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  1. If you change your pledge, you don't lose your wave (unless you click to change your wave-dictacting pledge level). Basically, they add a few hundred pledges available at once, and, when they're taken, add more so later people get later waves. It usually only works out to a day (or less!) (per wave). When you change your dollar amount, just make sure you don't change the dollar amount. When pledging, you really only choose wave dollar amount. WHAT you get get is all chosen in the pledge manager later. Late backers who only get in on the pledge manager get, as you noted, cheaper than retail pricing, but more than KS prices. They estimated about 20% upcharge in the video. More importantly, though: the dollar amounts from late pledging do NOT get added to unlock new things; only during-campaign, on-Kickstarter pledges work toward unlocking new stuff. If you're IN the Kickstarter and later add MORE in the pledge manager, you get the Kickstarter backer rates.
  2. Copying/pasting from myself from the Bones V Pre-launch excitement thread:
  3. Lots of great stuff coming up for this one, exciting! I'm particularly happy about that catoblepas. It's one of my favorite monsters. If you're looking for suggestions for end-campaign (aren't you always?), my group discussed and our top thought: A giant hand. Just a giant walking hand. Maybe a few poses of them, giant walking hands. Like a 1" and 2" disembodied hand. Ditto flying disembodied heads of unusual size. I'd also be nice to see multi-form figures, such as a series for lycanthropes that are "man; mixed; beast" each of the 3 forms. Unfortunately, I have a meeting right when the project goes live, so I guess I'll be getting a later shipping wave this time.
  4. I'd like to see spell effects props: the idea a few posts ago for walls (wall of stone/iron/fire/ice) would be good ones, in 2" increments like the spells use. Flaming Sphere, Spiritual Weapon... things like that. I'd also like to see some more of the mounted figures done up in Bones. And I'd like to see the existing gargoyle sculpts they have in metal moved over to bones.
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