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  1. Just updated my pledge. A concept art such as this deserves it. Gonna go to sleep now, 3:33 a.m. in Barcelona. Would love to see another unlock by (my) morning, guess it's too much, but I'm sure we'll be at 15K backers ^^
  2. WOW That's really exciting, love this concepts. A djinn feels missing, yes
  3. Sir Forscale is actually Rincewind. It's just his luck works on a funny way xd
  4. I can't imagine any US studio going that route to be honest :) They are skinny, but have you seen their version of Oberon? It also fits the type. I'm too waiting for the right moment to make a decent order. Last time I went nearly crazy waiting. I would like some retailer (european or not, I don't even care about shippment costs with them) to take huge stocks of their minis to sell and ship at a normal pace.
  5. Depending on what you mean by "nasty" a studio that has some stuff is Hasslefree miniatures: a hell to order from, but really nice sculpts. hehe I don't dislike the Archer: I dislike it just compared with what could it be instead :d
  6. Besides heroes or greek gods (Just the six brothers!!! Please!!!) I would really be in for classic monsters. They could include some Harryhausen hommage and make a metal colossus as an upgrade to the bronze golem. As for a Titan... I don't know: how will you do it to diferenciate it, aesthetically, from other giants (particularly storm giants)? besides being bigger. An Hecathoncheires will be as AMAZING as crazy, I can't even imagine how could they do it. Typhoon, now I think about, is pretty similar to D&D Demogorgon; Reaper already has a metal sculpt that could be upgraded and it will be easy to re-purpose it as either Demogorgon or any kind of monster/demon/aberration. Satyrs, Nymphs, Greek syrens (that is, not with a fish tail), sphinxes... so many cool creatures and they give me... an archer. And a Leucrotta.
  7. The canon on how (some of them) looked is broad enough, I think. I mean, you can have a figure named Odysseus with a resemblance and some "recognizable" items (a bow, maybe?), it will serve right as anything else. True, Perseus with the Gorgon head is a bit more niche but you can also have a Perseus just with weapon and shield, and include a still-alive gorgon on the set. Or, if you have Bellerophon on Pegasus, well, it's just a guy on a pegasus with a spear. Very generic too, but also easy to use it as the hero itself if you want. The mage and the archer, cool as they look, you can't use them unless you want her to be Artemis and him... I don't know: Laocoön? Most of all, this second tier reduces the chances we have to see a Gorgon, a Chimera, Typhoon, a couple greek gods on the expansion and instead gives us generic stuff.
  8. right? I don't know, if you want to include human sized miniatures, since I guess it can't be only monsters... at least make it on theme: there's tons of greek heroes/gods/demigods. The twelve olympian gods may be too much, too many models, but you still have Medea, Teseus, Perseus... Imagine Achilles on a chariot, so many possibilities. Why use this chance to give us generic "kinda-greek-looking" anonymous humans? And, again, no Odysseus will be unforgivable.
  9. Yeah, I guess with so many monsters on tier 1 people was expecting for some more on tier 2: that minotaur they shown on twitch at least, maybe a new chimera... Let's hope for the backer reward then. 200 backers doesn't look that far. Btw... I REALLY REALLY hope they think on including Odysseus. For a Greek expansion called "Greek Odyssey", to include Hercules but NOT Odysseus will be a HUGE facepalm
  10. Just woke up, I see Greek tier 2. A bit... ambivalent about. I mean, its great to have the female giant here: I was gonna pledge for her once unlocked, so to have her already on my greek expansion pledge saves money. Heracles and the Soldier look cool, and the nemean lion. But the rest is a bit underwhelming. The mage, the archer and the leucrotta are cool minis, but they aren't Achilles, or Perseus, or Odysseus. Or even - one can dream - part of the twelve olympics. How is it working, have the pledges rised significantly?
  11. Male elf wizard? Not a drow, though. We have some evil oriented wizards - Nolevniss, for example -, but very few male elf wizards of good/neutral alignment that aren't old, really old sculpts. So maybe something on this line. And... Epic Level characters! Will never get tired of requesting this :d Miniatures that represent characters on the very top tier of their class: with looks according to that status. Not a wizard, an archmage. Not a cleric, a divine paragon. Not a... etc. With complements and poses that reflect their power. Why? as a very "don't mess with them" NPC's, ultimate villains (or deus ex machina) or just for the pleasure of painting such complicated sculpts.
  12. Really... yet another spider... Wont lie, it looks nice, it may be my favourite Reaper spider yet; with that bloated abdomen a black widow comes to mind. I'll probably get it. Yet... I don't think it will be that pledge-frenzy reveal I was hoping for :(
  13. It has been so excruciatingly slow though that I really hope for a reveal that can inspire, at least for just a day, another pledge festival. Just to cleanse the palate.
  14. Thanks to you all!! I think I can be very detail oriented, but I'm also... a bit baroque, excessive, with what I do: I have to remind always that they say about "less is more". I planned this mini diorama the same day "Tree of despair" was unlocked on Bones IV, little has changed since then... except there's much less stuff. I considered adding some more critters, ghosts, at one point I planned to include the figure of the "Man in black" from witchcraft folklore... So, glad you like its final version ^^
  15. It could be a good moment to do a bit of Spam on our social networks :P
  16. I wonder if this deceleration is something Reaper did on purpose. I mean, with Shavinra, the Greek Expansion, Spiders and the Giant things were going quite fast: maybe too fast, considering how early we are. Ruin Wights and Dark Elves aren't the kind of stuff that inspires increased pledges. Wonder if Reaper keeps this kind of stuff to reveal it when a break is needed, or it was really prepared to be revealed now.
  17. Last year I painted Reaper's Halloween Knight with - I think - some success (you can check the mini on my Insta account, @albertnyarla); so I decided to start a tradition and pay hommage to my favourite festivity this year too. Here I went with one of my favourite horror tropes, the Witch, with this fantastic Witch Coven by Reaper, under the "Tree of Despair" from Bones IV, with a couple hommages to good horror movies. Had to refrain myself to include even more references to avoid getting it too crowded. Overall, I'm happy with the outcome. It will mean everything (if you like it) to give it a like and maybe a follow on Instagram, it really helps with motivation ^^
  18. So far the add-ons are relatively cheap too, right? I remember several around... at least 20-30$ on previous Bones. Dance of Death I think it was 30€, Argent 30€ too... now the highest is commoners for 20 Is it usual?
  19. To me the core set is completely out of the question. 100+ miniatures including several of which at retail will cost at the very least 10$ (dragons, giants, trolls, etc) at 120$? I will have it. Do I really need all of them? Of course not. I have tons of minis from previous core sets some of which overlap (Kobolds). But the ratio cost/cuality/cuantity is so great I think it's absolutely a must. The minis I really don't want? A gift for friends into either painting, collecting or into roleplaying games. The minis with a different aesthetic or a "comic" pov, like chibis? I can paint it and it's a cool gift, or a good way to teach beginners. I can even re-sell some of them. I think it's really, really hard not to find a use or a reason NOT to have core.
  20. Ahhh well it makes sense. I'm more into fantasy settings, but in my group there's people who would love to have that kind of stuff. And having so many Lovecraftian creatures already, its a logical step.
  21. What's about a "pulp" expantion? I've heard the rumored expansions were Daimyo, Greek, Dwellers, Steampunk and Fan favourites.
  22. If it follows on any way the drawings on the map, it's possible the next tier (or "a" tier) on the Greek Odyssey is on that temple on the top of the lower half of the map. So, pretty far away :( I do think core should get some more stuff: I'm sure there's lots of pledgers who right now are limited to add-ons and expanions: let's make the core more attractive
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