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  1. I took a stab at tracking down the painters. I didn't find/remember all of them, though. (I did some searches here, on CMON and through Google for the ones I couldn't find through the store, but I guess my searchfu is weak tonight.) Magnus, Wizard of Hope – credited to StudioPFS in the gallery http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Special%20Edition%20Figures/sku-down/01402 Artist Sophie - ? I can see the thumbnail on the Special Editions page, but it doesn’t come up when I look at just that figure. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Special%20Edition%20Figures/sku-down/01509 Pirate Mousling – I can’t find this one on the store site at all Bourbon Street Sophie – I believe this is Maya Morland (Valloa) http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Special%20Edition%20Figures/sku-down/01503 Adventure Sophie – Anne Foerster http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Special%20Edition%20Figures/sku-down/01514 Sci Fi Sophie – I’m not having any luck finding the painter of this one http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Special%20Edition%20Figures/sku-down/01504 Reclining Sophie – Pretty sure this is the one by Liliana Troy http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Special%20Edition%20Figures/sku-down/01501 Pin-Up Sophie – I’m not finding the painter for this one, either http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Special%20Edition%20Figures/sku-down/01505 Western Sophie – I can’t find this one in the store, but I know I painted it. (Rhonda Bender) Gen Con promo – likewise, I can’t find this one in the store, but I painted it Thanks Rhonda. Most of the ones I remembered were the ones you mentioned, but there were a few I had forgotten. I didn't know you did the Western Sophie, nice job on it! Does anyone happen to know who did the barbarian and pirate mouse?
  2. The design team felt that cluttering up the 12 days graphic with all 12 product names, numbers, sculptors, and painters was not attractive. You'll note it doesn't list part numbers or sculptors, even. I am highly unlikely to go back and add just the painters without all of that other information, too. Not to mention that for some of the pieces I do not have a painter credit available to reference. At this time, yes, those 2 are available only on their designated day. I am not aware of a return of the stocking. We have filled the space that we used in October to make and store ghoul bags with Bones II fulfillment items, and since we have all but one shipment here, don't have the kind of space we need to execute such a thing. Pity, I don't recognize several of the paintjobs and wanted to know who did them without having to search though each figure on the forum.
  3. Hi Bryan, I see that the special edition miniature release graphic credits the painters for that release but the Twelve Days of Reaper graphic doesn't. Would it be possible to add the names of the painters so we can who painted those models?
  4. He said that he is broke and does not have the money to cast them "for a while". That is the difference between CMoN and Heresy.
  5. I would steer clear of this dragon until he has filled the 214 backorders. He is currently averaging 17 dragons every two months and at this rate it will take 26 months to clear the 214 fully paid backorders. You can see his discussion on why he can not fulfill the backorders on the Forum of Doom.
  6. I like your take on the Valloa figure. :)
  7. Julie Guthrie Saturday 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Conversions: Sculpting Hands Is this one no longer happening?
  8. A jailers keychain with dangling keys. Maya~
  9. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery cause hospitals suck. Get well soon!
  10. I heard what I heard, if they didn't end up judging they sure as heck felt they were and there is no leyway for misinterpreting what was said, who said it and when it was said. That said, you did illustrate exactly one of my most important points with "Laszlo and I helped make a second cut of six entries. Two of those second-cut entries happened to be Laszlo's and mine (I thought his was worthy, he thought mine was), so then we reclused ourselves and two other judges stepped in." Neither of you should have been making any judging cuts at that point. You shouldn't even have been a judge at that point, if you were a contestant. That illustrates exactly my point and why people were complaining about unfairness. From what you just wrote it sounds like "I scratched his back, he scratched mine" and we both passed our miniatures through. Perception is everything.
  11. No, I heard what I heard when I heard it and they were two judges. Saturday morning at 11am both my father and I were in the same room as the Chicago painters and one of the female judges asked Derek how late he was up Friday night judging and Derek answered that he was up until 11pm. Obviously this is before entries closed at 12. So obviously, judging was done before all the entries were in since the deadline was 12. Now, even if they judged in different batches, the Sophies were STILL decided before 12 noon. Damage control at my expense is a bit late at this point. There was no misunderstandings and YES what I heard did happen both times. I could have asked about this in a crowded room (which was everywhere saturday). That would surely have made a public relations nightmare for Reaper. Personally, I think most of the staff at Reaper are stellar people and it is my favorite miniature company, but there are aspects of ReaperCon that were just plain wrong. Don't you dare try to "explain" away something that actually happened when you were not there at the expense of my reputation. I would not have brought this up here, except Anne said in her first post to discuss anything here, she shouldn't have asked if all she wanted was fuzzy cuddly comments and should not have opened the door to suggesting by complainers should have accepted everything that happened. After her post, there was no reason to have things like this in private PMs because guess what... The same things will keep happening that way. Sometimes those in charge see only see what they want to see and are blind to other things, especially when those things come at them in the form of complaints. They actually are baffled as to why people don't see events like they do. That is the time when they have to stand back and say, "If this many people are saying the same thing, the I am not looking at this correctly because something must be wrong and I'm not seeing it." That is the time that they need to listen closely to the people who spend money at events like ReaperCon because they can go somewhere else. If they can't be objective, then they need to step aside and have someone else look at it. Just because they think a concept, rule or contest structure is good, doesn't mean the majority will if there are problems. They need not take it personally and fix the problem. If its the format, fix it. If its the judges, fix it. If it is the prize structure, fix it. If its the person in charge, fix it.
  12. No, 100% sure it wasn't you. It was Saturday, well before the entries they were still allowing to come in, were closed. And since you aren't female, not you. So nope 300%it was not you. :) Believe me, this conversation couldn't be mistaken with anyone "rooting" for anyone. It was pretty specific in what it was. Plus I wasn't at the Con at that time on Friday. I was trying not to die in a coughing fit in the hotel room. So absolutely not a chance it was you.
  13. I understand your concerns, I really do - but you seem to be proposing an outright ban, instead of offering up suggestions of other ways to deal with the problem. Actually I proposed an "only for" category way back in my first posts so they could still compete, but fairly.
  14. Ditto, see above post made while you posted this <G>
  15. Maya, if you don't like the system then don't participate. That simple. Go ahead and send that to everyone who complained about the contest, then lets see how low the bottom line of sales works for Reaper. Really, you should be very careful, you are not a Reaper employee and there are VERY valid complaints out there for a reason. If you feel the need to defend your wins, no one has said anything or gives a crap. But that is how you are coming across. One of the things I found very irritating at the con was the manner in which your friends were bugging everyone who would listen about how much you *needed* to win to boost your ego AND your Ebay sales. This after overhearing the judges was two of the things that did make me wish I hadn't come since it left me with a bad taste in my mouth about Reapercon. Except for the business I needed to attend to, the painting contest was an afterthought for me, but doesn't excuse the unprofessional-ism. Just because 2 people acted unprofessionally you are going to damn the entire competition? Yep, because these two people were JUDGES and it ruined the entire competition by making it grossly unfair as well as unprofessional. Think on that for a bit. If they weren't judges I would have ignored it and moved on. Would you take your car into a garage to be fixed, find out a couple of the people acted unprofessionally and replaced good parts with used parts. You had heard people complain about the garage and found out that these people did the majority of repair after your car broke down. The quality of work coming out of there was just like your car. Would you damn the entire garage and not go back? Sensible people would. I'm not going to answer anymore of your posts Meg. It's obvious you can't grasp what I am saying and I'm pretty much talking to air. I'm wasting bandwidth responding to stuff I already answered.
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