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  1. The glow was done with an air brush? Nice fine detail there, given the size of the minis in question. It's always good to see ghosts with an alternate colour to the usual ghostly green.
  2. That's nice. Excellent shading and blending there. Wonderful fleshy tones, and it's good to see such an great sculpt with a colour out of the ordinary. The beady black eyes really finish it off nicely.
  3. Great work ! I have a box of these ready to be turned into Bodaks and I'll definitely be using these as inspiration.
  4. Great effect on the beard, and I think the ice worked out well, particularly with the two levels and th grass poking through. It looks like he's raiding just below the snow line.
  5. I really like the skin tone - it would be good to use for Drow and Fire Giants. Nice smooth finish on it as well
  6. Inspired by Derek Schubert's example in the webstore, I present the Charnel Grub, which will be playing the role of "Space Slug #2" alongside my metal Charnel Grub and a couple of Chhons in my friend's Starfinder adventure. Tricky one to get the angle right for photographing this one, however I love the colour scheme so much I've used it for not only the other charnel grub but Masharraf as well. I like the idea of carrion crawlers Charnel Grubs being giant paralytic witchetty grubs. The orange stippling on the back of the head might be a bit strong, but I'm really happy with how that mouth turned out.
  7. Well this one went in directions I wasn't expecting . . . I used the image of Onthooth from the the cover of the Ruins of Azlant adventure "The Flooded Cathedral" (https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/The_Flooded_Cathedral) as inspiration for this one. I like the tropical nudibranch appearance. Once I'd done all the stripes, it was starting to look a little clownish (particularly those tentacles), however still within the bounds of multicoloured molluscs. It wasn't until I painted the red eyes that the whole "Blue Meanie" thing leapt out at me - perfect for battling parties with a yellow submarine Apparatus of the Crab. For the meantime, however, he'll be taking the role of "Space Squid #2" alongside my metal Goroloth in my friend's Starfinder adventure.
  8. Nice work - I was about to get a pack of tube animals to get my hands on a giant fly that I could mod to make a fly shaped iron golem. Your work has let me know you can get a good result out of them. The glaze brings to mind a cinnamon bun, albeit one with too many legs for its own good. Mind you that's given me an idea for the next time I bake cinnamon buns . . .
  9. So, my friend who needed a giant worm painted up for his Starfinder campaign (Goremaw fits the bill) hit me on Saturday night with his list of minis he needs for the first adventure in a couple of weeks time. I did some Nova Corp in black tactical gear (serviceable, but not good enough to share), however I was impressed with how the four IMEF figures turned out with such little effort. These are really good sculpts, particularly the faces for Nick Stone and Reggie Van Zandt. If I had more time I would have done more than a simple paint and wash, however I think they'll do nicely for the tabletop. First up, we have 80019 Jazz Jenkins, looking a little nervous Followed by 80016 Nick Stone, looking suitably surly 80017 Reggie Van Zandt, bringing in the heavy ordnance And finally, BBQ with 80018 Torch McHugh Just got a Chthon, a Charnel Grub, a headswapped Erik Proudfoot doing service as a Vesk, Marika from the Escher Gangers (my PC), and the Goroloth to go . . . Wish me luck.
  10. I was going to complement you on the excellent beard work, however then I saw the cloak - that's some beautiful blending and texture work there.
  11. Thanks for that. I'm really happy with the wings, although the veins could be a little thinner. The base is a 60mm resin ruins base from Back 2 Base-IX. They do really great lava flow bases, however I only had the ruins one at hand.
  12. It took a while for the image to download and I was thinking "That's grotesque and more than a little creepy, but I don't see how it's not safe for ww...WHOAH !" Nice job - some good realistic skin tones for a lot of skin.
  13. I love the pose on this mini - much more dynamic than the classic 2730 Cavern Crawler, but man it is a pain to try to get into all those twists and turns to paint. The eye would probably look better as a shade of yellow for contrast, however given these beasties like throwing lightning bolts around I wanted to catch in those moments just before it electrifies its surrounds. As it turns out, it will serve first as a wounded Crag Linnorm (because no-one seems to do Linnorm minis) before serving behir duties alongside my venerable Cavern Crawler.
  14. Well that was a bit of a marathon. Relatively easy to paint, but a little tiring to hold up that much metal for extended periods of time. Paint scheme is not too far removed from the pic on the card (I wanted to try both green and red OSL). One less mini (or maxi) in my pile o'shame.
  15. Dr Boom


    Nice. Mine is a little more traditional in its colour scheme (although it still has a purple roof) - I painted it up in a bit of a hurry so it could be presented to my players for a bit of future overland travel. They promptly sold it to pay for passage by boat across the bay . . .
  16. Love that colour scheme. I have a red, a purple and a brown beholder but would never have thought of this combo. Has this been air brushed or brushed blended?
  17. That's a Wiz Kids I wasn't aware of - just when I've decided to leave them alone and concentrate on my three (soon to be four) Bones kickstarters I find another one I need. Nice work!
  18. Nice effect - looks like he's cast from concrete
  19. The demon is indeed Abyst, although his wings are a little smaller than the one I'm currently painting. Nice job on all of them, particularly the dwarves
  20. Oh that's nice. I love the Critter Kingdoms line - I have two of the Schnauzers painted up to look like our own bearded lady.
  21. Great work - that's a brilliant way to do bamboo
  22. I was almost going to name this one "Goremaw and the Unintended Iridescence" - it very nearly didn't get posted, but something unexpected happened when I was putting the finishing touches on it. I had initially given it an almost once over with a spray of mauvish purple and medium pink for the mouth, followed by a deep purple wash. Given that I intended for it to be a purple worm, this seemed like a good choice, however it was looking a little pedestrian. Some of the online images I've seen of Goremaw and similar giant purple worms had a more bluish tint, so I experimented with a light medium blue shade in some less visible areas to blue it up a bit and even out some of the messier highlights. Of course the blue settled into some places it shouldn't have, but it started to give the impression of some simple iridescence. I experimented with some medium green washes and that brought it up even more. To my eyes it reminds me of some of the shimmering rainbow patterns you see in the spines of certain aquatic worms, which is not a bad look for a gargantuan annelid like Goremaw. Another one of those miniatures that I was a bit disappointed with up until the last 30 minutes or so of painting. I just need to find something to paint now that doesn't have quite so many teeth . . . so many teeth . . .
  23. They are all superb - my favourite is the dino rider because of those muted natural colours. I'm also a fan of the obligatory cat in a box in the first pic.
  24. Nice - those spirits are positively glowing !. Nice look on the ghost as well - it looks like it's made of the ectoplasm that you see in the old seance photos
  25. Thanks for the tip on the NMM. I got my method for gold/bronze from an old 'Eavy Metal Masterclass (great for step by step), but need to find something similar for silver/iron. I think my biggest conceptual barrier is the sometimes "opposite world" nature of painting reflections (hence the reversed highlight on the scythe blade. I have another scythe blade coming up in the female wraith, so I'll give it a go. I like the combination of colours on this one, although it took a lot of toning down to get the orange right - for a while there Gauntfield looked like he should have been holding a stop sign on the side of the road rather than a scythe.
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