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  1. More undead for Renchurch Abbey. These guys look a little chalky, however the pallid skin tone means they might also serve as Morlocks should the need arise. Bit of a dodgy photo for the ghast, however I'm going to call it motion blur
  2. My Carrion Crown Campaign is about to hit Renchurch Abbey, so I'm going to need a lot of undead - STAT! Hence the speed paint on the bog skeletons. The last time the party encountered skeletons in water they almost lost their paladin through a combination of platemail and some appalling rolls to stay on his feet. I'm hoping these guys might bring back some memories.
  3. I say we go up into orbit and nuke it from space. It's the only way to be sure.
  4. Quick paint on this one, and I thought I'd try a touch of zenithal painting. Essentially just a black undercoat, white airbrushed zenithal highlights and then tinting with several layers of various inks and shades. Finished off with some extreme highlights in pale grey and white. I'll need to work on my technique (once I started shading I found a few places which should have copped the white spray but missed out), but it'll suffice as a tabletop undead enemy (and another Corpulent Ghoul).
  5. Will take advice on the NSFWishness of this one. Seriously this critter is wrong in so many ways, but a breeze to paint. In the actual mini, the mouth has a lot more detail than what I could get in the photo, however I like the idea that its mouth is just a black void. She will be playing the part of a "Corpulent Ghoul" in Carrion Crown.
  6. Well - it wouldn't have been the first mini I would have chosen to paint from Bones 4, however I needed a Hangman Tree STAT for my Carrion Crown campaign, so here's my take on the Tree of Despair: Vultures and Victim are currently detachable, although we'll see how long that lasts during play. Now I just need five more . . .
  7. Those yellow and black eyes really set it apart
  8. Cactacae! You've gotta love a Mieville reference.
  9. Great job! The miniature is a Pathfinder Chronicles Forlorn Elf Wizard.
  10. This is such an excellent mini. Fiddly to paint but such a great design and pose. You've done a great job with her. I love the sly look. Base matches her character and palette as well.
  11. That blue looks great. Makes me wish I'd have seen it before I went for the classic purple.
  12. I love the Death Lily Go-Go dancers up the front
  13. I'll join in the chorus of appreciation on that colour scheme. A good demonstration that green dragons don't need to be all green to demonstrate a suitable of "greenness". Very much a naturalistic palette like what you'd expect to see on a real dragon.
  14. Those bases work really well with these minis. Great work.
  15. I think the bats turned out just fine. Lots of chaos and confusion as you would expect from a swarm of bats.
  16. I do so hate batch painting - one of the main reasons why I've never gotten into the army based miniatures games. I tend to paint a miniature for the interest value and once I've done a few of the same sort I lose interest. However I need 6 "Skeletal Nightmares" and three packs of Dreadblade Harrows fit the bill nicely. I haven't attached the riders to the horses (they have some temporary mounts on gravestones to serve as wraiths/ghosts/spectres), however I've mounted them up for the photos. These are really nice miniatures - simple to paint after a bit of filling. I should have spent more time with proper layering, however my attention was starting to wander and a good series of dry brushes give them a dusty appearance which doesn't look astray.
  17. I love the dynamic pose on this one. I originally got it to serve time as a Leukodaemon, however I managed to get my hands on a halfway decent prepainted one of those, so this might end up being used as a variant Devourer, with the soul being held in a literal soul cage rather than its chest. I'm happy with the blending on the greatcoat and the NMM on the cage. Mind you putting that cage together was the devil's own business. I prepainted its components (including the inhabitant) but in the absence of firm guides on where to put it there was a lot of trial and error. Luckily the damage done the the figure was easily touched up or left to look some some of the abuse its suffered after being imprisoned there.
  18. or, 50144 Alien Overlord with Tracker I'm really happy with how the face turned out on this one - the sculpt isn't a perfect match for our favourite Martians, however the right colour scheme does evoke them. First time I've tried out a cartoonish palette for the body and equipment. My normal style is to strive for gritty realism (as real as fantasy characters can be), but I'm reasonably happy with the four colour colour scheme for the suit and gear. . . . and just for fun, here he is with a helmet from a capsule
  19. Beautiful blending there. Perfect cockroach colour scheme.
  20. I normally try to only post Reaper stuff to the forum, but I'm so happy with the way this turned out I thought I'd share. I'm in need of a Linnorm, so this was the first of the Hellboy Board Game minis I've painted since the Kickstarter arrived. I've based the colour scheme on the cover art of Hellboy #151 (see https://hellboy.fandom.com/wiki/The_Nature_of_the_Beast) with a slight purple palette shift. Rough and ready drybrush for the most part, however I think it matches Mignola's art.
  21. Thanks. I have another treanty thing on the wait list so I'll give the ochre a try
  22. It's been a while, but I've finally got something painted I think is worthy of sharing. "Inspired" by the paint scheme by The KostasIII Miniatures on the webstore (particularly the glow/moss around the face), this was a fairly quick job to get it tabletop ready to act as a wood golem. This mini is really richly detailed for a Bones sculpt that's just calling out for a dry brush, however the little details make me wish I'd spent a little more time on it.
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