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  1. That purple and gold really looks good together. It looks like two Oni trying to tear apart from each other.
  2. I love the lavender skin tone. Works nicely with the gold armour.
  3. Just what I was going to do to create some Grothlut. This is what I was planning to do with the maggot bodies left over from my Vermleks. Thanks for showing that it'll work well.
  4. The return to work has really put a slow down on my painting, however I'm getting a few done. Here are Olivia and Balthon, re-imagined as Enkrisha and Threndel, former worshippers of Gozreh encountered in the Corrupted Hermitage in "The Show Must Go On". I've gone with a green robes and leather look to reflect their former patron. Olivia comes from Bones 1 or 2 and Balthon from Bones 3 - despite being made from the old soft white bonesium, they retain a lot of detail (mold lines are a bugger to try and remove though).
  5. I love this sculpt - I think it's close to my favourite in the Pathfinder line. You've done a great job with that pasty skin tone - the black/purple lips really make it.
  6. Oh that's nice. You really got the colouration for the back down pat. It really looks like the beach worms we used to dig to use for bait.
  7. Kamaria is the last of the extra Dreadmere minis I got to pad out an order to get the discounted shipping. I know there's a Bones version of her coming in Bones V, but I do like going back to metals when I can and I think I'll find a place for her in Dreadmir. I need to work a bit more on my darker skin tones and the OSL might have been a bit heavy handed, but I do like the colour palette on this one. Snake pattern is based on an Australian Bandy Bandy.
  8. Thanks. For one of the older white Bones, there is quite a good amount of detail there.
  9. (Easy to see school is back - haven't been able to finish as many minis as I had been doing . . .) The Bones version of Kord the Destroyer in all of his barbaric splendour. Kord will be playing the part of the human form of Avimar Sorrinash, a werewolf from the Land of the Linnorm Kings (or a wolfen Ulfen, if you will) transplanted to the Shackles in my Skull and Shackles campaign. Such a dynamic miniature this one, although the humidity of his new tropical surrounds seems to have made his axe go a bit bendy.
  10. Oh, that blending between pink and grey is awesome. Love the spots as well.
  11. #92, December 1984. It's weird picking up a magazine that was published when I was 15. Probably weirder that I still have a magazine that was published when I was 15, but I bought when I was 25ish
  12. This is still on my shelf of shame - I've never been quite game enough to put it together. The centaur and the wizard were painted 30 odd years ago but could probably do with a repaint. I even have the issue of dragon magazine that has the artwork as the cover (need to check my bookshelves to see exactly what issue it is). Great job on resurrecting a wonderful vignette. I like the colour scheme on the dragon. Makes me want to clear a bit of shelf space to get mine done.
  13. I'm a big fan of the original sculpt (and will get around to painting mine someday) however I really like how you've made her your own. A perfect addition to your fungal hordes.
  14. This friendly fellow may make an appearance in my Dreadmir campaign as the nemesis of Eikthyrnir, however for the time being he will fill the role of a Blood Wolf (fiendish wolf) in Extinction Curse. I figured the extra pair of legs is a good enough sign that there's something just not right about this pup. Based the colour scheme on a red wolf to give it some grounding, rather than the full-on fantasy treatment.
  15. This guy first crept out of the Bones box when I was looking for a giant centipede, however I looked at the textures and details on it and decided it shouldn't be anything but a Frost Worm / Remorrhaz. Because nothing that emerges from the Bones box can ever re-enter it, it's been sitting around in my to do list while other more urgent things have been completed. I think the single word which best describes the colour scheme is lurid, particularly with the inclusion of the purple highlights. I probably spent less time on it than I should have, however I'm still recovering from painting all the legs on my Behir. I know the monster manuals / bestiaries describe the ends of the spikes as glowing a dull cherry red, however I think it more sense to have the heat coming from the body of the beast. Looking at the "lava" effects it probably needs a brighter highlight in the midst of the yellow regions and I might go back over it at a later date. Still it's there for the next time the party's wandering across the tundra. Now to give things with more legs than a standard cow a rest for the time being . . .
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