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  1. That use of blue is inspired
  2. I'm still clearing out the unpainted models chosen for Carrion Crown, however with Shadows of Gallowspire now fully resourced for miniatures, it's time to get the miniatures done for my next Skull and Shackles adventure while I'm waiting for half my players to return from the Czech Republic. They're currently playing through #3 Tempest Rising, but seeing as though I have the miniatures painted for that it's on to #4 Island of Empty Eyes. Lots of Cyclops, all at once and it's been a bit of a struggle tracking down compatible cyclops miniatures. This is the classic Reaper white metal one to start. I spent a bit of time blending the skin tones, although that doesn't really show in the photo. I was in a bit of a quandary as to what the maple-leaf thing was emerging from behind his belt buckle. I originally painted it as belly fur, however it seemed to match the sporran-like thing hanging from his belt so I went with sporran overall.
  3. Another one pulled from the bones box for Carrion Crown, never to return. A simple and classic paint job on this one, so I thought I'd use that big scythe blade as practice for some iron nmm. Fairly happy with the results, although in the actual model the brush strokes show up a bit more (one of the few times the photo looks better than the model, although that's probably because it's a little out of focus).
  4. Dragoth was originally pulled from the Bones box to stand in for Adivion Adrissant, the final big bad for Shadows of Gallowspire (and Carrion Crown as a whole). Then I remembered I had an already painted Whispering Tyrant that would suit the bill nicely, so poor old Dragoth fell by the wayside. He's now part of my tidy up painting because, as I've said before you can't go back in the bones box. Not the easiest to paint because the bones version comes with him already glued in placed. The bendy bones material also means that rather than his right boot and sword planted firmly on the skulls of his former enemies, he's no lifting his right leg up a bit which makes him look like he's shifting uncomfortably in his seat. I guess if you had spent the aeons sitting on a throne made of bones, you might do that as well. Fiddled a bit with nmm for the gold and sword. I've been happy with my gold technique for a while, but I've never gotten the handle of iron or steel without it looking like stone. Still I don't mind the sword in this, particularly with the magical blue glow effect.
  5. Thanks for that. If anything the highlight paint was possibly a bit too thin and kept pooling in the wrong places. Might investigate the water hardness option. Since I mainly use citadel paints I'll try thinning with a bit of Lahmian Medium.
  6. Jahenna was originally intended to play a role in my Carrion Crown adventures but even after the vampire fest that is Ashes at Dawn I never quite needed her. This is a shame because she's such a fabulous sculpt. Since she'd had been taken out of the Bones Box, she can't go back so I thought I'd use her as an experiment in painting sheer fabric. Still a little rough and chalky, but I learnt a few lessons which should have me in good stead when I try again. (I'll take advice on whether the sheerness of that fabric makes it not safe for the forum)
  7. I may have been somewhat influenced in my painting for this one by a certain costumed television superhero. If I ever get my hands on another Serena I think a minor conversion to have her holding a shotgun, police badge and wearing a rosary belt might be in order. Serena's role in the Dreadmir Campaign: A mystery to most in town, Serena slips like a ghost through the night. A cat burglar who specialises in “impossible” heists, Serena is only glimpsed when she allows it, and then only to increase her notoriety. No-one in Dreadmir suspects that Serena is in reality Svetlana, one of the serving girls at the Lean-to who finds her next mark by listening in to drunken conversations around the bar.
  8. I have a rule that once something emerges from the Bones Boxes, they don't go back and must be painted. This pair emerged while I was looking for a trash panda familiar for my wife's witch in the Dreadmir campaign (and before the actual raccoon familiar became available again) as I was looking to see what I could convert. The cat (77176 Familiars) is tiny and not deeply detailed, however I managed to paint it to resemble Aurora, our own Goddess of the Dawn (known for waking us up at sunrise) While the wolverine (from 77216 Companion Animals) has a lot of detail in the face and some deep fur. I'm a lot happier with how it turned out. And finally the raccoon that started all of this in the first place. From 02848 Familiar Pack V
  9. For a monster which turns up on a regular basis in both D&D and Pathfinder, there is a dearth of specific Devourer miniatures out there. Of course the final part of Shadows of Gallowspire has an encounter with three of the things. I have an old one that I modded from a metal giant lich and some GW zombie bits, while my Brutal Emissary (Malifaux) with its caged soul will pass for a second. Having already got a range of grim reaper style miniatures already painted I thought I'd repurpose the Undying Lord of Death from Bones KS 3. After carving out the ribcage and fitting another GW zombie face in place, I have what will be a passable (if short) Devourer. As a side note I've always loved the slightly redundant name "Undying Lord of Death - it's sort of the the Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight.
  10. I need the large elemental for one of the later encounters in Shadows of Gallowspire, however I figured I would paint all of the red ones up while I was in the mood to paint flame. I'd avoided these for a while as I was unsure on how to proceed with the red translucent material. Normally when working with translucents I like to start with either colourless or the base colour, which for flame is usually yellow. I then layer and drybrush on orange and steadily darker reds towards the tips of the flames, finishing up with a light highlight of black. In this case, the material is already red. However I experimented with thinning down some rich yellow (Citadel's Yiriel Yellow) and applying it only to the hollows, following that up with some thinned down white to the bases of the flames and the deepest crevices. I then just highlighted with some progressively darker reds and black is usual. A quick and dirty method, but I'm happy with the results. 77080 Wall of Fire 77081 Burning Sphere 77082 Large Fire Elemental 77083 Medium Fire Elemental
  11. Nicely done. I like the spots on the bones (particularly the ribs) where the brown persists. Nice mix of colours on the base too.
  12. Thanks. I toyed with the idea of putting in a ball of green stuff to represent a glowing orb, but it worked out OK as is.
  13. Not sure whether this one has an SKU yet or not . . . This Skeletal Dragon will be playing the part of Marrowgarth the Ravener in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path final adventure, Shadows of Gallowspire. A fairly routine paint, just big. - I was going to try to draw some glowing arcane runes along his longbones, however I couldn't quite get it to the standard I wanted so I just settled for glowing eyes. The photos have it a little more white than it is in real life, but I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out. In my adventure I've retconned the monster to have a history with one of the characters and now that they're drawing near to the Ravener's territory, I've been plaguing the character with terrifying visions of it, from hallucinations caused by haunts to a failed phantasmal killer. I just taunted the player by sending him a pic of his miniature just about coming up to knee height.
  14. I pulled this one out of the Kickstarter to serve as an Augnagar Qlippoth beneath Renchurch Abbey, as well as being a Chuul, should I ever need another one. I tried for the colour scheme in the D&D 3.5 Ed Monster Manual ( a dusty yellow with blue highlights) but ended up with something complete different. While not quite in the same pattern, the combination of colours reminds me of a blue-ringed octopus, which probably isn't a bad thing for a cephalopoidish ambush predator with paralytic poison. A bit rough and ready, but suitable for purpose Having a close look at that now I think I missed a third pair of eyes . . .
  15. The latest member of the Dreadmere set that I've gotten around to. After the pic is the way I'm going to use him in my Dreadmir campaign. I'm really happy with how the face turned out with this one. He only has one eye visible but it has the sort of steely determination you'd expect from a seasoned monster hunter Leader of the local chapter of the Duskwardens, Jakob has an uneasy relationship with the Mir Council, and particularly the Reeve and Sherriff. A church Inquisitor, Jakob travelled to Dreadmir with his protégé Damaris and started, in the words of Sherriff Drumenov “Making trouble for everyone”. Firm in his beliefs and unable to be bought, he represents a wildcard to the Mir’s authority. However with every undead monstrosity or cultist he destroys, he becomes more and more of a folk hero to the common people. For his part, Jakob is the more dour and reserved of the pair, and he likes to point out that he does not do what he does to be popular, but to rid the town of a creeping evil.
  16. The Urgathoan Fly is a variant Iron Golem found in the catacombs beneath Renchurch Abbey in the final part of the Pathfinder Carrion Crown Adventure Path. Full details on the build can be found over on the Work in Progress thread, but this is how it turned out. Not exactly how I'd originally imagined, but I'm surprised at how well the wings turned out and the OSL manages to hide a multitude of faults. On the whole I'm happy with what was basically a giant rubber fly and a trawl through my bits box.
  17. Holidays have arrived and I finally have the opportunity to finish this beast. Firstly, the base. Grey stone is washed with Basilicanum Grey and dry brushed with Ulthuan Grey. Unholy symbol of Urgathoan washed with Skeleton Horde and drybrushed with Ushabti Bone. Next up . . . the fly sprayed with some Tamiya Light gun metal Skipped a few steps here, but I washed the fly with a coat of Black Templar, drybrushed with some Leadbelcher, followed by some Auric Armour Gold and then washed over with Seraphim Sepia and Waywatcher Green. The armopur plates were painted with Castellan Green and edge highlighted with Deathguard Green. Rust Effects with Mournfang Brown and Skrag Brown. Flame effects were painted Wraithbone and shaded with Casandora Yellow. I tried for a grill effect for the compound eyes with spots of Evil Suns Scarlet, Troll Slayer Orange and Flash Gits Yellow. Flame effects finished with layers of Yiriel Yellow, Troll Slayer Orange, Evil Suns Scarlet and Abaddon Black. I tried for some ember effects using the same technique as the compound eyes. Wings reattached (with a lot of stuffing about). Sprayed with Corax White, then glazed with Waywatcher Green followed by Nighthaunt Gloom and a drybrush of Ulthuan Grey. Veins done with Black Temnplar. I've also started on the OSL here. Alternate RHS shot: I was trying for a metallic green or blue like you see with some Calliphorid flies and I wasn't really impressed with my results. However the OSL manages to cover a myriad of faults and I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out for tabletop use. Final photos are below:
  18. I love the repurposing of the WizKids Blink Dogs as Hellhounds stepping through a portal
  19. A productive afternoon while some much needed rain storms rolled across the landscape. Firstly, the base with some columns added. The bases of the columns are some upended wooden doll’s house food bowls I found in a dollar store, while the columns themselves are some grooved carpentry dowels. And then there’s the fly itself. I’ve removed the wings temporarily to make assembly and painting a bit easier. The fly is depicted in the published adventure art as being a huge black beast with a grate between the eyes and spines down the back. A gout of flame and smoke emerges from the grate, so I’ve tried to retain the idea of this being a construct powered by unholy fire. The grate on the model is sourced from a GW tank of some description (probably a rhino), while the column of flame I think came from a GW Hellpit Abomination. The armour plates and blades on the back came from either a GW Soul Grinder or a Defiler. The skulls on spikes are from various GW chaos bits, while the (hard to see) smoke stack is some plastic tube with holes drilled in it and a skull weapon add-on from the Bones 3 evil weapons sprue. A view of the back showing the armour plates in a little better detail. The top of the abdomen was looking a little bare, so I threw in a spare bit from the 03126 Ghoul Queen and Servants. Finally, a look at the underside. Spiracles cut from plastic tube and flame effects made using GW chaos topknots and tassels. The invertebrate zoologist in me cringes when I see the spiracles not centrally placed in the abdominal segments, however they look more aesthetically pleasing this way. Never realised the Whispering Way outsourced the construction of their golem offshore. The more that I look at it, while I’ll be painting it with flames emerging, the “stalk” on the head and “fluffy stuff” emerging from the spiracles is more than reminiscent of some entomaphagous fungi like Cordyceps. Maybe a look I’ll try if I ever use some of the other giant bugs as unwilling servants of the Darkreach fungus queen. Once the glue has dried I’ll get in and fill in some of the gaps with the green stuff and possibly sculpt some flames and smoke for the smoke stack (I ran out of tassels). Until next time . . .
  20. I still have to start on the fly. Does anyone have any tips or warnings on dealing with the rubber material in the fly?
  21. So . . . my Carrion Crown players have almost caught up with my ability to have miniatures prepared. They're about to descend into the crypts below Renchurch Abbey and one ill-timed left turn and they'll discover that mysterious region of the dungeon the GM hasn't painted yet. I should get a wriggle on then. The Urgathoan Fly is a variant iron golem which turns up in the Renchurch Catacombs in the final part of the Carrion Crown adventure path for Pathfinder ("Shadows of Gallowspire"). It is essentially depicted as a huge metal fly with a furnace inside. I originally purchased a GW foetid bloat drone to play the part, however I found a bag of giant rubber critters in a toy store which had a blowfly of about the right size and level of detail (the bag also has a large mantis which may see service as an avatar of Achaekek some day). The fly, with pins already inserted can be found below: My next task with it is to trawl through my bits box to find some chimneys, vents and grills to give it a suitably steampunky feel In the meantime, I've made up a scenic base using a 130mm GW base, the Bones Graveyard Entryway and way too much green stuff. I've had a go at modelling in stonework to show the unholy symbol of Urgathoa. Not my tidiest work, but I figure most of it will be hidden under the fly anyway. My plan is to have the fly clambering between two columns like it has just squeezed through the archway. Base is shown below, with columns still to come: I'll keep you posted . . .
  22. More than ready to hit the tabletop. Your friend should be pleased. While you're at it, give the game a go as well.
  23. The two tone stone looks great
  24. Two great examples of OSL and that cheeky grin . . . Red on yellow . . .
  25. Such a great face - it carries so much character. He looks like a mammoth just trod on his pet axe beak.
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