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  1. Happy B'Day Zaphod & Cadaver!



    Thanks for the well wishes all! :)



    @fieldarchy A good but pretty laid back day, spent time with Alex and his quest for new sounds then helped my mother clean up some of her studio. (It flooded several days ago.)




    So everything is well with the little one? That's great!



    So far! He's been babbling constantly and his vocabulary has increased by several words as well as random words he'll just spit out but not use again. (which will come) He got a three syllable word out yesterday for the first time. Utterly wonderful progress for the short time he's had them in!! We go in tomorrow to have his permant hearing aids looked at for a feedback problem that developed and have temps again in the meantime. He's been without the aids for a day because of that and actually misses them enough to mime that he wants them put in his ears.



  2. Happy B'Day Zaphod & Cadaver!



    Thanks for the well wishes all! :)



    @fieldarchy A good but pretty laid back day, spent time with Alex and his quest for new sounds then helped my mother clean up some of her studio. (It flooded several days ago.)



  3. His facial expression is odd but it seems that one eye is open and the other sculpted shut so I painted it so. He's probably convulsing with joy for finally finding the Teddy bear! YAY! As you can see there are bits and pieces from presents that have been mauled while Wagga was looking for the box with his teddy. I can picture him say, "My teddy!!! Not yours!!!"





    The wagga is lovely and the base looks good from this angle. However, since you can see other items on the base my only critic would be that you didn't give enough angle shots to properly admire it.



  4. Honestly the skeleton isn't my taste, it blends all to much into each other. Maybe some blacklining would help to divide the details from another, but I like the Lady with the dragon very much. Very nice idea and good painting at both figures. The leaves actually look like they were real (???) are they real? Looks great, pretty nice diorama.



    Actually the skeleton is lined, it's just too subtle for my photography skills to pick up. :( Thanks for the comment. The dio was really fun to put together and do, I enjoyed it immensely. The leaves are parts of the birch seeds that drop in the fall. Hudson & Allen used to put out some cleaned and dyed ones. Antenociti's workshop sells some nice dyed ones.




  5. Personally, I would keep to your guns if you want to keep international bidders (international bids are always a good thing IMHO). With as many problems as it sounds like you are having..maybe try placing the "International bidders MUST email me for shipping quotes before bidding" immediately after the description. With its own line in bold in the auction listing proper. I've also found that giving the USPS web address along with a note that they can estimate rough shipping there too also helps. You really can't say your terms enough in enough places if you still get folks surprised by shipping.




  6. Hi,


    I've looked at a lot of painted minis here and on CMON for inspiration etc., and noticed that the majority of figures painted look really smooth, almost silky - whereas mine look like really dry powder (especially skin tones). How can I correct this, as I like the silky smooth look rather than the powder dry. (you can see what I mean in my CMON gallery - link in my sig)





    In addition to fieldarchy's suggestion, if you use tap water try switching to distilled. Some tap water has too much added junk in it to play nice with paints.



  7. I finally managed IMHO to get better pics of these guys than I managed to take last year with a much older camera.


    This is an old Limited Edition of Reapers and was fun to paint it up like the original artwork. It like most of my painted minis are going up for auction to pay for my sons hearing aids.






    ebay listing


    I was trying for a very monotone look for the skeleton.








    ebay link



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  8. Valloa - easy fix. Put the paint table away and make a paint table out of the boxes of minis! See? Space problem fixed!


    I've actually done that to find room to lay out my drawing materials. I need to find room to shift that stuff so I can make that a high box pile instead of a table. <_< Just way too much stuff trying to be in too small an area.




  9. Anyone else hit this point of terminal velocity with their miniatures collection?


    Yep, I have. To give my two-year old his own room, I gave up my office and moved my entire stash of miniature and drawing related items into a very very teeny space in another room. At the same time I inherited another large collection of minis. The unblistered stuff alone is currently housed in like six office depot boxes, I can't see my painting desk for the boxes and piles of blistered stuffs on and around it and half of my closet is boxed sets and more miniatures. So I hit the "cull it" or "live without moving when you paint" point.



  10. As folks stated above, Wal-mart carries one exactly like that ebay auction http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=5030889 and can usually be found near their cameras. I got one of these last month for the forensic studio and they are nicely sized.


    While going through Office Depot yesterday, I saw a much much smaller version (still with the builton carry case, lights and tripod) in their camera section. These are about single mini size.



  11. <<Let's wade a little deeper shall we?


    In case any of you have not read the terms of use for CMON (like myself until just now) here ye go!



    18. You give us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, sublicenseable (through multiple tiers) license to exercise all copyright and publicity rights, in any existing or future media, known or unknown, over the material or User Data submitted by you. For the purpose of this Agreement, "User Data" shall mean all information (if any) submitted by You, (the "User") to CoolMiniOrNot with the exception of trading data, credit card numbers, checking account numbers, etc.


    Well - this would seemingly cover it - but I would argue that the intended use of the information is being violated - hence nullifying portion 18 of the argeement.>>



    FYI. CMON revamped that section of the TOS and announced it just a few days before announcing the sale of the pdf book.



  12. @Beowulfthehunter She was so sporadically painted I don't really remember exactly the combos that I used for the greens. Someday I'll learn to write stuff down since thats a really bad habit of mine thats lost me some really nice mixes. The skirt part of her dress was (all msps) leaf green, mist green, mist green mixed with moth green, spring green, luminous green with a tiny bit of white mixed in.


    @eastman Heh. That'd be a cute conversion!




  13. How did you do the shiny beads, they're very cool. I mentioned it elsewhere, but I really like the fresh greens you used here, and you did a very pretty job on her face.



    Thank you. The beads are itty bitty Halcraft marbles. Michaels has them in the scrapbooking/embossing section. Pretty cool little things.



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