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  1. Wow, even at this early stage, the effect is very noticeable and is looking very good! I hope your cat is doing better!



    Assuming power doesn't go out here tonight I should have more pics up. Once you get the glaze and the first coat of paint on the clothes done it goes very fast.


    Thanks for the well wishes, we're keeping her painfree for as long as she has a good quality of life.

  2. We are considering raising class size by one from five to six people. That will give each class three tickets instead of two which will be available at the registration desk on the day of the class. This hopefully should allow more people to get the classes they want while they are at the Con. ::):


    Also...PLEASE DO NOT BE GREEDY. Though I understand that you want to get your money's worth out of traveling to the Con, sucking up tons of classes just leaves less for everyone else. ::(: Also, it will fill your brain up and burn you out! I said it once, I will say it again...try to schedule gaps between your classes where you can sit down in an open painting area and go over what you just learned. That is what will truly help you to get your money's worth. :;):


    --Anne ::D:




    Anne, If Reaper staff feels that way then why not limit the number of tickets that each person could buy? No matter what you do, *someone* will always complain. I'm sorry but your post came off as trying to guilt trip folks who signed up for classes that they wanted. Telling people who wanted to take multiple classes that they are greedy is insulting. If you and Reaper staff feels that way, then by all means offer a refund for people who have "too many" classes. I for one would be willing to take a refund for all of my classes and on my ticket I purchased.



  3. I use picfu.net for image uploading. It won't give you an account, and you can't find the image later, but it's great for a quick posting. I can't wait to see your progress on this one!



    Thanks for the link. I apologize for the delay, one of my kitties had an emergency two days of vet visits. Finished skin pics:







    Since this is sheer sheer pretty much all of the skin tone will be showing so finishing the skin completely is important. It also makes life so much easier when glazing in the color of the clothes.


    I start with an extremely thin wash of blue over all the cloth covered skin. In this case I used Vallejo's Transparent Blue, Reaper's Clear Blue also works really well for this. It should be thin enough that when you spread a brush load over your pallet you can see the pallets color and just barely see color when the paint flows back into the well.





    The paint should be thin enough that you don't see but the slightest of changes with the first layer. What we want is the skin to have the barest tint of the color of the cloth. I add more layers until I'm happy with the coloring. Try to avoid pooling and it helps to paint towards the raised cloth areas or areas of solid color cloth. You'll see blue on parts of the miniature that aren't intended to be sheer and this is because I tend to test my brush on either the solid cloth areas (because this will be covered and doesn't affect anything) or another part of the miniature. It helps me make sure the brush isn't overloaded.







    After this I will layer up the raised cloth and the areas where the cloth pulls away from the skin with the glaze to block in where the colors will be much darker.

  4. Anne, we need to make a sign and post it at the bottom of the stairs. Maybe we can even get Torin to make a banner that says as much.



    Yes, yes you should. It took me two days before I ventured upstairs and figured out what it was up there.

  5. Hotel, pet kenneling, travel plans all good and done.


    Need to repoke someone at Reaper about the turn in on the free admissions from the auction or figure out if I need to buy tickets instead.


    painting wise...eww just barely started on a few things, but thats not unexpected. A toddler that only sleeps 3 hours a day means careful time budgeting, which of course, only works if you are well and the pets don't have emergencies. I'm glad I like challenges cause getting something done by then will be but I can't go and not enter the paint contest!


    Metal turns ins I still need to mull over the figs but have the spare or mutalited metal ones ready to go. Swag I have to get together still.

  6. We don't really buy any processed foods. We make just about everything homemade and never eat out. Getting rid of eggs from our diet consists of removing the carton from the fridge. Done! ::D:


    Everything else, we're scouring the labels. Ain't going to get ovum past our noses.




    Excellent! That certainly makes dealing with the allergy that much easier.

  7. I would have already updated but photobucket seems to think that the bare metal pics are ok and all but one of the painted ones are ok. But that one violotes their TOS, yet the others don't.. Ok...whatever. I'll post the more when/if I figure out how to link from my website or if I can't..then I'll just put it entirely on my website and post the link.




  8. The following pictures show her base coated. The base coating step of skin is important because it lays out exactly where your skin will be showing through the cloth. If the legs, arms or anything that will be under cloth does not look like it belongs now it won't look good when you are done and needs to be corrected here.


    If you get flesh tone on the cloth where there won't be flesh showing that's not a problem as the skin color does reflect slightly in sheer fabric. If you are messy and hit the areas where the cloth will be solid it is coverable and it is better to go a little over than not have enough skin painted. However, you don't want to be too messy or you'll make more work for yourself when it comes time to layer in the sheer.


    Since she has one leg up and leaning against the gravestone, its important to get both sides of the leg painted so they look even from the front. Her left side shows clearly where the leg should go, but its not as well laid out on her right. Since I'm happy with the base coat, I'll finish up the skin, face, eyes and mouth. I highlight all of the skin areas fully before I start laying in sheer as this saves me extra shadowing work and looks better than just leaving it base coated.





  9. Way later on posting than I wanted but eh sinus bugs aren't the best for painting. This is not the original sheer mini that I was painting but since this is the Reaper forums I thought I'd switch to a Reaper one. I wanted to paint this one sheer anyhow so this is the perfect excuse! The mini is 2632 Jahenna, Vampire sculpted by Dennis Mize. This is also a good example piece because you can't miss where the skin goes!


    I personally consider sheer in three different kinds. The "sheer sheer" where the cloth is pretty much nonexistent and unnoticeable next to bare skin, "demi-sheer" where where you have just the barest of glimpses of skin under the cloth and not a lot of skin tone showing and "wet cloth" sheer where the cloth is actively sticking and has different shadows and highlights placements than just dry sheer cloth. I'm going to do this one as "sheer sheer" with some alterations as this is a family friendly board.


    After I decide what I want to do with a mini I eyeball it again after I clean it. This helps me get into the Zen mood for painting and helps show me where to put highlights, shadows and get straight in my head what I want to do with the miniature before I start. This is also the time I map out where exactly my sheer is going to go. Since this is sheer sheer, skin will be painted normally (shadows, highlights, everything!) everywhere it would appear if she didn't have any clothes on. The black lines show where I plan to put skintone.









    And now I prime and do the skin.




  10. NICE! Great sheer effect, makes it even better. Tops the other version if this mini I have seen by far in my opinion. I wouldn't really call 10 hours a speed paint but thats just me.




    Heh for me it is. I normally spend 30+ hours on minis I paint for myself.




  11. Simply fantastic! Love the sheer effect.


    I can't tell if it is the sculpt or the picture, but her forearms and hands look rather skeletal in comparison with her shoulders and upper arms. Just wondering. The comment is not aimed at your painting but at the sculpt.



    It might be the photo angles since she is delicate in the arms, but I don't see a marked "skeletal" look on the figure's forearms.




    @Jabberwocky I'll post a wip thingee on the WIP boards then. :)





  12. Fantastic work. The sheer effect is awesome - I've tried to do it but never pulled it off. Do you know of a tutorial?


    Here's One, more of a description: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...cking&st=15 and another http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...2&hl=cersei



    The best tutorial is practice. :) Go snag yourself some references from Google, a nice mini and paint! It's not that hard once you figure out how sheer looks (whether you want wet T sheer or dry fabric sheer) and practice. Really don't be afraid of it there is always the stripper pot if you aren't happy with the results. I'm doing up another mini with the same effect right now so if folks want I can make a tutorial wip out of it.




  13. She's so beautiful! Excellent paint job!

    The sheer effect is awsome! (never tried it myself)

    I've always liked this sculpt.

    But, the one thing I keep asking myself is, how in the world is her dress staying up? :devil:



    Well she is a sorcress so she's gotta have SOME utilitarian spells at her command. I certainly wouldn't dare that dress without one! ::D:

  14. Thats extremely creative! Those bits look like they were designed to be nothing but ships. You are making me look at my GW "what the heck do you go to" box differently, which is a good thing!

  15. Excellent stuff. Sheer scares the &*%$ out of me. Impressively executed. How'd you make the tapestry and rug?



    The base started out as an idea I had for another figure and I was originally going to do a hanging tapestry and floor rug freehand. I changed my mind after I saw a really neat product from Reality in Scale (with the same tapestry I wanted to do) so I figured I'd give it a try and see how it looked. No point in reinventing the wheel if what I wanted to do was doable this way. I finished it the same day as the Darksword mini and felt this miniature went better on the base than my originally planned one. :) The product is "Wall Carpets on Real Cloth" found here. They also make some awesome stained glass windows.




    @flynn I still think they are too low, especially compared with several others there. That mermaid is much better, but still rated too low IMHO. The scoring system is just unreliable as a measure of anything. Derailing..pft it's related enough for me ;) Besides posted anywhere else post two would have been waaaaayyy unrelated and massively derailed.





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