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  1. Do to the joys of arthritis, I've gotten to the point where I have to use these guys or not paint. I also live with another mini painter so we have quite a few of the guys anywhere either of us tend to paint. There is a noticable difference between the quality of the battery version and the AC version. With the same amount of wear and tear , I've managed to burn out two battery versions past all salvaging while my AC one is still going strong. If you go with a Robart shaker, I'd strongly suggest getting the AC version. It's quieter, takes far more abuse and in general the quality control on those is much much higher than the battery one. Maya~
  2. I don't have a bare metal pic, but here is an older picture of my painted one. Maya~
  3. Heyas, I've put together and painted one of these. Mine also had problems with the body joins on the dragon, bad enough that I just ended up getting the tail and legs filed till they fit as closely as possible and puttied the resulting large gaps to match. If yours isn't a flash problem, and fixed with filing, I strongly suspect you'll not be able to get out of needing to fill and texture the gaps too. Maya~
  4. Love her, the wings came out looking really nice with the swap. She has a place of honor in my display case. Thank you again. :) Maya~
  5. Here's the lovely Angel of Darkness that Sirikus sent me for the Fall 2005 Miniature Exchange. Wonderful job on a very cool mini.
  6. sorry I forgot to include a note in it, it was pretty late at night when I boxed up mine and my wife's minis, but I did the angel for ya =) glad you liked it - did the wings make it ok? I was so afraid they would fall off since they came off while I was painting her a few times Cools. She's lovely. The wings made it just fine and stayed attached in transit. I'll put up some pics in the showoff section tomorrow of her. (Unless you had really good pics you wanted to put up.) Thanks again! Maya~
  7. Got mine in the mail today! Whoohoo! She's a very lovely Angel of Darkness. She didn't come with the painters handle name, so please let me know it so I put up some pics of her. Maya~
  8. Jabberwocky, Anatora asked me to post for her and thank you for the miniature. :) She'll make a post herself when she's able. She's been laid up in bed sick for the past week and had about no computer time. Your miniature was a wonderful surprise and great upper for her. Ann adores dragons and dragonlike creatures. I almost lost a hand while holding the box for her to rummage through to take out the mini!! Maya~
  9. If Skavenbabe can get one maybe she'll post it. I was in such a hurry to get the mini out I only snapped a few (very very bad) pictures. None of which was a face shot. Maya~
  10. Welcomes and I'm glad that you like her! :) Maya~
  11. Since it's around Christmas time you might go check out the craft stores/Wal-Mart, etc for those round clear plastic ornament balls that come in two parts and see if there is a size that will work. Maya~
  12. Finished up mine and popped it in the mail today. Should be in the persons hands soon. Maya~
  13. Whoohoo! Got my assignment and now to figure out what to paint! Maya~
  14. @ ixminis & Wren: Thank you both for the kind comments on the mini. :) Maya~
  15. Glad that you like her. :) Maya~
  16. Mines all done, mailed and waiting for USPS to deliver it to it's new owner. Maya~
  17. Mines mostly done. I just need to sit down and finish the rest of her up. :) Maya~
  18. And the pics follow! Posting them here vs making a new posting for them. :) Maya~
  19. I received my exchange mini from prophet118 today in the mail. :) He sent 2906 Praying Paladin. I love his color choices and he posted pics in this thread: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=14120
  20. I had this older Reaper mini sitting around in my cabinet for ages, so I figured I'd paint it up for the CCV lest it keep sitting there forever. I tried to do something new on every figure I entered in the CCV and this one was a failed attempt at a mild sheer effect.
  21. Well if it's going to be a skin tone kit then I think 2.) (the kit only with skin tones) would be better since it would give the person who buys the kit a choice range instead of being stuck with one skin tone to play with. Maya~
  22. Saw this as I was rummaging through older threads and you probably don't need an answer by now. I've ordered from them several times and have never had a problem with them. Their shipping is also pretty good and timely.
  23. You can also try http://www.milminwh.com/hudson_&_allen.htm They carry alot of the Hudson & Allen stuff.
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