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  1. Painting time has been short and for some reason I got into a bit of a rut with this pair. However, the players are starting to catch up with my painting and I need to get a move on. I've painted these to be two of the named Troglodyte / Xulgath characters in the Pathfinder adventure The Show Must Go On, Ashagith and Golgukan, both Xulgath leaders. A little rushed toward the end, and the gold edging on Kar Drakir is best viewed at a distance, however they will serve their purposes. Firstly the Dragonman Warrior playing Ashagith: The figure is ca
  2. All paints are Citadel . . . Starting off with a Corax White spray Backs washed with Reikland Fleshshade, bellies with Seraphim Sepia Overall drybrush with Rakarth Flesh, then Pallid Wych Flesh Ridge along the back washed with Seraphim Sepia, the Agrax Earthshade Spots done with Black Templar contrast Mouths painted with Magos Purple contrast paint Teeth are Averland Sunset, highlighted with Screaming Skull and then Pallid Wych Flesh Stone weapons Chaos Black, then Incubi Darkness, Sotek Green, Temple Guard blue and Ulthuan Blue
  3. My troglodytes need some pets so it's time to paint up my Raptor pack. These guys will see duty as both Velociraptors and a Deinonychus. I was tempted to paint one up different to reflect this, but I really like the way they come together with the consistent paint scheme as a pack. Inspired by Simon Stalenhag's "Little Dragons".
  4. Sorry - only just had the chance to get my photo set-up up again. As requested . . .
  5. Despite being set up in a circus, the Pathfinder adventure path Extinction Curse is all about the troglodytes (or Xulgaths as they're known in 2nd Edition). I'm currently trawling whatever I can to get suitable looking candidates for the multitude of special characters and genetic variations on troglodytes that the adventure path promises. It makes sense to start off with reaper's own versions, which I got as part of the Darkreach Expansion in Bones IV. My favourite interpretation of troglodytes is the one in the 3rd Edition D&D Monster Manual - pallid as befits critters which
  6. As I'm normally the GM, it's not often I get to paint a miniature for one of my own characters. Meet Doughoth Frostfury (Doug for short), a Shield Dwarf Wizard about to dip his toes into Rime of the Frostmaiden. Got to love 5e when you can play a wizard armed with a warhammer and clad in hide armour without any penalties. Doug is an archaeologist (yep) interested in the Ostorian ruins which pepper Icewind Dale and keen to prove his superiors wrong when he finds the long lost Netherese city he just knows is out there. Despite the fact that he's supposed to be a ranger, a weapon swap
  7. I've been meaning to try out some colour shift paints and figured a large insect would be a good place to start. None of my local FLGSs had the particular black to green I was look for, so I tried a different tack. In northern parts of Australia, we are blessed at the end of the year with several species of beetle which go by the moniker of "Christmas Beetle" - not sure whether that's because of the time of the year they emerge, or because they look like a Christmas ornament. Here's a pic of the one we commonly see in these parts: Rather than go for the Rhinocero
  8. Originally pulled to go with the Dancing Hut that has been haunting my painting desk for nearly a year now, I thought I'd get Baba Yaga out of the way. For a Bone's black, the detail is a little soft (particularly around the mouth) and I'm probably more happy with the metal Pathfinder one I painted up when it came out (60077). However I've kept up my habit of painting freehand Russian style floral motifs on the dress and I'm happy with the non-metallics for the mortar, although the highlight is extreme enough to make it look like someone is behind her with a searchlight.
  9. This chap was pulled as a possible contender to play Viktor Volkano, firebreather in Mistress Dusklight's Celestial Menagerie (from Pathfinder's The Show Must Go On), however I found another figure which was more fit for purpose. I thought I'd use him to experiment with a bit of monochromatics. A few more touches of bright colour than the online version, but I'm happy with the overall result. I'm most impressed with the subtle pinstripe and there are actually pips on those dice.
  10. The third figure that I finished off today on a rainy Easter Sunday. I got the Vorvorlaka in the Bones III Graveyard expansion and I initially pulled it out to serve as a gargoyle. However, I found some Wizkids gargoyles to fill that role and the Vorvorlaka gets to be painted the way it should be, rather than as stonework. I tried some shading with the purples on the wings which took a while to get right.
  11. The second in my series of swashbucklers - another figure with a lot of personality.
  12. Aaahhhh holidays - time to finally finish off some minis. The next few I post will be minis which come under my "once out of the box" rule, where if I pull a figure from storage, it's not going back until it's been painted. Aletheia and Bryn were both pulled to give one of my players a choice for the human aspect of his Kitsune rogue character (he eventually settled on 77057 Juliette, Female Sorceress). There's a lot of detail on both Aletheia and Bryn, however I think I'm most happy with the expressions on their faces. A single cocked eyebrow on Aletheia is all you need to give th
  13. A bit of a quick paintjob on this one as my players are starting to catch up on my painting. This guy will be playing the part of a "Corrosive Lizard" (think fiendish giant lizard) in the final battle in the Corrupted Hermitage in The Show Must Go On. The Hornslasher looks like it's intended to be some kind of dire komodo dragon (as if they're not dire enough as it is). Australia used to have a giant monitor called Megalania which was about the same size as the Hornslasher, but minus the extra horns and spikey bits. One of my favourite recreations of it was an animatronic one they
  14. Now that's how you paint membranous wings. Great work!
  15. That purple and gold really looks good together. It looks like two Oni trying to tear apart from each other.
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