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  1. Two great examples of OSL and that cheeky grin . . . Red on yellow . . .
  2. Such a great face - it carries so much character. He looks like a mammoth just trod on his pet axe beak.
  3. Nice dusty texture. Looks like he just crept out of the crypt.
  4. Good variation on the colour scheme there, and the base is next level.
  5. Nicely done. The aged bones work really well against the dark stone. This is on my pile of soon to do, as I'll need someone to play Marrowgarth in my Carrion Crown campaign.
  6. Time has not been kind to my painting, however this weekend opened up and I got a few things finished that had been half done for a while. Below is the Stonegreaves Wight, who will be serving double duty as a Renchurch Revenant and one of the Grey Friars in my Dreadmir campaign. A testament to the age of Dreadmir as a settlement, the Stonegreaves Ossuary contains nearly a thousand years of bones. Established due to the propensity of dead to not rest easily in the marshy ground of the Mushfens, the Ossuary serves as the final resting place of all of Dreadmir’s citizens. When a citizen dies, they are generally interred in the grand cemetery on the moors above the Ossuary, where they rest for a number of years before their bones are dug up to make room for the next resident. With great ceremony, a second funeral is held where the bones are taken into the Ossuary and presented to the Grey Friars, who find a niche for them deep within the complex. No-one knows how deep the Ossuary goes, as the Grey Friars will not allow anyone access to the caverns - the last ones who did were a heavily armed delegation from the church who have not been seen since. While outsiders may baulk at a complex containing undead so close to the town, the Friars never leave the ossuary and to date they have been the most effective means of keeping out the Knights of the Maggotcrown who desperately crave something stored deep within Stonegreaves.
  7. The iconic artwork has him in blue/purple and gold, however I think I like this colour scheme better
  8. I hate painting large groups of anything, so I'll go to contrasts to make the process less painful. It really depends on the shade as well - some of them (eg. Snakebite Leather, Militarum Green and Skeletal Horde) work really well. Others I use for specific purposes - Basilicanum Grey makes painting stonework really easy for quick and dirty scenery, Black Templar is my preference for black leather, Cygor Brown for darker leather and brunette hair and Gulliman Flesh works for pallid skin. I'm not sold on the paler ones though - Magos Purple, Aerhermatic Blue and Plaguebearer Flesh have never given me satisfactory results. Some of them aren't all that different from some of the shades.
  9. I think it's time well spent. The blending on the blue cloak is fantastic.
  10. That face is masterfully done. Excellent work.
  11. Really nice. The different tones for each of the leather types gives it an authentic feel that contrasts well with the blue skin tones. Once I get all these undead out of my hair I've been meaning to have a go at them myself.
  12. Yep - you've got the highlights on that cloak just right. I like the subtle highlights on the crown of her head too
  13. Those wings really make that mini - I was going to say the green gradient was perfect but bring in the “cracked lava” pattern was inspired. Great idea for the bulrushes / cat tails - I am going to borrow that.
  14. Thanks for all the kind comments on the Koya Mvashti mini. She was a case of “here’s something I prepared earlier” repurposed for the adventure and heavily based (copied) on the painted version in the web store, so I can’t claim full credit for the dress design. Anyone know who the painter was on this? I do need to find her trash panda familiar - the web store was saying that SKU 02848 was out of stock but it seems to be back again. Now I just need to find enough additional minis to cover postage . . . As for the red hammer, this was some of the only direction the player gave me (“Black hair, dark blue, red hammer”). For the others, I was told “I’m happy for you to decide, but try to work some electric blue in there” for the bard, and “Linen shirt, purple highlights on the pants and lilac hair” for the rogue. Rhoda’s player has gone through 3 or 4 choices (including 03871 Tosca, the crone from 03789, 60198 Estra and several versions of Baba Yaga) but only told me “Babushka”.
  15. Nice. There simply aren’t enough Kyton minis out there, although I have just done up some GW Wracks who have enough of the Hellraiser Cenobite to pass muster
  16. Beautiful smooth transitions there - looks just like a green tree frog. The lava bomb is a nice touch.
  17. That’s some excellent corrosion right there. Got the cannons for my Skull and Shackles campaign but somehow managed to miss the bombard
  18. So we played through our Session 0 and after character creation, I let my players rummage through my sizeable selection of still unpainted Bones Kickstarter figures (1-4). Here's what they came up with . . . Firstly, Thain Grimthorn (SKU 77213) will be playing the part of Ban Dran Banrak (Dwarven Bard) - Ban Dran's family settled in Dreadmere after leaving the Dwarven Sky Citadels of the Eastern Mountains. While his father was at first disappointed he didn't show any talent at tinkering or fashioning useful tools, the old inventor did modify the young dwarf's lute with a few technological extras. Next up - Sigurd (SKU 77319) will be playing the role of Skuzz Mo (Half-Giant Barbarian) - Skuzz remembers very little from his childhood, simply that he found himself selling his prodigious talents with an unusual red hammer. Sometimes when he enters his berserker rage, Skuzz gets flashes of being chased by figures even larger than himself and falling a very long way. In Dreadmir, Skuzz has been trying to prove himself worthy of admission into the Duskwardens. Deladrin (SKU 77035) will be playing the role of Grizelda Varizuga (Human Rogue) - Grizelda is a bit of a mystery around town, however her links to the River Widows means that few folk want to get close enough to her to find out exactly what her story is. And finally, Koya Mvashti (SKU 60187) is paying the part of Rhoda Zaydeh (Human Witch) - older than most of the rest of the party, Rhoda lives on her own in a hut on the outskirts of town and offering her help in finding the perfect match for lovelorn townsfolk. The party are currently rampaging through the top level of the Emerald Spire Superdungeon, although I plan a free-form structure to the campaign. I have a number of possible directions it can go in (Aboleths attempting to unchain the Simurg, Elves going over to the dark side, something fungal chasing fey from the First World into the real world, or Dwarven Sky Pirates) - I'll dangle a few plot hooks in front of them and see which one they go for.
  19. It's taken me a while to get these finished, as my Carrion Crown party are starting to catch up with my ability to get things ready for games - it's been undead undead undead for me. Still I've kicked off my Dreadmir campaign and while I've already given them the law to keep them in order (https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/87718-44037-bergamot-bones-iv/&tab=comments#comment-1858570) it's about time I gave them some rivals. I used Fruella's crew as an opportunity to play with some of the new GW contrast paints. Some (eg. the Snakebite Leather, Skeleton Horde and Gulliman Flesh) seem to work quite well, but others are a bit patchy. Quite acceptable if you need to get something on the table quickly. Here's Fruella . . . Worden . . . Reisman . . . and Wladislaw. Fruella leads the largest mercenary band in town, ably assisted by her three deputies Reisman, Worden and Wladislaw, and known simply as “Fruella’s Crew”. Like most of the town’s mercenaries, Fruella’s Crew exists mainly to act as guards for unprepared merchant caravans looking to travel up or down river. They charge a high price, although they are worth it. While largely a rough and uncouth bunch, the crew has never sold out a contract, unlike some of the other mercenary bands. It is for this reason that Fruella’s Crew is also the first choice for Sherriff Drumenov when the town militia needs a little beefing up, a situation that puts them at odds with Bergamov. Whether on the town’s coin or not, the Crew are a pack of bullies who like nothing better than to pick fights with out of towners and then use their special relationship with Drumenov to get hem off the hook.
  20. First, an explanation . . . Like a lot of us, I got a little carried away when the Bones IV Kickstarter was going on. However, one of the add-ons that really grabbed me was the Dreadmere pack. The Kickstarter happened when I had moved away from running home brew Pathfinder campaigns due to a lack of time for planning, so instead I was simultaneously running the Carrion Crown and Skull and Shackles adventure paths for two groups (I still am, FWIW). When I saw the growing list of minis released for Dreadmere, something clicked and I started thinking of starting up a new homebrew. I didn't know anything about the existing history of the setting, and that let my mind start creating my own histories for each of these evocative characters. I started creating Dreadmere as a base for a starting off group of adventurers, knowing that my Carrion Crown campaign would be wrapping up around the time that the Kickstarter was fulfilled. At that point I was going to put it in a remote corner of Varisia, where all good Pathfinder campaigns start. Then, a little over 12 months ago, completely unrelated to my GMing duties, I fell down the rabbithole of learning about Russian history and its role in the current rise of Slavic nationalism. My setting changed from canon Golarion to a weird blend of the Pathfinder setting and an alternative pre-revolutionary Russia where all of the rich magical folklore was real. Dreadmere became Dreadmir (awful pun I know). Now that I have my hands on the Dreadmere expansion, I can start bringing these characters to life. I have a group playing their Session Zero this Saturday, and while I won't have everything painted in time, I plan to paint the characters as needed. I've been inspired by the backstories that some of you like to attach to your minis, and if you'll indulge me, I'd like to share what I have planned for these characters. A caveat: As I said, I have limited familiarity with the official stories behind these characters, so forgive me if I've stepped on anyone's intellectual property or personal head canon for them. As a busy GM, I've taken what I could find out about them and then blended them with select bits of Golarion lore and my own desires. So, without further ado, may I present Bergamov . . . The head of the town militia, Bergamov’s small size belies his reputation as a capable fighter. Bergamov rose to his position after being officially declared a “citizen of short stature” rather than a halfling. He takes his job very seriously and hates the mercenaries who Drumenov brings in when the situation in town gets out of hand. He generally regards adventurers as only a step above mercenaries. Bergamov fights with a human sized quarterstaff (not shown), alternating between wielding it deftly to disarm and disable opponents and using it to perform daring acrobatic feats.
  21. Thanks for all the kind words folks. The look is a fairly simple one I use for all of my ghoulish undead (including the Maggotcrown Bonesack I posted recently). Using citadel paints: base with Rakarth Flesh, shade with Reikland Fleshshade, highlight with Rakarth, then Pallid Wytchflesh. For the lividity, a light touch with Druchii Violet followed by Carroburg Crimson on the very tips.
  22. Wow! You've been busy. Excellent work on my favourite part of Bones 4. I envisaged these minis as a little darker and grittier, but the bright colours look great.
  23. Not for Carrion Crown, but they will come in handy for a future Skull and Shackles adventure. I'm happier with how the bases turned out (including the unearthly glow) than I am with the ghost themselves There's that "motion blur" on the face again
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