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  1. He looks great. I think if the dinos he's hunting are as big as those snake idols he's going to need a bigger blunderbuss.
  2. Nicenatural fur tones there, I really love that white lichen on the base. It really looks like frost covered vegetation.
  3. Almost to the bottom of the Stoneskull Expansion from Bones III. I've seen a lot of really great versions of this guy out there, but I wanted to see how he'd turn out as a metallic dragon. I've always felt that Brass dragons get a bit of a short shrift - not evil to be a big bad in a campaign, but also not good enough to trust to be a patron. I figure a Brass Dragon would be just the sort of critter to hang around a ruined temple, encouraging adventurers to go in and bring out the goods within. I normally don't go in for true metallics, but I got a pack of Vallejo air metallics I wanted to try out. I started with a base of Brass on the upper body and wings, and Copper on the underside. It took a while to get right, but I'm fairly happy with the result. The wings were modelled on the transition between greenish to reddish you see in some of the game art and I think they're what I like best about it.
  4. (For previous iterations, see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12 and Part 13) Next up, from Animal Adventures, we have Bartolomy the Basset Bard and a new set of adversaries. Bartolomy is a really nice sculpt - the expression on the face is pure Basset. The lack of a musical instrument and the quill on his back suggests he's more of a chronicler than a performer. Next is the Rat King and his mind controlled servant Gripe. According to the game notes, Gripe was originally a wizard who granted the Rat King his intelligence and mind control powers, and the Rat King rewarded him by hypnotising him and making his his court jester. (that focus really was out on these pics)
  5. This brute was plucked out of the Darkreach box while I was being inspired by a certain fungus related post apocalyptic television drama, however I couldn't quite make the sculpt work with the clicker colour scheme. There may be some hope for some of the other fungal inhabitants of Darkreach (as well as some of the Wiz Kids mushroom folk), so I went with a more routine colour scheme. I wanted to try a lit from below effect, reasoning that down in the depths of the earth, any light source is as likely to be coming from any direction as up, so I reversed my normal zenithal highlighting (nadiral?) and finished up with some subtle purplish OSL. Given the dynamic pose of the sculpt, I think this worked out ok - for once the effect looks better in the photos than in real life, particularly in the first shot.
  6. Some great old school stylings there. Good skin particularly with the pink shading. I'm wondering what they would look like if they were riding orc-faced pigs.
  7. That pinkish tone around the cheeks really makes it. Great job!
  8. I'll add my admiration for the shield. Nice naturalistic skin tones for an elephant too.
  9. Didn't get as much painted these holidays as planned, however with this lot I have done the last lot of batch painting (something I find it tough to get motivated for). When I pulled these out of the Brinewind Box, I figured them being skeletal I could get them done fairly quickly, however the level of detail and my propensity for painting colourful live pirates meant they took a bit of a commitment. They're a bit rough in places, but I'm reasonably happy with them. (The pupils in this guy were completely accidental, however I like the way they look) Similarly, I normally throw in a piece of scenery to paint to give myself a bit of a rest from painting figures. The details on the Anchor of Damnation took a bit of extra commitment to do it justice. (Hard to get all of it in focus)
  10. Someone who wasn't on the painting roster, but a mate is taking us through The Wild Beyond the Witchlight and I think he'll be needing some Korreds soon. I painted this guy up fairly quickly alongside some Wizkids ones. Not sure what's happened to his menhir, but I'm sure it's rattling around my Bones I & II box somewhere. Apologies to anyone out there if I appropriated your clan's tartan.
  11. (See here for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5) The official name says "Devil" but I think she's more like a succubus, so she'll pass as a demon for this. Not overly happy with how she turned out. I tried some zenithal highlighting for both her and the blood imps, but I don't think I put enough white to really carry it off. The wings on this model are a weird texture and didn't really suit my style for painting bat wings. In the process I learnt a lot about slowly highlighting pink shades, but them spoilt it by doing a crimson wash. Still, she'll pass for the tabletop. Firstly, from the rear (not her best side), to keep this family friendly . . . Then, a head and shoulders shot . . . . . . and then, waist down . . . Next up, the Blood Imps, who I think turned out a little better: Florida Blood Imp (aka The Flasher) likes to get his tackle out in public, so waist up for you son: Another nudist: And finally what I like to think of as the leader in this motley bunch, with a little more decorum: That about exhausts my supply of devils, but I do have some hefty and famous demons to go. Next up will be "Lords of the Abyss".
  12. I actually like the monochrome grey on the base. It makes the colours on her pop out that little bit more - like the use of sudden bursts of colour in an otherwise black and white film.
  13. (For previous iterations, see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11 and Part 12) Who better to stand against the terrible might of the Necromastiff than a paladin? Really happy with how Cassandra turned out - I was originally going to try real metallics for her armour, but I'm glad I stuck with my usual NMM. The Necromastiff was relatively straightforward - very few pouches and gear compared to the rest of the Animal Adventures crew. However that gold filigree kept me on my toes.
  14. (See here for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4) These have been sitting on the painting desk way too long . . . First up is the Shadow Demon made from translucent purple. Transucents are always a bit hit and miss but I thought I'd live this one up a bit with some teal counter shading (Citadel Nilakh Oxide). A quick job but I think it's ok for the table. (oops - camera had a bit of trouble focussing on that face) And in the blue corner . . . I'm a little over red-skinned devils so I looked to the Blue Meanies for a bit of inspiration here. A bit rough in places, but I think they came through in the end.
  15. Surely "Smuggernaut".Great clean work there.
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