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  1. I might have one from a couple years ago, if you want that. Thou it might be a bit before I can even recall where it is





    That'd work just fine. Just need a scan or piccie of it. :)






    No fair printing your own.



    Pft. I don't *need* to print any. I'd have to wallpaper the house in swag points or something then. ::P:




  2. I'm sooo sorry to hear that, some people are just...well can't call them what I want to here. If you didn't have some form of fire protected security cams, I'd recommend getting some. Sadly (I speak from experience) if people do crap like that once its likely to happen again. I hope your insurance (I certainly hope you had it) can come through quicker than it does here in the US so you can get back on your feet.




  3. Hello everyone again,


    It's been a long time since I posted anything on the reaper boards (mostly since I have been working on finishing some armies for both friends and myself which use mainly GW miniatures.) However, I now have a small problem. For a while now I have wanted to paint on blood droplets/strings of blood dripping form weapons however I can;t seem to find any tutorial or WIP that explains this... I have seen several examples of the finished result but not much on how it is done beyond "wait for the paint to congeal then pull it down (???)"


    If anyone could point me towards a tutorial or towards any information they had I would really appreciate it. I know I need to use Tamiya for some reason, (apparently it clots?)


    Thanks again for looking.




    For a tutorial on droplets I don't know of any offhand.


    When I need to make them I use is Vallejo or Woodland Scenics water tinted with paint or RMS inks. Then I use clear fishing wire to form the drops or string of drops. Single large drops I just dip into the mix and tape so that it dries hanging up and for strings I lay those down on zip lock bags and let them dry, then touch up the other side after I attach it. I've never used Tamiya to color though if you mix with something like the water effect products always try it out on something you don't care about first!


    I hope that helps some.



  4. I'm working on this mini, and need a reference to look at for the water. Does anyone have links to something? Thanks.




    Assuming you mean a model painted then CMoN is a good place to look:






    or try a browse through the Showoff section here on Reapers boards. :)


    If you mean real life water references, then google is awesome.





  5. [quote name='Nial ap Morai' date='Jul 28 2008, 11:37 PM' post='486083'


    Now that is great advice, my three legged cat is new to the brood and is not used to the gaming group. She sometimes hides under and behind our TV wall unit/cabinet with her treats. I will have to shake her down and if thats the case that Drow is toast, she's fierce

    Thanks Maya



    No prob. :) If she took it, I feel for the Drow. Nothing can stand against the might of a fierce klepto kitty! I'd also get a flashlight and check the back of that unit and any other standing furniture, minis love the limbo zone between the the back of furniture and the wall. Especially when kitty pushed.




  6. Good luck with finding it, I hope you do! One of my cats is a kleptomaniac when it comes to unpainted miniatures. Favorite places included food dishes, water dishes, litter boxes, *inside* furniture especially the couch (how she managed that with attached slip covers on it to prevent that I have no idea), inside clothes inside closets, shoes and under furniture. If your kitties are responsible, I wouldn't rule out any hiding place no matter how unlikely or "cat-proof"!



  7. I really admired that oriental garden at ReaperCon. Did you sculpt the koi yourself? It's a very neat and characterful piece =)





    Afraid not. I had only a few hours a night over the course of a week and a half to finish all of these guys so I improvised by just resculpting some parts of some not so well sculpted fish charms. Since Koi can go monstrously large they were still close enough in scale to be useable. The bowl just screamed "put a garden in me" when I saw it.



  8. very nice... I like them all.

    Suggestions, work a bit more on the flesh tones. There don't seem to be enough shadows and range on the skin (IMHO).

    The phoenix is great, I like the range of colors and direction of the fire. Excellent job.

    Wonderful dock and the turtle is amazing.


    Darker shadows on skin is a problem area I need to work on, I do never seem to go dark enough so I've planned to do lots of skin practice for my next group of minis.


    The Phoenix was fun and I might paint up another one sometime with a different base.


    Glad you like the dock, it was the most fun part of the base to construct.




  9. Thanks, Maya. That was quite an intense bidding war. Preliminary concept art has already been submitted, so the DYOM is already in progress. Watch for it... um... in the near future. :;):





    Yep it was wasn't it? And fun. Can't wait to see what you came up with. :)



  10. Wow what can I say? This was my first Reapercon and it was a blast! From Reaper staff, to the sculptors, the painters and the other attendees I don't think I've ever EVER seen such a gathering of nice friendly and helpful people. There wasn't a single moment I wasn't having a ton of fun somewhere, there was just so much to do!! Classes were beyond awesome, you can spend days in just the boneyard, the paint and take was fun, just watching stuff was fun and the auction was loads of fun. I can't wait until next year! :wub:



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