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  1. Agreed, I completely eat my words about this! After a strong start it felt boring while we were stuck on the 3rd map, it felt like it took forever - maybe it was completely subjective, since Daimyos and siege weapons weren't my thing - but I feel right now the hype is intense and it all goes nice and fast: I think I woke up today with Shavinra this morning so I've seen nothing less than 3 unlocks today, which at this point of the KS seems extraordinary! Let's hope shadow dragon can keep it going. I'll pass on this one, planning as I do to pledge for all five chromatics.
  2. Haha yep, right now I'm going all in. Pledge manager will be, I think, just to add extra stuff for friends and family. Thank you all!
  3. Cool! So if, let's say, I pledge 200$ now, I can increase or decrease it till the KS finishes; then, on november 2nd (I think it was) whatever my pledge is will be charged on my credit card; but that won't be the end of it, because then the pledge manager will become aviable, and I'll be able to increase my pledge by adding (and paying) more stuff & (I guess) shippment costs. Any way, a charge will be made to the credit card for whatever the pledge is when KS finishes (I stress out that part because I'm using as always a card that I only use for online operations and I will need to transfer the money there beforehand)
  4. Yes, and I don't fully understand on the instructions - sorry, not a native english speaker - nor I remember exactly how did I do it on previous Bones Ks... This pledge manager is something like a test right now, isn't it? because I don't see a way to link it to the pledge amount I already pledged on KS. And, now we talk about it... could you remember how does it work? Once the KS finishes it will automatically charge me the amount pledged, and I will be able to increase the pledge later with the pledge manager? Or it won't charge anyhting to my card till I use the pledge manager and confirm it? Guess it's really obvious but I'm not that used to this yet...
  5. Same :d Right now my pledge is 200$, right now my idea is to just pledge for: - Core - Greek Expansion - Storm Giant/s - Every one of the 5 chromatic dragons - Probably a couple monsters/creatures like the dragonmen or the goroloth. That gives me an expected contribution of about 300$ tops. We'll see if I can keep it at that. But assuming there will be a BIG creature just like Argent, Ma'al or just a big scenario piece that will finally convince me...
  6. It's an exposition piece; having this in consideration... yes, IMO it's a bit pricy. BUT I love it how many others love that add-on and see it as something finally exciting: that's great and makes the KS more interesting ^^
  7. "Encounter: Spiders of Emrith Kul" sounds... cool! Encounter meant to be included on core? EDIT: I see, It doesn't. Hard pass for me, too pricy for what it is.
  8. This really comes as a surprise. Here I was, convinced Facebook was dead. Maybe it is, just not for the demographics of Reaper?
  9. That's true. It's just I wonder how many pledgers hadn't seen the mails; or have them sent to spam inadvertently. Not to count people who are following the KS without having pledged yet.
  10. Neither the Greek Expansion or the Giant are posted on the KS page yet....
  11. To me it's a must ^^ As a completist, if I can finally have all the chromatic dragons on a cohesive style/size, I also want all the giant species... and with storm giants we will only need Cloud ones to have the full set. And it will be at least two, since I'm sure it's gonna be a couple, a female storm giant too. With this things is not as much as "Will I use it" as "oh, it looks gorgeous to have all the different types and species" :D
  12. I would love, love to have some classic high tier monsters: Escila, Caribdis (hard to represent though) and of course... Typhon. That one could be awesome.
  13. Well, my complaint about Dungeon Dwellers was based just on the fact that most of its minis were already aviable. Nothing new, nothing really exciting. I got a bit... frustrated with it, since it came at a point were I think many people expects new stuff, hype, big monsters, weird creatures. Compared to that, Dungeon Dwellers is a cozy, homemade expansion. Later on I can see its value, and how great it is for a certain type or buyers/players, as a way to get a bunch of very useful minis to start a campaign. If you don't have many minis or you're a newcomer to roleplaying games, it's a great, great deal. I'm not that, so to me it wasn't a good one. So, yes, a really diverse group here ^^
  14. Besides quality (which IMO is better than Daimyos even when there's only one tier aviable) and concept, I think this expansion is or will be far more usable for classic D&D, pathfinder and such players. The cyclops... well, it's not an uncommon monster; and you can use it as a hill giant, or a very big ogre (not sure about its size). Same with the centaur. The hydra? a monster we faced many times on our games on Faerun. And the harpies, also pretty common. I can imagine we will have a cerberus, and some other classical Greek monsters, which aren't uncommon on classic fantasy settings. So to me when it's about of "what I can actually use" this one is a lot better.
  15. Fabulous. I'm scared to think about what follows on tiers 2 and 3, because the first one is SO GOOD I can't imagine it being better. Pledged increased! Btw... that mail with the preview, why not include it on the KS too?
  16. Oh, it slowed down :( Last time I saw this chart posted it was 9h to next goal.
  17. Right? It feels... - I think I used this expression a while back on this forum - like a bit of everything and a bunch of nothing. What are we gonna do with this expansion? There's not nearly enough Samurai human/troop to build anything; there's not even a single Daimyo (feudal lord). Some monsters - not even relevant ones on japanese folklore except the oni and the dragon -, some goblinoids... If at least it was a cohesive two sides expansion, with living vs undead or something like that... And it doesn't work as an oriental D&D setting either, because there isn't anything similar to a adventurers group: there's no Ronin, no Ninja, no Monk, no Onmyoji....
  18. It looks like they are making an extra effort to upgrade the classic chromatic dragons; maybe metallic dragons are next, and a classic gold dragon has a distinctive Asian Style. Maybe we will have another one outside of the Daimyos Expansion (just not yet, probably)
  19. Oh, I don't have a "use" either; but just as exposition pieces I think they are cool. Just as Dance of Death, they aren't meant to be used really.
  20. Do you think we will have a chibi version of the hero-protagonists this time? Just like on Bones IV with Galladon, Almaran, etc. This time with Bert and the others. Could be nice to see the family grow.
  21. Curious about if you people proselityze much about this KS. So far I dragged in a friend, this friend's brother and the postman of my very (very) small town.
  22. About favourite Dragon... another vote for Aganzarax ^^ On the Greek Expansion I wonder If they'll dare do Typhon. What a bizarre magnificent thing it could be...
  23. Heracles mini was really good IMO Here my painted version I mean, it has an "old style" look, and this version (metal) was multipart, but I'm sure it's not hard to repurpose it for bones. The other Greek heroes they did... I don't like that much. P.S. It was painted some years ago. Right now looks like a mess to me
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