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  1. Dr Boom

    44037 Bergamot (Bones IV)

    First, an explanation . . . Like a lot of us, I got a little carried away when the Bones IV Kickstarter was going on. However, one of the add-ons that really grabbed me was the Dreadmere pack. The Kickstarter happened when I had moved away from running home brew Pathfinder campaigns due to a lack of time for planning, so instead I was simultaneously running the Carrion Crown and Skull and Shackles adventure paths for two groups (I still am, FWIW). When I saw the growing list of minis released for Dreadmere, something clicked and I started thinking of starting up a new homebrew. I didn't know anything about the existing history of the setting, and that let my mind start creating my own histories for each of these evocative characters. I started creating Dreadmere as a base for a starting off group of adventurers, knowing that my Carrion Crown campaign would be wrapping up around the time that the Kickstarter was fulfilled. At that point I was going to put it in a remote corner of Varisia, where all good Pathfinder campaigns start. Then, a little over 12 months ago, completely unrelated to my GMing duties, I fell down the rabbithole of learning about Russian history and its role in the current rise of Slavic nationalism. My setting changed from canon Golarion to a weird blend of the Pathfinder setting and an alternative pre-revolutionary Russia where all of the rich magical folklore was real. Dreadmere became Dreadmir (awful pun I know). Now that I have my hands on the Dreadmere expansion, I can start bringing these characters to life. I have a group playing their Session Zero this Saturday, and while I won't have everything painted in time, I plan to paint the characters as needed. I've been inspired by the backstories that some of you like to attach to your minis, and if you'll indulge me, I'd like to share what I have planned for these characters. A caveat: As I said, I have limited familiarity with the official stories behind these characters, so forgive me if I've stepped on anyone's intellectual property or personal head canon for them. As a busy GM, I've taken what I could find out about them and then blended them with select bits of Golarion lore and my own desires. So, without further ado, may I present Bergamov . . . The head of the town militia, Bergamov’s small size belies his reputation as a capable fighter. Bergamov rose to his position after being officially declared a “citizen of short stature” rather than a halfling. He takes his job very seriously and hates the mercenaries who Drumenov brings in when the situation in town gets out of hand. He generally regards adventurers as only a step above mercenaries. Bergamov fights with a human sized quarterstaff (not shown), alternating between wielding it deftly to disarm and disable opponents and using it to perform daring acrobatic feats.
  2. Dr Boom

    Bones 4 Ghast and Ghouls

    Thanks for all the kind words folks. The look is a fairly simple one I use for all of my ghoulish undead (including the Maggotcrown Bonesack I posted recently). Using citadel paints: base with Rakarth Flesh, shade with Reikland Fleshshade, highlight with Rakarth, then Pallid Wytchflesh. For the lividity, a light touch with Druchii Violet followed by Carroburg Crimson on the very tips.
  3. Dr Boom

    Lidless Eye: Bones 4 Dreadmere

    Wow! You've been busy. Excellent work on my favourite part of Bones 4. I envisaged these minis as a little darker and grittier, but the bright colours look great.
  4. Dr Boom

    Bones 4 Pirate Ghosts

    Not for Carrion Crown, but they will come in handy for a future Skull and Shackles adventure. I'm happier with how the bases turned out (including the unearthly glow) than I am with the ghost themselves There's that "motion blur" on the face again
  5. Dr Boom

    Bones 4 Ghast and Ghouls

    More undead for Renchurch Abbey. These guys look a little chalky, however the pallid skin tone means they might also serve as Morlocks should the need arise. Bit of a dodgy photo for the ghast, however I'm going to call it motion blur
  6. Dr Boom

    Bones 4 Bog Skeletons

    My Carrion Crown Campaign is about to hit Renchurch Abbey, so I'm going to need a lot of undead - STAT! Hence the speed paint on the bog skeletons. The last time the party encountered skeletons in water they almost lost their paladin through a combination of platemail and some appalling rolls to stay on his feet. I'm hoping these guys might bring back some memories.
  7. Dr Boom

    Feral Hog - Bones 4

    I say we go up into orbit and nuke it from space. It's the only way to be sure.
  8. Dr Boom

    Bones IV Maggotcrown Juggernaut

    Quick paint on this one, and I thought I'd try a touch of zenithal painting. Essentially just a black undercoat, white airbrushed zenithal highlights and then tinting with several layers of various inks and shades. Finished off with some extreme highlights in pale grey and white. I'll need to work on my technique (once I started shading I found a few places which should have copped the white spray but missed out), but it'll suffice as a tabletop undead enemy (and another Corpulent Ghoul).
  9. Dr Boom

    Bones IV Maggotcrown Bonesack

    Will take advice on the NSFWishness of this one. Seriously this critter is wrong in so many ways, but a breeze to paint. In the actual mini, the mouth has a lot more detail than what I could get in the photo, however I like the idea that its mouth is just a black void. She will be playing the part of a "Corpulent Ghoul" in Carrion Crown.
  10. Dr Boom

    First Bones 4 painted figure

    Well - it wouldn't have been the first mini I would have chosen to paint from Bones 4, however I needed a Hangman Tree STAT for my Carrion Crown campaign, so here's my take on the Tree of Despair: Vultures and Victim are currently detachable, although we'll see how long that lasts during play. Now I just need five more . . .
  11. Dr Boom

    Mansions of Madness - Ghost

    Those yellow and black eyes really set it apart
  12. Dr Boom

    Guarding the Treasure

    Not just any Woof - a noble Schnauzer !
  13. Dr Boom

    Weird West: A Prickly Pair (original sculpts)

    Cactacae! You've gotta love a Mieville reference.
  14. Dr Boom

    Paizo Wizard - Paizo

    Great job! The miniature is a Pathfinder Chronicles Forlorn Elf Wizard.
  15. Dr Boom

    89008 Feiya, Iconic Witch

    This is such an excellent mini. Fiddly to paint but such a great design and pose. You've done a great job with her. I love the sly look. Base matches her character and palette as well.