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  1. Starting on the Diorama details. Cut out some fence elements and prepared them. Next stop: Painting.
  2. Thank you, sir - when I started the model, I wasn't sure I would be able to recover it. It was totally covered in thick email colour. To be able to restore it up to this point is something I am very proud of. The figures were a challenge as well, and I not very satisfied with the outcome, but then again: 1/72 scale - and I painted them using an airbrush. At least partially. Haha. That was super fun and I helped my try out some things I could not try out on bigger minis. It was a good challenge and I had a lot of fun! Glad you like it. Thank you! To be honest: It was an accident: I used NOCH water effects, but when I applied it, it was too strong, so I toned it down using AK interactive mud wash. It was too dark, so I used NOCH again, and it was too shiny. So I used mat lacquer, which destroyed the whole effect, so then I applied NOCH again in very small amounts, until it suddenly worked. Thank you. It was quite a lot of work to figure out all the little details. I am glad you noticed them!
  3. Hello everyone, A new piece of work. This time it's a WWII themed diorama, 1/72 scale (which makes around half the size of a 28mm figure. The diorama itself has around the size of two smartphones. The whole project is my entry to a painting competition in a German forum and the first finished work since February 2020 - so one year ago. The main model, PzKpfw IV Ausf. J, is almost 25 years old. I got this model when I was a kid, and I painted it thickly using email colours, but I never assembled it. Last August, when I moved, I found the model and gave it an overhaul, and when February arrived, I took my time to paint it, do the figures and the diorama. As always: If you like what you see, and you have nothing more to say, leave a like as a nod to my participation in the forums. I don't need "nice", "cool", "excellent" or "awesome", because those words are used way too frequently to mean anything. // // When I have got time, I need to get some plywood to cover the outside of the diorama, but, to be honest - I am way too lazy to do it now. lol. Check my Instagram page for other work, if you like: https://www.instagram.com/sistermarynapalm/
  4. The first one could be an Imperial Guard proverb :-D And being a German, I fully agree with the third one.
  5. It's quite late for Oktoberfest, but as the guys in Bavaria say: "O'zapft is'". I am looking forward to seeing what you'll make out of her.
  6. Thank you. There was no party and there won't be. Germany has gone into lockdown for the second time this year, so ... yeah. Yay. I spend my days watching some Youtube, doing language lessons and preparing for an uneventful Christmas and New Year's Eve.
  7. Most recent progress. Guys are finished so far. Need to finish the other three boys, then Winter will be coming. Let's see where this will end.
  8. Nothing much to see here at the moment. Just a few new acquisitions and some working on figures.
  9. Another thing you could do might be to heat and bend a piece of sprue into the desired shape. It's not the easiest thing to do, but it works.
  10. Working on a commission // And I got me this beauty! It's definitely not 3.6 Roentgen, it's 15.000, and I am looking so forward to building it!
  11. In regard to German tanks of WWII, we use cm instead of mm, as the Wehrmacht did in their manuals. (Check Tiger and Panther manuals for reference). Even today that is common. Therefore, he was right. The only thing to fix here would be the German spelling, as we use commas to differentiate numbers. 8,8 cm, 7,5 cm, 12,8 cm and so on. Greetings from Germany
  12. On how to use pigments, the advice I can give you is to check PLASMO on Youtube. He uses pigments on models quite often, and his explanations are simple and still enable you to get some great effects on your models. I don't know how much stuff you want to weather, but as an alternative for trying out some stuff I can recommend Tamiya Weathering Master Pigments. Those are small packages including three small pigment pools in every set. it will take you quite some time to empty them, and they are absolutely gorgeous when trying out how to use pigments. I used them for both Tabletop and Display models, and from my point of view they work perfectly.
  13. An uneventful evening. It's raining but it's hot, so I am sweating like hell. There are some other folks who evade this kind of suffering, enjoying a relaxing bubble bath ... ... just to dry afterwards watching yoga ASMR videos by Creative_Calm. While I cleaned my room, I found some old ship models as well as some really old tank models. So I thought: Why not? I haven't finished those models when I was a kid, so - why not now? All my other stuff is packed away waiting to be moved to South Germany and some glue and some sanding sticks are what I currently can afford to have on my table. So - let's do it and see where I will end. Oh - yeah - choosing the StuG IV as the first one to finish is all @buglips*the*goblin fault.
  14. And some progress: Panzer III body is almost finished. The vehicle was painted with a bunch of other vehicles. For painting please switch over to my Manufactorum-Speed-Build-Thread ->here<-
  15. Hello everyone. Due to some developments I have to pack away my stuff for the time being and move to southern Germany - which is ... yay. That prompted me to press forward on some vehicles I am working on at the moment. I want to finish all the airbrush work before moving, so I don't need to remember where I stopped. Started off with some grey primer to make the upcoming color pop a bit more (and because I totally forget to get black base coat in time). After that I continued using red oxide primer for the vehicles: Then German tank camo base - yellow sand color ... Highlights were sprayed on using my yellow sand color and white. After that I did some minor work on decals, priming some tools and other stuff. Where possible, I continued working on weathering effects. And here we are: Panzer 38d: Panzer I f Sprocket, idler wheels and running gear For Panzer III please refer ->here<-
  16. Well, you need to dry them - there's no doubt about it. I normally put them in a closed box, close it and put them on the heater for some time. I've never used the oven, though.
  17. And that's where we are at the moment. Tomorrow we have to do the last few details and then, the terrain is finished! Yay.
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