really old school. Nice, but old school. And I suspect there is many reasons why Bathalians will be very popular, as the villains on the new BGIII look a bit similar ^^
  15. Well, they finally remembered they had a comic strip to *supposedly go with the KS progress,...
  16. I agree with most of what you people say about GW, it is an annoying policy, and even more they ever increasing prices. But when it's about models, they can be really, really good. Not only about detail but also easy to build/clean, and I never had any trouble with them afterwards. If I buy a GW Dragon, I know (If I build it correctly) It will stand exactly as its supposed to do. With Reaper, on the other hand... I have my Dance of Death from the past KS leaning on the side of my shelves because it cant support its own weight and the material bends to one side. I know other more experienced people already built that model with metal rods or other stuff drilled inside the dragon's body, but I didn't imagined it could happen.
  17. Well, if it was a naming issue it's not hard to go around it: that unnamed Argonaut could be Achilles, for example. Then you just need someone with a bow and a... clever, trickster look to be Odysseus, and you can sell it as "Ancient hero". Same here with Teseus. Perseus? just a plain shield and a sword. The expansion is awesome though, that's for sure. About the Medusa, I like it, I just wish it had better "hair": more prominent snakes, on an aggresive stance. To me it's the most recognizable characteristic, even more than the tail. Something like that
  18. Wow just woke up and I see things are going on the right direction again :) whats the general consensus about the ship & its price? Ah, and greek tier 3 finally revealed. Love the minotaur, Circe, Cerberus, Satyr & Faun. IMO the Medusa for once could had been more about snake hair (on a more aggresive stance) and less about an enormeous snake tail. And, its a bit sad, but... we have a Pegasus without Bellerophon, Medusa without Perseus, Minotaur without Teseus and specially, Polyphemus & Circe without Odysseus on an expansion called Greek Odyssey :/ shouldn't be that hard, as nice as they are just don't include a generic archer, Argonaut and mage to have space for some heroes...
  19. See, that Halaster was better than the one they are selling now, based on 5ed designs. That Skullport box was so good, and I will never regret enough not having bought it: particularly for the mindflyer, thats a mini I REALLY want. Idk, maybe its not that much "quality" as "aesthetics", but I really dislike most of their sculpts. And some, yes, have arrived with bad resin, the Xanathar for example (the single version, not the one on Skullport box)
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