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  1. That looks fanastic Meg. Well done.
  2. Unknown to most... Ed has everything in his office.
  3. There is no tourney scheduled at this time hosted by Reaper, nor do I know of plans to host one at Origins this year. Sorry to disappoint.
  4. Autumn brown was mixed down for shadows with Ashen Brown from the msp line and up with Pure White from msp for highlights.
  5. ill get with the powers that be and try to speed things along
  6. I hate to disagree with you Shaun, but with only three days till ReaperCon it's looking less and less likely that it'll happen. check the pinned threads in the cav rules forum. working copies are there.
  7. I was able to get some time in with Jeremie Bonamant and see how he paints. This is me trying to mock his approach to painting. I used a wet pallet for the first time. Its pretty rough but Im very satisfied with it. There ended up being a small amount of texture from the paint drying out a bit. edit: oh yeah. The skin tone is based in new Pro Paint Autumn Brown.
  8. your opponent will know which spells you have if they choose to look at your list before the game. you may use only one army list for whole tourney so no, you may not switch out spells between games. I said this early on but I'll reiterate. Freelance companies will not be allowed in this tournament.
  9. The transports will be soft only ecm and est are not allowed. you may use personal units target lock and jam. tables for tourney will be 4x4
  10. Just a blurb about the tourney. This is official. All lists must be turned in at least forty five minutes before the tourney start time. If that is not possible for you contact me via pm. If you arrive after the first round has started it will be up to the tourney judge if you are allowed to participate. If you have a schedule conflict with a class please contact me via pm ( I may have a solution). Army lists may not go over the points total for the tourney. You should bring two copies of your list typed out. One will go to the tourney judge and the other will be for yourself. Any opponent who wishes to look at your list must be allowed to do so. Tourney judges decisions are final. Proxied models should be pointed out to your opponent before deployment. Thanks, Shaun
  11. I think it was Four of each raptor sculpt, so Eight raptors, arms, and bases.
  12. You made it through another year. Now you're older. Hope it is a good one.
  13. I have been told that the current beta rage chronicles regarding cav will be official by that time. They will be in use.
  14. I am not sure what you speak of Fruggs.
  15. Only one army list this year. Please type out your army lists to turn them in. If your opponent requests a copy of your list I can provide that with the copy I am given via copy machine. Scenarios will be posted in advance. They have been handed off to the internet peeps. They should be up this week or so.
  16. There are only three rounds instead of four. Ill get with Kit to fix the point values
  17. Just got back into town and the tickets for tourneys are in the asylum store
  18. That was a mistake on the part of the photographer ( his hot wing quotient was low). The miniature was packaged with the correct size base.
  19. IG88 is correct. Looking at your sketch, it would depend on if the sword is touching the front of the mini. The reason why is that the base of the figure would be attached to the gate (where the metal flows from). Metal would flow up the legs, into the weapon/arms and into the chest and head area. If the sword is not attached then it would have to be a separate peice. Here is why- the metal would have to flow up the legs, into the chest, pull a 180 and defy gravity while flowing toward the center of the spin caster to fill the arms/sword... which can't happen. -Shaun caster and mold maker
  20. I have Saturday from 11am to 9pm reserved for tourney time. I doubt it will take up that whole block though. @Stubbdog: Have patience. Releasing them ahead of time is at my discretion.
  21. The L5R miniatures were produced under license which has expired. Reaper can no longer produce them and there aren't any in our inventory.
  22. Cav tourney friday Rage Chronicles (for CAV) will be official by the time of this tournament.
  23. The technique you described would be called a "side brush". It is quite different from drybrushing. However, if you want to drybrush with your series sevens, go for it... they're yours. Do what you will with them. Oh, and on the subject of Anne's opinions of drybrushing... I overheard her talking to a painter. I distinctly heard her say, "Drybrushing is Fine". I hope to have the quote on a T-shirt some day.
  24. Ill make sure there is some space somewhere for pick up games S
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