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  1. I haven't had much luck in looking, but does anyone know who has sculpted the Bones 5 Dragons (Valfuryx, Aganzarax, Shavyrna, Krateryx, Ildraedris, Kalanzar) Most other sculpts I was able to find via the twitch/youtube episode fairly easily but these seem be Super Serious Sekkrets. Just looking because I enjoy the style and was wondering if there are any more from the Artist, any and all help greatly appreciated!
  2. Think how if you wait until retail you'll be spending close to double if not more, that should satisfy your adult brain for the recovering months after purchase
  3. I'd love for that Shadow dragon to come in translucent purple and then set up on a nice LED base...nomnom
  4. Did we get confirmation with what we'll be doing with our extra two Cat Lords? There are the 5 in the core set and then there is one with the scimitar and another with a Pimp Hat and Sabre. Posted originally Here, by @Sirithiliel Looks like we 'lost' the two with the wood flooring, but picked up a Cat-caster type. I poked around but all I found out was that we were shown the Scimitar one by accident. Clearly by the bases they are standing on some type of wood flooring, which means decking, which means CAT PIRATE SHIP!
  5. If I recall, that fella was previewed on an early Reaper Bones Live before KS5 as a 'Shadow Dragon'. Was said multiple times to not be a free mini of the month when asked but preview of 'something else'
  6. In my heart of hearts I wish that all the dino-men were put into their own expansion 'Fantasy Dinos' leaving more room for more Oriental theme choices (standard race options for example). This way people who are really into it can pick up the expansion, those where it's not their cup of tee don't get minis they'll never use while picking up a set they like. Granted I know it's just as easy to gift dinos to people too.
  7. Anyone else catch that Core pack will be all in Bones Black?
  8. At a glance the New Stone Golem is probably reskinned for HD or something. Little larger, the render has more details than the current version, etc
  9. Got the question through Sirith, Reapercon is the accurate model for Valfuryx
  10. Thanks Sirithiliel, I was trying in the twitch chat as well with no luck
  11. Never actually thought of it from this point of view. I've always been a part of the 'as much as you can early' group but this is very true.
  12. Any word if they will be streaming or recording Ed's Battle for Dreadmere game he's running? It was one of the events I've heard about from Reaper Live! that caught my attention, not only to watch but to try and bring into the home game.
  13. First off the animation for the free Bones Black mini for June is a really nice touch. My actual question is there a way to find out what items have recently been restocked aside from having an item on a wish list? For example I didn't know I needed a unicorn until on the last Reaper Live show they mentioned they were back in stock. Now I need one. There a chance a "Monthly Restock List" could/already happen?
  14. Got my notice as a super later Wave 2 backer with the trio, 40.8 pounds of goodness headed this way.
  15. I'm hoping to see mine today since I was a late Wave 2 backer. I just got done with work and it looks like they're already getting started for the day, woot.
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