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  1. Relaxing watching Blood Bowl and doing some stuff ... Did some work on the 38d, but it's still some more stuff to do. Then Rhini and I worked on a small weekend project ... It's a baby Tiger! A Panzer I Ausf. F. And I got the perfect crew for the vehicle! But there's some more stuff in the pipe ... Aufklärungspanzer 38(t) A PzKpfw IV J, which I will convert into a Panzer IV H Krupp study, the 1943 paper tank that was supposed to uparmor the Panzer IV so it could compete with the Panzer V Panther. A weirdly looking vehicle, combining the modern, almost sci fi like sloped armor with the old skirt-covered turret of the old Panzer IV. And on top of that I was given an old Tamiya SdKfz 251/1 (Ausf. C), which I will also convert into a paper halftrack, using sideskirts, night vision equipment and so on ... And I was given another project to finish for someone ... yay! And I found those guys here - I think I've got a good idea what to do with these! Stay tuned.
  2. Yaaaah. Und alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
  3. And our tank commander is finished. I still have to put on some dull coat, but for now, I think he works out pretty good. I just messed up his shoulder rank pieces, so I have to touch up those. But afar from that? He came out pretty good, I think
  4. And we're making progress. Our tank commander is closing the finishing line:
  5. Working on some minor stuff, watching a German documentary about firefighters. Really good series. Though I am a service member myself and was trained in firefighting some years ago, I would like to appreciate the work these guys do not only in times like these. I had to conduct first aid to a person a few days ago, and as I normally don't have anything to do with it (until it happens, that is), I once again became aware of the admirable passion and professionalism in which all the rescue service workers are dedicated to their profession. Feuer und Flamme on Youtube
  6. I am more the fan of the later PzKpfw IV models like the Panzer IV H, but the Panzer III is THE visual "reference" for early and mid-war German armored divisions. I am glad you like it.
  7. The FLAK gun is finished. Also another 17 infantrymen ...
  8. Working on the Panzers interior. And the commander is ready to be painted - therefore: a little test how everything would work together.
  9. Made some progress on my Panzer IV. The winter camo didn't come out as great as it normally does, but it's no problem. After some Weathering and sealing it will look great again! Also working on my self-made artillery gun shield:
  10. Ah, I see! Gregorians - The next Chapter! Great miniatures, though I feel the bases look a bit empty - but then again, maybe the way you want to use them doesn't fit any kind of specific base.
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