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  1. About GF9 and "high quality", I don't know. Their sculpts are frecuently horrible - that Halaster... that Manshoon... omg - and on my personal experience buying from them, their minis have decent detail but the resin looks & feels cheap and problematic: I've found sticky figures more than once. You just gave me hope ^^
  2. But that's not "in the middle", we are four days from the end :( Do you think it's really possible to unlock at the very least what we know is coming? 4 tiers from 3 different expansions, 2 dragons, at the very least another encounter AND the ship, AND everything they will throw inbetween, small add-ons. It's about 40K each unlock! I hope you are right, though.
  3. huge disappointment. Another one here hoping for the ship's price to be unveiled in order to help up the pledges. It has been a final weekend of pure stagnation. Since Greek III is already in sight I guess at least I will be able to complete that, but I seriously doubt we can unlock the two remaining dragons + tier 3 of depths, + tier 2 AND 3 of Brin, + whatever add-ons, encounters and/or core stuff there's remaining. Maybe it will be a miracle, but it's just too many stuff, there's just 4 more days... I feel like this KS has been a roller coaster with a great start, slow developement at the end of the first week and all second week, then another high with Greek and... really, really slow since then. Weird management.
  4. They are still messing with the pledges. I have the KS marker in front of me while painting and I've seen it go down about 1K in a few minutes.... :(
  5. I wonder how many people reads this thread and how could influence the marker. If we agreed on up all of our pledges by let's say... just 20$ in about 6, 12h; how big (or small) will be the impact. Will 10 people participate? 50? 100? Is this too optimistic?
  6. yeah, I think first one a Wolverine, second probably a Kappa (funny creature) and the third probably a Tanuki
  7. I see there's also a "Dwarf kings crypt" on the map, but we havent seen any image yet, right?
  8. Wow... I woke up full of hope for a new reveal and... the reveal is we only gained 9k through the night. On days like this I wonder if we will ever see Greek tier 3 and white/red dragons :(
  9. Reaper maybe, we... we will not :d Daimyos, for example: I'm only interested on the couple big Oni and the Dragon. So, I would be interested on tier 1 and 3. For either 40$ or 50$ I will get them, but get much less in return. And If I want the entire expansion... either 60$ or 75$ for all.
  10. Oh, for me too; so far, I only pedged for Greek after just seeing Tier 1. But Greek's tier one is stronger (in my opinion) than its tier 2, and also stronger than many other expansions first unlock. I'm almost sure I'll pledge for Depths too, but here I'm waiting to see the final tier. With kinda expensive add-ons we have a potential to increase the marker with amounts not as high as the 50$ of the expansions but high enough, and since its all revealed, you can decide if you want it or not. If it's juicy enough, I'm sure it can make it all move so much faster.
  11. I do think too that it could be a nice way to open the new map, with an add-on both really, really popular & desirable AND balanced between "it's expensive enough to make every new pledge increase the marker BUT not as expensive as to make them wait to pledge manager": Idk, 20-30$ add-on, I feel like it's a price range we haven't seen yet and maybe it is time for something like that. Expansions are great, but I guess most people waits till at least two tiers are unlocked before throwing money in.
  12. I wonder... Did any of you watch a Japanese anime called "Triton of the Sea" (Umi no Toriton), from Osamu Tezuka? It was really popular in Catalonia when I was growing up, but I'm not sure if Anime was already present on the US or UK back then. Well, the premise was a classic, follwing the adventures of Triton, the last of his people, trying to undermine the authoritary regime of Poseidon. Poseidon's generals were antropomorphic sea creatures, such as... shark-men, walrus-men, and so on. Each controled an specific sea and its specific creatures, and use to ride an enormeous sea monster. Would love to see something like that, may even try to do some conversion to pay hommage to that anime :)
  13. Babar, Lord of the Jungle, ready to both smash and stun tespassers with his golden magnificence. 28mm scale resin miniature. Gold & green palette. My biggest issue: not jungly enough. I need more stuff to make plants and credible grass :s
  14. But it is possible that we haven't even seen all the expansions yet, isn't it? We'll have probably at least a "Fan favourites" one, maybe a chronoscope too... either way, I feel like "sea" is the predominant element here, with the ship, pirates expansion and depths expansion. Hadn't realized before there is so much interest on water themed minis. Or If we look it from another perspective, maybe Reaper decided on the Ship as the BIG THING this time, and then built this water-y expansions to give people all they need for a sea based campaign/diorama. If that's so, it's not a bad Idea but one I wish they had sooner... back when Ma'al it could have been cool to have more "tiamat releated" stuff: more dragon cultists, more dragonborn, even more dracoliches....
  15. That spike on the last days of Bones I was the most fun I ever had on a KS ever ^^
  16. Absolutely. I've pledged on Bones I, and after receiving the models I was a bit disappointed on the overall quality; It lacked detail, it was all bent, and... the color, that pure white, was somehow annoying. So I decided to not pledge for Bones II and III. Then I did so on Bones IV... and it's so much better. Grey bones is so much better, on detail and sturdyness and black bones just another level. And here I'm now, 300$ in Bones V ^^
  17. I've just thought about something and I'm so excited... The spider's encounter: Shelob, or the spider's of the dark forest. This gate: The gate to Minas Morgul. Can you imagine something like the tower of Orthanc? Or even Dol-Guldur!! Imagine that... evil stronghold tower as another encounter. Idk, a 50$+ one if needed. Omg I would be SO in....
  18. It's really cool. Not for me unless they include later on some more fortress items. Maybe an entire keep is too much but at least some walls, a tower or two... Before they announced the ship I was convinced - with that many siege weapons - this KS "big thing" would be a castle.
  19. But even now I'm sure there's lots of people who are just monitoring the KS; maybe undecided about what or how to pledge, or if it's worth it. I don't understand that policy of showing it via mail first. Specially considering some of the stuff may take days to unlock and be finally visible on KS.
  20. Well, it costs about 50€ I'm not sure about how Reaper's spider will cost once in retail, after the KS Big Bones pieces like some giants or dragons can cost... up to 30$ maybe? so yes, it will be cheaper but not THAT cheaper :d
  21. Now I see it better, it really really really looks very similar to the Aracknarok from GW; in size, pose, and style
  22. It's curious though, that of chronoscope. Take GW for example with Warhammer and Warhammer 40K. Spain was, apparently, the only place where Warhammer Fantasy had the bigger following (by far). Apparently on the rest of the World 40K is much bigger. I always kinda assumed Sci-fi themed minis are more popular than fantasy, though since it's not my theme I never fact checked...
  23. Don't despair! I heard there will be a lot of expansions on this KS, for sure chronoscope (or similar take) will be one of them. If not I think it will be the first time they don't have any Sci-fi stuff
  24. On the core image they deleted it, but on the one sent to mail, the troll is stepping on a human soldier. Do you think it will be that big?
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