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  1. This pair gave me a bit of a break while I was painting the bandit mooks. Firstly, I started off painting the Razormouth based on a cane toad colour scheme. I thought I'd add the stripes to break up the pattern a bit and by the end it's looking like a toad you're going to need more than a cricket bat to deal with. Happy with the overall effect, althought he deep detail on the Bones Black makes painting it a easy task. Only the one angle because in my haste in unpacking all of my Bones IV I misplaced his left front led and had to sculpt a new one - not my finest moment with the green stuff. Next up, the Terror Fish. I've seen a lot of beautifully painted tropical style ones and I toyed with the idea of painting it like a Lionfish, however my Terror Fish lurk in the freshwater streams and bayous around Dreadmir, so I thought I'd be inspired by giant river catfish (and it allowed me to try out a colour scheme and technique I plan to use on the Admiral when I get around to him). I'm happy with the pink tinged belly and the eyes on this one. This pair will be harassing the party as they make their way to the Sczarni safe house. Back to the mooks . . .
  2. Baba Smolluk is going to be my wife's Witch character's nemesis in town - a swamp witch who everyone thinks is mad who is starting to muscle in on Rhoda's matchmaking business with all manner of questionable love potions. I've modelled her clothing on some Russian peasant fabric - rather busy in design, albeit with a limited palette. Every town needs a crone for the children to tell stories about, and Baba Smolluk fills this need in Dreadmir. Baba Smolluk lives in a small shack in the woods near the town, however she makes regular visits to Dreadmir to buy supplies or simply harangue random townsfolk. She is known to attach herself to one person who will be the target for her barely comprehensible vitriol and who she follows all day. Her rants range between accusations of inappropriate contact and strange apocalyptic prophecies. Visitors to her shack in the woods will find it well stocked with curios and potions which she is willing to sell, although not always for money. Sometimes the cost will be a handful of beetles from a rotting log, other times a lock of hair or a drop of blood. On more than one occasion she has merely insisted that her customers listen to her opinions on a particular topic. The items she sells are quite functional, however each one comes with a minor quirk which might not be to the customer’s tastes. For all her ravings, most of the town regard Baba Smolluk as an annoying but largely harmless eccentric. There is the question of why she has been buying up all the chickens in town though . . .
  3. So in a couple of adventure's time, my Dreadmir party will be raiding a Sczarni safe house deep in the swamp and populated with bandits, mercenaries and all sorts of other ne'er do wells. That means it's all hands on deck and painting up every disreputable looking type I have lurking in my various boxes of shame. I got these guys as part of the Stoneskull expansion for Bones II and while they are made from the soft Bonesium, I'm impressed with the level of detail on them (not as impressed with the mold lines I had to remove). Given I need a lot of bandit types in a relatively short space of time and factoring in my tendency to get bored painting the same sort of figure over and over again, I thought I'd use them as an experiment in using citadel contrasts and washes. Each of these was undercoated with Wraithbone spray and then hit with a range of mostly contrasts (plus Drakenhof Nightshade for the metal and Seraphim Sepia for the gold) and then touched up with a highlight or two. I'm fairly happy with how they turned out and they'll suit their purpose as quickly killed mooks when the hammer falls on the "safe" house. First up - their leader . . . The Bully . . . The Enforcer . . . . . . and the Knocker.
  4. That is just wonderful. I can't decide whether my favourite bits are the green highlight scales to break up the tan or the non-metallic mother of pearl effect on the shell
  5. Latest in my collection of Cyclops for The Island of Empty Eyes (#4 of the Skull and Shackles Adventure Path for Pathfinder). This bruiser will be playing the part of Istoreth the Greater Cyclops, although he's a little smaller than some of the plastic and Bones ones I've amassed so far. Nothing too special - I've tried to go for the classic Harryhausen look. I don't need the goblin mage on his back, so that little guy is only pinned in at the moment.
  6. Well done on the Blue Swimmer (aka Sand Crab). I spent many a weekend growing up catching these. You've done such a great job that when I first saw it I thought you must have been a local - I recognised it straight away as a "Sandie".
  7. I'm pleased with the eyes as well. I tried to get a closer shot but my camera doesn't quite get that close. When you have an eye moulded as big as this you may as well spend some time on it. Green tree frog eyes have a burnished brass appearance close up which I tried to replicate. Method was (apologies for the GW paint refs) Rhinox Hide base Steel Legion Drab fine stipple Zandri Dust fine stipple Zandri Dust line across the centre with a dot in the middle Abaddon Black fine line and dot on the inside
  8. Thanks I think the lesson for this one is that you can never go too lurid when highlighting green. The base is a 40mm resin "timber" base from Australian company Back 2 Base IX. Hope that mention doesn't breach the forum guidelines, but they're good quality, cheap as chips and because they're local it means I don't end up paying more in postage than the minis themselves. I use a lot of their scenic bases for my character minis and special npcs.
  9. The return to school has put a sizeable dent in my painting time - Bufo here has been sitting around half finished for nearly a month now. I probably could have gone for a more traditional frog pattern, however the well defined musculature on this guy makes me think of a big bull male Australian Green Tree Frog. I tend to have a bit of trouble with bright greens, however I'm fairly happy with how his skin tone worked out, particularly around the head. Bufo will be playing the part of a Vodyanoi swamp guide in my Dreadmir campaign (bio beneath the pic). Possibly the best swamp guide in town, this Vodyanoi goes by the name Bufo because few humans can pronounce his true name. Garrulous and trustworthy like most of his kind, Bufo can take anyone to where they need to go, although there are a few sites he refuses to go, either due to their inherent danger or because they hold sacred relevance to his people. He will go out of his way to help anyone who wants to interfere with the plans of the Sczarni, although he won't mention why. Bufo's fees usually include a number of chickens which he gives as an offering to placate the enormous gulper catfish lurking beneath the surface - he has particular respect and reverence for the one folk call "the Admiral".
  10. Love the verdigris on the roof. It really goes nicely with that purple.
  11. Another Cyclops for The Island of Empty Eyes. I like the character in this mini - just perfect for a race of once powerful giants descended into savagery. It will be hard to put this guy on the table without making "Hyuk Hyuk" noises. I spent a bit of time blending the flesh tone but it still looks a bit flat in the pic. My phone camera doesn't really have a good depth of field, so apologies for the out of focus boulder and left foot.
  12. . . . Must be the day for this miniature. Somewhat hesitant to post this, given that there have now been two excellent interpretations already, however this has to be my favourite newish release. In the Dreadmir campaign, Galina is a half giant (so I've stuck with the greyish skin tones) who holds some clues to the past of the half-giant player character. Full bio below the pics. Galina grew up as part of the household staff of Castle Tumanov. She lived a fairly comfortable life - worked hard but fed, sheltered and treated with kindness by the Cloud Giant masters of the castle. When usurpers mounted their coup against the royal family, Galina was rounded up with the rest of her surviving family and sold into slavery. When liberated by the River Widows, Galina realised that for the first time in her life she was truly free. While her original benefactors treated her well, the isolation of the cloud castle meant that she was as much a slave as she was on the ground. Among her new sisters, she has found acceptance and appreciation for her particular talents. While her size makes her less nimble than the other River Widows, they appreciate the brute force that she brings to any battle, particularly when she brings to bear the small bombard she liberated from a slaver's river barge.
  13. The last in my blue period. I took the inspiration for the shading from Geoff Davis' speed paint emerald one from nearly 12 months ago (here), using a light and then a darker blue wash to tint the blue translucent. Edge highlights are a bit shaky in places but they're hard to correct with translucents. At least he's out of the to do pile.
  14. Last of the Carrion Crown Rejects, the Dust King may appear if I decide I need to change up any of the minis I have set aside for Gallowdead. He was another "Lich" miniature which was going to stand in for Adivion Adrissant until I decided that my Whispering Tyrant mini was more appropriate for the purpose. Since he's called the Dust King, I tried to pick a palette that was suggestive of deserts and dust. You can't see from this angle but he does have blue glowing eyes. Trust me.
  15. One of the last of the Carrion Crown rejects, the Ghoul Queen has been languishing in the to be painted box for quite a while. She was going to stand in for one of the Dublesse Sisters in Ashes at Dawn, until I decided Dita the Steampunk Witch would do the job better. I used the image for the metal version in the Reaper store as inspiration - I definitely got an Emma Frost vibe while painting her. White is always a challenging colour to pull off, but the Apothecary White contrast paint helped a lot with this one.
  16. Another one of the Bones pulled too early - I think I was planning to use him as an Alchemical Golem before I remembered I had a pair of Scrap Thralls which fulfilled the requirements. I tend to be happier with my gold/bronze NMM than my silver/steel, however I'm fairly happy with how this guy turned out. I think I might be finally getting the hang of it. It could be smoother, however the rusty patches and oil leaking out of his joints lends a roughness to it.
  17. That works really well. Ethereal and spooky. I've just based mine and left the characters untouched, but I may have to try this.
  18. Yep, given the size of the base it probably could have gone with a few more ripples and waves. However my sculpting-fu is not at its strongest so I thought I'd stick with a 2D approximation using a bit of wet blending.
  19. I've loved this mini ever since before it was a physical mini. It's full of character and just the thing when you need an officious public official. I'm surprised at how that script turned out seeing as though it was just a series of random scrawls with a Number 0 brush and some thinned down Rhinox Hide, however from this angle it could passe for a Gothic font. I'm going to have to touch up that base. It copped a blob of stray paint so I had to redo it, but the finishing doesn't quite match the unblobbed section. Description of the role Drumenov will play in the Dreadmir campaign below the pic. The Reeve’s right hand man and keeper of law and order in what is, for the most part, a fairly lawless town. While not much of a fighter himself, Drumenov administers the town’s minimal militia and is granted enough town funds to draw together and deputise local mercenaries in times of strife. Drumenov is the only registered owner of a firearm in town, although the ancient blunderbuss has only ever been fired once in anger (and even then into the air to disperse a riot) and spends most of its time hanging over the fireplace in his office.
  20. This one came out in the great undead project that was Carrion Crown and I didn't get around to using it. While I'm still not ready to fully explore my purple patch with all the purple translucents I thought I'd experiment on this one a bit. I liked Kev's use of pale blue as a contrast colour to the purple translucents on his killer fungus, so I thought I'd use a wash of it to replicate an unearthly glow. Seeing as though it's a shadow I thought I'd try a negative look, with dark purple and black highlights. Not entirely pleased with the finished result (I've overdone the highlights and lost all of the translucence, however it's suitably unearthly looking in case I need a quick incorporeal undead.
  21. On a slightly smaller scale, part two of my blue period. Spent a bit of time on the stone well for this one. The metal around the gems and runes is more coppery in the real mini, which is why I have some verdigris hiding in the crevices. The pic makes it look more bronze or brass in colour, which is still good for a green patina. Next (and last) in line for the blue period is the Crystal Golem, which quite frankly terrifies me. Let's see how I go . . .
  22. Having finished the red translucents, I've now moved into my blue period. I've been avoiding these for a while as I've been a little hesitant about how to approach them. This large elemental worked out very easy to paint - one of those miniatures where rough overbrushing and drybrushing pays off. The blue translucent works well as it's just the right colour to suggest depths in the places it shows through.
  23. It looks like he's happy he's got that sad sack of a face above him off
  24. I purchased Hyrekia when my wife was still looking for a mini for her witch character in Dreadmir (it was the closest one in the catalogue for what she had in mind), before she settled on Koya Mvashti. I've decided to paint Hyrekia up as an Ice witch and retained the grey hair I had planned for the wife's character. She has a bit of an unfortunate lean, but I'm happy with how she turned out.
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