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  1. Thanks again guys. I have never painted nolzers minis before. I've seen them online, I live in a small town so gaming shops are quite a distance away, but a guy that lives a few miles away deals in reaper minis.
  2. Amazing work on all of them. The werewolf's eyes are friggin awesome!
  3. Had this guy for a while, decided to paint him yesterday evening. He was a very fun mini to paint.
  4. Wow such an amazing job! I hope to be as skilled as you one day my friend!
  5. Quick painted this guy for a friend to use in our Pathfinder campaign tomorrow night. The first Dwarf I've ever painted, had a lot of fun painting this one.
  6. Amazing! Excellent work, I love the glowing eyes.
  7. Nice! I love the color choices, very bright and lively!
  8. Great job bud! Keep up the good work and have fun painting!
  9. Amazing! Love the bright colors, looks like a scene straight from a Tim Burton film! Really fantastic work!
  10. Wow! That is so awesome! For just a one hour paint it's amazing.
  11. Awesome job! The brown wings, and belly scales blend perfect with the bronze great color choice.
  12. Thanks everyone, you guys and gals are the best!
  13. Finished my hill giant, I used a smaller profile base because I'm planning on using him for gaming. My base game has a long way to go but I'm working on it lol.
  14. Great job! I actually like this mini a lot, it has that 80's fantasy movie (Conan, Beast master) look to it lol.
  15. Amazing job, and you really did nail the color of the guts! I need to pick this guy up soon but I have a lot of minis in my backlog to paint haha... So many minis so little time.
  16. Good job! Like the green eyes and lot, and nice dime guitar as well! I'm a Fellow metal head and guitarist as well.
  17. Great job Pochi! The plaid kilt/skirt definitely sets this mini off big time!
  18. Had to use a crowbar to get my jaw off the floor! Stunning is all I can say! One of if not the best mini I've ever saw! The colors are so we'll matched and vibrant!
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