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  1. @TaleSpinner Sorry Im realy bad at replying, I think the first barrel from you and @Rainbow Sculptor may have freaked me out a little bit. With the boots and gloves, I was trying to go for a heavy polished lether feel, but I never thought about seams. Its amasis me how much of a diffrenth these little detalys make. And agen thanks to @TaleSpinner and @Rainbow Sculptor for taking the time, you have rely helped. Ketil
  2. @Rainbow Sculptor First off don't worry about response times, I'm just grateful that to you and the rest of the critiquers for taking the time to do this. Thanks for the kind words, it has helped a lot and shown me where I need to concentrate my efforts. I realise that composition is not my strongest suit and I need to put more thought into it, on that note do you have any suggests for reading materials on that subject? I'm probably not going to cast this guy, he's will most likely end up on the shelf of "things I should do something will". Although I am interested to hear about how he can be prepared for casting, maybe in a separate topic. To keep the signal to noise ratio of this thread high and I feel this is a subject that there isn't a lot of info about on the Intertubes. Agen, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone participating in this thread. Ketil
  3. Hi all. This is an amazing idea, it is always hard to find good criticism and good criticism is how we get better. So a little bit about this sculpt, I had been doing almost all 28mm and decided that I would like to do something a bit bigger, this guy 54mm to the eyes. In my wanderings around the internet, I collect artwork that I think looks cool and would like to sculpt. I found this picture by ZsoltKosa and as Sculptember was coming up I thought I would try and do it in 30 days. It's done in polymer clay, I can't remember if it was Beesputty, Supersulpty, Fimo or a mix of some of them. I was going for more of an art piece, as opposed to a wargaming one, that would be fun to paint. I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys think. Ketil
  4. Maybe not the easiest to do, or even useful for what you are doing, but it does make nice wheels Ketil
  5. I have the same trouble with beesputty, I think it's because I using a thinner wire (20 to 22 gauge) and it looks like from there youtube channel there using bigger wire for lager pieces. I also use the TrippleFirm one, which I think is between Fimo and Super Sculpey Firm, maybe a bit more like Fimo. But I do love the stickiness. ketil
  6. Hi all I have been doing Tom Mason's Sculptember challenge, and just before i finished sum of the pesky life stuff got in the way. But I finally got the sculps finished would and love to hear what you think. There are more pics on my blog.
  7. Yes it does, thanks for answering. It's really interesting, the pros and cons of working with bones. And the brawler is looking fantastic. You need to be making that your self. start with good waxy potatoes make your mayonnaise from scratch, no egg whites and no vegetable oil. fresh chives and everything's better with bacon. Also coleslaw didn't you to have mayonnaise in it, it was more like fresh sauerkraut. ketil
  8. Hi glad to see your making progress with poly clay. Things started to click for me when I figured out just how gentle I have to be to get it to go where I want. Also I find Fimo far too squishy, I use a Fimo and Super Sculpey Firm mix. If you are finding that it's a bit to squishy for what you need to do then try putting it in the frige of 30 minutes and it will firm up abit. He also has a google hangout, at the end of every month, for his patreon supporters, although I think anyone can watch it live on Youtube. ketil
  9. This look awesome! How did you find working with a concept designer. Did it change how you approach your sculpting? And in a similar vein, do you have to change your sculpting, knowing it's going to be cast in Bones? Thanks Ketil
  10. Hi, thanks all. I have always been a fan of Kevin Adams's goblins, they are what got me interested in minis at the beginning. I do make them more orcy than gobliny but it's all in the jawline. I also finished of the spearman. ketil
  11. Hi all I have done some goblin sculpts and would love to hear what you think of them. There are more pics on my blog thanks ketil
  12. Thanks, he 29mm to the eyes, I was going for 28 but I always overshoot.
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