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  1. I thought I'd go back to a classic red skinned devil for Vatanis, after the last couple of tieflings I painted have had purple skin. I went back to first principles for painting the skin, rather than taking the easy way out and using contrast paints, and I'm fairly pleased with the results. This mini has some nicely defined musculature to really make the blending easy. I went for cool colours for the robes to contrast his red skin. Not as happy with the free-hand on the blue cloak and the purple came out a little lighter than I planned.
  2. I may need to get another on of these so I can try the standard "crimson" colour scheme, however I was inspired by @Erifnogard and @Waylandrk and their "Not-so-Crimson Heralds" to paint this guy up as the King in Yellow. Plus I really wanted to see just how far I could take the Iyanden Yellow contrast paint. It took a while to get the tentacles the right shade - they started as flesh shaded with purple but that made them a bit too stark, so I glazed with a bile yellow (Plaguebearers Flesh) which made them blend took much into the robes. I think I finally got the colour balance right, however the highlights are now a little rough. I think if I were to do this again, I'd make the eyes more of a bright green to give more contrast, rather than the marshy green I went for. Still, I'm happy with the result and it's such a great model to paint. Close up on the book . . . My attempt at the Yellow Sign
  3. Another whimsical miniature which I knew I had to have as soon as I saw the concept art. I like this mini so much that I've made Rusgo and his faithful Terrapin Maple recurring characters in Dreadmir who turn up when the party need an item from a far away place. I think I'm happiest with the skin on the terrapin. The design of the critter is more tortoise than terrapin in terms of legs, head and shell, although the neck has the folds and fleshy tubercles of a terrapin. I went for something elephantine to match its use as a beast of burden and came up with a fairly simple to paint colour scheme that does the job. The shell took a lot more time than the photos give it credit for and I'm reasonably happy with its tortoiseshell appearance, based on the shell of a desert tortoise. There's a better view of it on the LHS image, but most of it is covered up by the jumble of items on the back. I'm probably least happy with that - stacks of random items make me lose interest fairly quickly and I tend to treat it like terrain rather than part of a mini. Rusgo is a great miniature - full of detail and character that is very difficult to stuff up.
  4. I was really happy with the windows as well, although they do tend to match the eventual colour I picked for the walls. Next time I might highlight up through green to differentiate. The chicken feet were pretty straightforward (all colours are Citadel / Games Workshop) Base: Balor Brown Wash: Agrax Earthshade Highlights: Balor Brown, Zandri Dust and Ushabti Bone For the nails: Base: Steel Legion Drab Wash: Agrax Earthshade Highlights: Steel Legion Drab, lightened with gradual increases of Zandri Dust and then Karak Stone Feathers: Gorgunta Fur Contrast over a Corax White prime Drybrush highlight with Vermin Brown
  5. It's been a long time coming (I started the WIP thread waaaaay back in September 2020), however I've finally finished the biggest model in my Bones IV Kickstarter box. As I said over in the WIP thread, I've always had a soft spot for this bit of mythology, and I think wanting to do it justice was what made me hold back a bit. I took the legs off and made them attachable via magnets, so I can use it as the "abandoned cottage in the woods" before someone gets close enough to make it get the drumsticks out. The legs were straightened, however folks have told me that they will eventually bend back unless reinforced. I'm also going to have to shorten the gibbet as it's just a little too long. Here's the leggy version, from the front: The Left Hand Side: The Rear: . . . and the Right Hand Side: For the abandoned cottage, I raided the bits box and had a bit of fun putting in a few surprises. The Front Door: Close up (and in focus) on the warning post: Left Hand Side of the house - keeping an eye on that hedge . . . The Scarecrow is on duty protecting his field of weeds: (somewhat blurry) The rear of the house, including a gravestone for a former familiar and who needs moles when your lawn has maggots And finally, the right hand side of the house In conclusion, I'm happy with the overall results. While every time I look at it I see something that needs a touch-up I think it'll make a pretty impressive display piece. Contrast paints worked well (Gryph Charger Grey for the walls and Shyish Purple for the tiles, and picking out individual tiles with other glazes gives it a good ramshackle appearance. My biggest challenge (apart from being intimidated by it) was the sheer weight of the thing. I could only paint it for a short amount of time before the fingers started cramping up. I think I might invest in a Lazy Susan style affair for future largish models.
  6. . . . aaand I think I'm ready to call this done. Final shots with bases completed. Full set of shots will soon be appearing over on the Show Off forum. Thanks for hanging with me these 15 months and for all the positive vibes and helpful tips.
  7. Not the Bones Black version but the one that came in the Dreadmere expansion for Kickstarter IV. Painted this one up in a bit of a hurry for the daughter of a friend who needs a Tiefling Druid as a PC. Didn't quite have an exact match however Andowyn's cheeky smile and a pair of sculpted horns later and I think she'll pass.
  8. Now that the Christmas obligations are behind me, time to dive into the bits box to see what I can bang together to add some character to the large base. I can't find a twig that works for me as a gnarled old tree, so I may need to try my hand at sculpting. In the meantime, I figure Baba Yaga likes her privacy and might put a few warnings out that go beyond the typical "wind chimes made of bones on the front porch" that should (but don't) scare off your typical group of hormone charged teenagers lost in the slasher film forests. Here's what I managed to put together from some old GW Zombies and Skeletons sprues. I've also got a few little added surprises to stick into the background (or forground) - I'm looking at you, spare Nolzur's Beholder eyestalk.
  9. I totally agree. In reality, Golan is a little more tanned (the photos have washed out the colours a little), but the Hill Giant Hunter is definitely that pasty irl. I used two different techniques and I'm not overly happy with either. I'm keen to give my airbrush a bit of a try at painting minis who are showing a bit of skin - I've started branching out into non-citadel paints and I'm planning to give a few of the skin tone triads a go. Strangely enough, some of my favourite Hill Giant minis in terms of skin tones I painted over 20 years ago, back when my technique was "start dark and drybrush up". The highlights are a little chalky (it is drybrushed after all) but I do like the muscle definition in these
  10. Christmas Eve update. Here's the hut with legs and gibbet attached. I've done a bit of weathering (algae down around the foundation stones, rust around the metal bits) and tinted the occasional roof tile to give it a bit of variety. I think I'm happy to call the hut just about done, although I'm sure as I work on the bases I'll see bits that could use improvement or additions. If you can think of anything, let me know. Speaking of bases. I'm working on two. The big one will be the Hut at rest, flat on the ground on a large piece of landscaped MDF. Still working out what I'll put on that, but I'm thinking an overgrown garden behind a white picket fence, a gnarled old tree and maybe a scarecrow. I'll drop some magnets into it to keep the house in place. The second base is a large oval base which I will permanently attached the drumsticks to. This way if any players come across the hut in the depths of the forest, they'll see it first as a "normal" looking bungalow, and then if they awaken it I can swap out the base. Here's the two bases covered in sand, sprayed and shaded with Agrax Earthshade. That's about it for now. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
  11. I'm slowly getting through the Dreadmere Expansion for Kickstarter 4. The Gulper is one of those miniature I don't think I get a lot of use out of, but as far as being a unique miniature, it's great to have one just in case I do need a giant catfish in future, as not too many other people make them. I have made the Gulpers (and the largest of them all, the Admiral) part of my Dreadmir setting, however unless the party really wants to stir these things up (or they refuse to placate them with offerings of chickens) I'll probably keep them as local legends and ominous swirls beneath the surface. I tried to base the colour scheme on a Wels Catfish, since these are the big scary ones that are found in European waterways, although the Gulper doesn't have the eel-tail of the Wells. The pinkish underbelly was done with a Carroburg Crimson wash over a white undercoat, then highlighted up through Ushabti Bone and Pallid Wytch Flesh. The green back was stippled over the underbelly colour with Plaguebearer Flesh and Militarum Green contrasts. For the base I used a chunk of cork as the rock, washed and drybrushed with various shades of green and brown until I was happy with the result. The vegetation is a clump foliage I've never been happy with using as land-based foliage because it looks like pond scum, so I used it as pond scum. The plants are the tips of the foliage from a Bunya Pine sprayed white and hit with Dark Angels Green contrast.
  12. Getting there slowly . . . Tints added to give the hut a little colour: A wash of Agrax Earthshade to give it a little depth: And finally some Karak Stone to bring out the highlights and weather the wood a little: Just a few details to pick out now, then it's on to work on the bases . . .
  13. A quick update - drumsticks are done: . . . and the unpainted wooden bits blocked in.
  14. Quick update - windows done. Here's the front view: Initially they were a little too blue and stark, however a wash of Apothecary White evened them out and gave a nice overall glaze.
  15. Yesterday was a non-painting day and today I mainly concentrated on catfish, so only a couple of additions. Added some shade and highlight to the scales on the drumsticks . . . . . . maybe just one more brighter highlight on the scales and then just the nails and feathers to go. Just about finished with the skeleton. I figured it'd been hanging around for a while, so I tried a subtle mossy highlight to the tips of the feet and a few other sheltered places. Working outwards on the main house, which means I might need to look up some tutorials on painting broken glass for the windows. I also need to find a way to temporarily attach it to a sturdy enough painting handle - The thing is so heavy those little magnets just don't cut it.
  16. Wow! I can't believe this has been languishing in my to do pile since September last year. Things got a bit intense trying to get the Extinction Curse minis out of the way and I tend to leave huge models until my vacations. Still, I got it out, blew the dust off and gave it a prime . . . Starting to doubt the wisdom of a white undercoat, however I did want to get a lot of this done with contrast paints. It would be tempting to make this derelict and paint it in shades of greyish brown, however I'd imagine that while Baba Yaga might be out gallivanting around the multiverse, the hut would at least have started as a delightful little dacha with a bright colour scheme. I looked to the internet for inspiration . . . Maybe a bit ordinary, although I do like the carved wooden window frames. I'd like something a little brighter . . . . . . although maybe not that bright. This one has the feel I'd be looking for: Some common themes seem to be white edging around the window panes, brown wood around that and on support beams and then a dash of colour for the walls. I think I might lean towards a weathered pale blue. Holes and broken windows painted in, Legs colour blocked and skeleton and cage started. Not bad for Day 1 of the restart.
  17. The last couple of weeks of term has delayed my painting more than expected, but here we have a pair of Hill Giants who will be playing the parts of Kreel and Pidkin, clowns in the Celestial Menagerie towards the end of Paizo's Legacy of the Lost God. I based the Hunter's make-up on the art for Kreel, and thought that his clothing would be made from offcuts of curtains and circus tents. Once he was done I noticed that the combination of the black, white, red and blue make-up and the red and white stripey fabric brought to mind Captain Spaulding, so he became the inspiration for Golan. That's the end of the Legacy of the Lost Gods miniatures, and given the rate we're playing through the adventures it'll probably be another 12 months before these guys make an appearance. Time to take a rest from painting troglodytes and start working on my backlog . . .
  18. I think this might be the first of my Bones V to be painted. This is currently a placeholder for Mistress Dusklight from Legacy of the Lost God until a mate can get his new resin printer optimised so I can print out the custom one I made. At our rate of playing we're probably still 12 months off actually meeting her in battle, but I do like to be prepared, Detail is probably a little clunky and I'll know to keep away from the contrast paints as a base for painting tabby patterns in future.
  19. Almost to the end of the miniatures I have to paint for Legacy of the Lost God (#2 in Paizo's Extinction Curse adventure path). Mazael is the Aasimar champion (read paladin) bodyguard for the wicked Mistress Dusklight, owner of the Celestial Menagerie. While not evil himself, he's certainly allowed himself to be led off the path of righteousness. In my campaign, he is the older brother of one of the PCs who, during our Session 0, "distracted" Mistress Dusklight in order to let the party make their escape. He has his brother's glowing eyes, but I think his association with Dusklight is starting to take its toll - using an elf gives the opportunity to paint those delicate features up as a little gaunt and stretched thin. I think this is going to be an interesting reunion . . .
  20. In Paizo's Legacy of the Lost God, The celestial menagerie plays host to a manticore named Gnasher who is set free from his cage once the party starts snooping around too much. While I already have the DHL metal model (02639) painted, I thought I'd take the opportunity to cross another Bones III off my list. The game art has Gnasher with tiger stripes, so I thought's I'd go for that look. The highly chimaeric nature of the 77577 model give a lot of textures to play with, although not a lot of them lend themselves to stripes. I ended up doing golden scales, a blue and gold scorpion tail and left the orange stripy bits to the forelimbs and wings. Not sure I'm really happy with how it turned out, however it does invoke the game art of Gnasher. All photos taken under exactly the same conditions. Not sure why my camera decided for a soft focus filter on that first shot
  21. Hey thanks folks. Had a great day at my favourite local brewery - no time for painting minis though! I did spend some time plotting with a mate who’s just got his resin printer working though.
  22. Getting toward the end of the pile of miniatures I need for Legacy of the Lost God (#2 in the Pathfinder Extinction Curse adventure path). I need a pair of Smilodons for the Celestial Menagerie and the Hill Giant Hunter's companion fits the bill nicely. It was looking a bit bland just with a sandy colour scheme (although I was happy with the blending) so I tried for a spotty pattern to liven things up. Not quite as happy with the end result, particularly because it takes away from the original coat blending, however it'll be fine for the tabletop. I've also painted up the new Nolzur's Deep Cuts cat with the same colour scheme. It's a little more "realistic", however I do like the cartoonish quality to this guy. Plans are afoot for his master in my next batch of painting . . .
  23. Torlan will be part of the Dreadmir campaign when it starts up again, however for now he will be stepping in for the third of the Xulgath Spinesnappers the party will be encountering in Extinction Curse. I went for a scale pattern based on estuarine crocodiles rather than an alligator as his snout is a touch more narrow. Plus, it never hurts to represent the locals. I'm happy with how this worked out, although I think I still need to work on my steel NMM. I think when I look bat on this time in my miniatures painting, it will be known as my "Spotty Reptile" period.
  24. I'd have to agree - I was trying to remember which one had the spines up the back. The back plates are definitely Stegosaurus in size and shape if not distribution, but the rest of the anatomy is pure Kentrosaurus. Thanks - apart from the static grass and a tuft or two, the plastic plants are Games Workshop / Citadel Barbed Bracken (for the cycad looking things) and Creeping Vines.
  25. I found this guy in a set of cheap Jurassic Park knock-offs ("Jurassic Clash" by Lanard Toys) along with a Dracorex, which I had to look up to check was a real thing or not (a type of Pachycephalosaurus, apparently). Quite a good amount of detail for a $5 dino, even if the face is a little "Land Before Time" and the Thagomiser goes all the way up the tail (just what are those shoulder spines?). Still a new white undercoat to hide the old lurid colour scheme and it turned out fine.
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