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  1. Redcap minis are not easy to find, however these gobbos from Bones 1 or 2 are wearing caps that might fit the bill. I tried moulding on beards in greenstuff, however in the end they had pointy enough chins as it was so I just painted a short beard on them. A quick job done mostly with Citadel contrasts, but they have the toxic garden gnome look I'll be needing for the tabletop. The only one with iron boots. I really like the maniacal expression on this one.
  2. The latest in my series of trolls painted with a pallid palette so they can pass as Xulgath Spinesnappers. A lot more detail on Kallaguk than the Marsh Troll, however the Stegosaurus plates tie the pair in nicely. Being made from the soft white bones he was a bit front heavy and had a bit of a forward lean. Luckily the base had a handy tree stump I could glue to his nethers.
  3. So a friend is running Rime of the Frostmaiden and I figure he'll be needing some Duergar soon . . . I mainly painted these for the tabletop, but I'm fairly pleased with the result. I spent a bit of time blending up the skin tones (and a little less time on the black armour). Batch painting really tests my resolve. I have a hard enough time maintaining interest for a small skirmish group, so it's no surprise I've never gotten into large scale combat games and painting whole armies. Even with six miniatures, by the end of this lot I was itching to move on to the next thing.
  4. Inspired by Mr Schubert's recent masterpiece, I thought I'd give the same colour scheme a go. Needless to say I didn't quite spend quite as much time doing this guy, however it was good exercise in painting iridescent colours in non-metallics which I plan to use again. The photo is a little dark, so the greens and purples are a little more visible in person (trust me).
  5. Not a standard green troll colour scheme for this guy. I'm using him as a Xulgath Spinesnapper, one of the mutant troglodytes that turn up in the Extinction Curse adventure path. The art in the module depict them as reddish with a set of stegosaur style plates down the back, so both the Marsh Troll and Kalaguk the Troll King will be fit for purpose. I've kept up with the pallid paint scheme I'm using with all of my Xulgath minis, although I thought I'd try red spots for him.
  6. Not much to do on this one - just a few body parts and weapons to pick out and then a glossy black wash. I think I ended up spending more time creating and painting the base. Sometimes the simple things are the best . . .
  7. Having now completed all of the minis needed for The Show Must Go On, I'm now moving on to the next instalment in the Extinction Curse adventure path by Paizo, Legacy of the Lost God. The first encounter involves evicting a Barghest and his pack of wolves from a potential circus site, so I scoured my selection of canine minis to add to my four already painted wolves. First up, the wolf from the Companion animals set. A little low on detail, but the solid texture of the fur makes it an easy one to paint. A lot larger is the Warg. Bigger by far than the rest of the wolves, he'll
  8. The only survivor from the Vermlek and Grothlut projects, I though I'd paint this guy up with a standard maggot colour scheme. I will eventually get him some friends, as this is such a fantastic sculpt. I hate mold lines so much
  9. A more traditional paint on this guy, and once again a quick job to get him to tabletop. Texture is a little rough, although I'm just passing that off as weird fungus skin.
  10. Don't normally post my non-Reaper stuff here, but I was so impressed with how these guys turned out. A mate needed a bunch of fungus folk ASAP for his D&D game. I haven't yet had the opportunity to delve too deeply into my Darkreach box, so I dug out my old painted metal ones (03041 and 02679) and put the Nolzur's Myconids and the small guy from the Bones set (77345) in the painting queue. I used the packaging illustration for inspiration for these ones and, because I needed to get them done fast, stuck with Citadel shades and contrasts over the grey primer. They tu
  11. One of the problems with coming up with a six part adventure path taking characters from 1st level to the high teens and based largely around a single lower tier opponent is trying to keep things fresh. In Extinction Curse, Paizo got around this by saying the Xulgaths were exposed to all manner of mutating radiation down in the depths of the Earth. This, plus their propensity for dabbling in a bit of fleshwarping means every instalment of the adventure paths has a half dozen brand new types of Xulgath to play around with. This is a bit of a pain to find suitable minis - I'm not really looking
  12. I really do have a fine selection of painted succubi to choose from, however when an adventure calls for a "bookish" one, I couldn't resist the temptation to pull this one out of the Bones III Kickstarter boxes. This Sophie will be playing the part of the true form of the succubus Balenni, who single-handedly corrupted the Hermitage of the Blessed Lightning in the Pathfinder Adventure "The Show Must Go On". Some soft details on this mini, however I'm happy with how her features turned out and with the satiny highlights on her dress. On the plus side, the soft bonesium meant you could bend thos
  13. You may remember I had a few maggot bodies hanging around after I made my Vermlek demons . . . I had these in mind since I cut those maggot heads off. Grothluts in Pathfinder are what you get when you fleshwarp a human. Deformed human torso atop a maggot body. Poxwalkers are a perfect match for the top half, so, some judicious clipping and hasty greenstuffery later, we have . . . I'm really happy with how these turned out - this was exactly what I'd envivisioned. Had a bit of an undercoat mishap on that last one, however I think the cracked flesh jus
  14. I needed a pair of Pinacosauruses for the Extinction Curse campaign and while I managed to snag a pre-painted one in a random pack, I couldn't resist the temptation to paint up the clubtail in my Lot Valley expansion. Quite a bit of size difference between the two, however given the pair are encountered in a nesting room I reckon I can pass them off as parent and young. After perusing some Ankylosaur paint schemes online I found one that seemed to be inspired by an Australian Thorny devil. Not sure how this extreme camouflage would work against the base I've chosen, but it's a nice
  15. Painting time has been short and for some reason I got into a bit of a rut with this pair. However, the players are starting to catch up with my painting and I need to get a move on. I've painted these to be two of the named Troglodyte / Xulgath characters in the Pathfinder adventure The Show Must Go On, Ashagith and Golgukan, both Xulgath leaders. A little rushed toward the end, and the gold edging on Kar Drakir is best viewed at a distance, however they will serve their purposes. Firstly the Dragonman Warrior playing Ashagith: The figure is ca
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