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  1. Back to number 1. I like the pink highlights on the troll, but the detail on Ezra wins it for me.
  2. My favourite is the middle of the three brigands. Understated yet ominous.
  3. I’m going to go for the Marsh troll, mainly for the purplish eyes on the fish and the orange/green contrast
  4. Nicely done. Coming from the state Kronosaurus queenslandicus was named after and obsessed with prehistoric beasties as a kid, I was always a bit miffed I couldn’t visit the original fossil in the Queensland Museum (it had been snaffled up by the Smithsonian). Fast forward 30 or so years and I did a stint teaching at a place a few hours down the road from the newly opened “Kronosaurus Korner” museum established at the site of the original discovery. Some of our students even managed to uncovered a 4m Icthyosaur skeleton on a fossicking trip. You’ve done a great job bringing it to life. That eye looks like it’d be at home atop a tower in Mordor.
  5. The colours are a good match for each other. I really like the extreme highlighting on the blue tunic - it gives it a satiny appearance.
  6. Now that Carrion Crown is done, my players have elected to tackle the 2nd Ed Pathfinder Adventure Path The Extinction Curse. This will involves them starting and maintaining their own circus, all the while fighting off an apocalyptic plot by monstrosities from deep within the earth. There will be dinosaurs - lots of dinosaurs. Before we get there, however, one of the earlier circus-based encounters involve them dealing with one of the performing bears in the circus. I had two choices in the Kickstarters box - the Dire Bear from #3 or the Cave Bear from the Lost Valley expansion for #4. The Dire bear is perhaps a little more realistic (particularly with regard to the size of the eyes, however it suffers a little from the loss of detail with the old white Bones material. I couldn't choose which one would be best for playing Bardolph the Bear so I'll take suggestions from the forum. I tried two different styles - both based on a dark brown primary coat then dry brushed up to a light fawn. For the Dire Bear, I added a few chestnut highlights, while the Cave bear I wanted it to look like it was wading through the shallows looking for salmon (hence the really dark underside). I might try putting some real water effects on that base rather than just gloss to finish this effect. Firstly the Dire Bear: And then the Cave Bear What do we think? The winning bear will get a little sculpted top hat, just as Bardolph has in the adventure.
  7. I've "borrowed" the concept of Eithyrnir for my Dreadmir campaign - a spectral stag with antlers and hooves of gold which appears everyone now and then to challenge the best hunters to hunt it down. When I also "borrowed" the Staglord and his Fort from Kingmaker for that campaign, I decided to make Eikthyrnir his very own Moby Dick and the reason for his descent into madness. The Spirit Beast seemed perfect for this. In the campaign, Eikthyrnir only turns up in the dead of winter, so it made sense to base the plumage on a Snowy Owl. My patience for carefully painting brown dots evaporated fairly quickly, however I'm happy with the spectral tail and golden antlers.
  8. The last order I put in to Reaper I got an extra few of the then new Dreadmere metal figures so that the cost of postage wasn't more than the minis that I'd ordered. While I work mainly in Bones at the moment (got four, soon to be five Kickstarters to work my way through) I do prefer to work with metal minis, and the new selection had some sweet ones among them. Behold Catalina Delgato, Duskwarden Hunter and her Hound: I'm not really happy with the armour on Catalina, particularly up close, however she looks fine for the tabletop. I'm much happier with the hound - the coat pattern turned out exactly as I had planned.
  9. I'm not sold on the blond hair but the NMM on the armour clinches it for me. Number 2
  10. That's the NMM on the sword I'd love to be able to do. The green smoke is superb as well.
  11. Yep - that's about right
  12. Our Carrion Crown Campaign is drawing to a close - literally the battle with the Big Bad to go - and one of my players thought it'd be a nice way to finish things off by giving people keepsakes of the whole 6 year experience (yep, we've been at this a while). In Pathfinder, Haunt Siphons are items introduced in the Carrion Crown adventure path which can be used to draw negative energy out of undead and haunts (an environmental hazard sort of like a trap but with HP). For those who really want to, a "full" siphon can be used as a grenade weapon to deal negative energy damage - just don't use them against the undead. The party used them right from the start of the campaign and managed to get quite a collection over the years. What better keepsake than your very own Haunt Siphon? Here's the original art: Most of the following has been done by one of my players, who has much better printing-fu than I do, not to mention three more printers than I have. I'll be handling the painting side of things. We envisaged a 3D printed cap and base on a length of polycarbonate tubing filled with some sort of green liquid. The cloud in the middle would be printed in luminescent filament. A blue/violet LED could be incorporated into the base and if we could get out hands on a fluorescent liquid, you'd get a nice glowing effect. Unfortunately I no longer work in a lab, so liberating some fluorescein or similar fluorescent dye would be out oft he question. I know tonic water fluoresces . . . That gives a nice ethereal glow, but I'm unsure of how long a sugary liquid will last. Luckily I remembered an old teachers' trick to a cheap source of fluorescent liquids - rip the insides out of a highlighter pen and soak overnight in water. Voila! The picture doesn't really do it justice - there is a little nub on the base of the water bottle that refracts the light just right, throwing shafts of light into the bottle. The player has been working hard on the design. Here's a mock-up in fairly low res: This is where I come in. I've tried a couple of metal finishes on another low-res mock up: I tried countershading the gold with a purple wash and the copper with a green wash. The copper one looks redder IRL and I just had to try out my new bottle of Nihilakh Oxide. I'm probably leaning toward the rusted iron to keep with the item being made of cold iron, although I might darken it up with a few more washes of Nuln Oil. That's it for the time being. My player is working on the cloud inside, but after than we should be just about done bar assembly. Now just to figure out how to ship one of these to the Czech republic without getting on a watchlist.
  13. When I original got this mini in Bones IV, I was going to try a Barbara Eden style colour scheme, however I needed something to pass for a Marid (and not the fishy 5e versions). Not wanting to completely remove the option of using her as a Djinn, and more than a little inspired by some of the lavender skinned beauties I've seen on the forum, I decided to split the difference and go for a thunderstorm Djinn. I spent quite a bit of time layering the skin tones and I'm quite happy with the result - this will probably be the shade I go for when I get around to painting my storm giants. Eyes are glowing blue white to suggest lightning and I've given the underside of the "smoke" a greenish tinge to suggest hail is on the way. I'm getting more confident with my steel/silver NMM and I'm also happy with the result here. My attempts to continuing the small tiles of the moulded base didn't quite go as planned and I initially wanted to use a Moroccan inspired mosaic pattern but opted instead for an abstract cloud pattern to go with the theme.
  14. The stark contrasts on Gauntfield work really well, but I’m still going with Ezra
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