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  1. The dancer is my favorite. The colors are good and the freehand is great! Maya~
  2. I use the Hudson & Allen snow effects. I like that you can do a lot of different things with it and it dries strong. Maya~
  3. Feel free to nitpick my photography. I'd rather have my minis look better in hand than look good on camera and look worse in hand. :) Maya~
  4. For the outlining I used RMS Grey Liner in most spots with a few places Black. On the cloak hmm... you are more or less right. I used some straight blues, then mixed others. I remember using/mixing RMS Brilliant Blue, Snow Shadow, Sky Blue, Sapphire Blue, True Blue, Ghost White, White. Maya~
  5. Since my exchange sendee has received I can now post pictures! Yay! Maya~
  6. You're welcome! I'm glad you like her and I hope she was worth the wait. :) Maya~
  7. Mine went out today and my recipient should have it in a few days! Maya~
  8. Mine will be in the mail Monday. :) Maya~
  9. Thank you. :) I will throw some closer (and hopefully better) pictures up on my website after I replace my camera. Including a backshot of Sophie, she was borrowed camera shy. Maya~
  10. CMoN Link Immortality has its price. She must spend the days held in stone and only at night fade back to mortal life. CMoN Link "Imagination" A wonderful afternoon of pretending turns a stack of boxes into a great and grand pirate ship for one little boy. His daydream fades as his mother calls him to dinner. CMoN Link What better thing for a Basti to be painting than a Basti version of the famous Nefertiti bust? Basti Bath linked for nudity. The Queen & Her Ladies probably Reaper safe but linked for sheer anyway. Ceresi closeup linked for sheer. Maya~
  11. I'm going. Hoping to pick up minis. Lots and lots of nice shiny minis though Darksword, Impact, Crocodile Games, and Reaper will be seeing most of my money.
  12. Mine will go out either right before GenCon or right after. Maya~
  13. Sheesh and here I found them to be one of the more useful triads. They are perfect for face shades without making the minis look like Ladies of the Night. I will have to get my hands on a good stockpile then. Will Reaper be bringing any of the discontinued paint to the GenCon booth? Maya~
  14. Boo on the blushes. I love those colors and since they saved me from having to mix up similar shades I end up using them on every mini.
  15. @ Prophet You are welcome. :) @Kristof65 Aves packages this stuff very well in seperate containers. I've got a 5pd tub two years ago and it's still as good as the day I bought it after being stored at room temp for that long. It's much less fussy to store than GS. Maya~
  16. I don't know of any good online retailers for it, but you can order it directly from them. (Via email and paypal or calling and CC, etc) The site is here.
  17. Antenociti's Workshop is an excellent place to get multi kinds of leaf litter and they are very generous with the portions. Especially since a little goes a long way and it makes it worth the international order. There are also several companies that produce excellent lazer cut paper leaves, most military miniature resellers stock those. Maya~
  18. I received this awesome mini last week from cerebro1974 in the Reaper Miniature Exchange. He did a great job and picked a Klocke model that I haven't painted which was a very pleasant surprise. Whoohoo! Thank you. :)
  19. Pft painting is nothing to be afraid of! Even if you don't utterly love your first paintjobs everyone improves with practice. My first ones were completely horrible and looked like someone barfed random colors on the figure but I got better. The best cost (and learning) method I'd recommend is putting down the money for a Learn to Paint kit. It pretty much has everything you need but the sealer in it. (which if you get reapers is pretty cheap at 2.99 a bottle and if you keep painting will last you a good bit) The Learn to Paint kits will thin just fine with water and to start thats all I'd use. There are some excellent painters who don't thin with anything else. I wouldn't worry about cleaning the moldlines off your first miniatures, just paint and see how you do and how you like it. :) Any table or flat surface works to start painting and all you need is light. If you have a flat surface near a window or well lit room you are set with no cost involved. So in a nutshell snag a Learn to Paint kit, a bottle of sealer and it'll be well under $55 and you have good stuff if you decide to continue painting. :) The first kit even has primer and is the one I'd recommend. Everything else is not essential for you right now. Maya~
  20. It certainly will be available from some Reaper retailers as several have it available for preorder. None have a release date listed though. :(
  21. I use Vallejo Model Color white primer. I like it because I can thin it nicely or use it out of the bottle depending on how detailed the model is. I've never had a bad bottle in all I've gone through and it also keeps extremely well. I tried the RMS primer when it first came out and still prefer the Vallejo. If you don't like the RMS primer get a pot of the Reaper pro or Vallejo and try those and see how you like them. Maya~
  22. I received a very lovely Danithal figure in the mail yesterday from NE. Thank you! Maya~
  23. I use a mix of 1 drop Vallejo Slow dry, 1 drop Reaper Flow Improver to every 10 drops distilled water. I like to paint very thin and use a combo if RMS and Vallejo and found this mix works well for what I do in humid Alabama. Maya~
  24. There's no list up at the Gencon site, but Sally at Hasslefree said they were sponsoring, Darksword, Crocodile Games and Wyrd are as well. (as per the latters websites) Privateer Press is doing a seperate paint contest at their booth. Maya~
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