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  1. This friendly fellow may make an appearance in my Dreadmir campaign as the nemesis of Eikthyrnir, however for the time being he will fill the role of a Blood Wolf (fiendish wolf) in Extinction Curse. I figured the extra pair of legs is a good enough sign that there's something just not right about this pup. Based the colour scheme on a red wolf to give it some grounding, rather than the full-on fantasy treatment.
  2. This guy first crept out of the Bones box when I was looking for a giant centipede, however I looked at the textures and details on it and decided it shouldn't be anything but a Frost Worm / Remorrhaz. Because nothing that emerges from the Bones box can ever re-enter it, it's been sitting around in my to do list while other more urgent things have been completed. I think the single word which best describes the colour scheme is lurid, particularly with the inclusion of the purple highlights. I probably spent less time on it than I should have, however I'm still recovering from painting all the legs on my Behir. I know the monster manuals / bestiaries describe the ends of the spikes as glowing a dull cherry red, however I think it more sense to have the heat coming from the body of the beast. Looking at the "lava" effects it probably needs a brighter highlight in the midst of the yellow regions and I might go back over it at a later date. Still it's there for the next time the party's wandering across the tundra. Now to give things with more legs than a standard cow a rest for the time being . . .
  3. One of the minis I got as a potential Danika the Daring, I don't think you can ever have too many steampunk minis. I tried something different with the NMM for this one. I've always wanted to try a more bronze tone and so instead of using the chestnut countershade that I normally do, I did a wash of an olive green. I think it resulted in a more subdued tone, which was what I was going for. You have to hand it to these Steampunk Heroines - all that flammable lace and they still have the guts to wield high energy beam weapons.
  4. Emile was part of a batch of metal Dreadmere minis I picked up to make the shipping costs a little less painful. Such a great sculpt with lots of interesting detail. I've tried to make him as unwholesome looking as I can.
  5. It's been a while since I've painted anything for my Dreadmir campaign, however I'm slowly plugging along in between other projects. A fairly quick paint done mostly with contrasts, with a little free-hand based on some Russian peasant fabric. Tosca seems pleased to see you . . . Tosca is the Innkeeper at the Lean-to and despite her advancing years, a lifetime of dealing with mercenaries and river traffic means she can hold her own. Tosca offers free board and lodging to anyone who helps her defend her establishment against troublemakers, making it a popular watering hole among the town’s mercenary bands. This provides her with a near endless stream of unofficial bouncers, albeit bouncers who more often than not start the fights they are charged with ending. Tosca doesn’t much care for Bergamov or the militia, and she refuses service to anyone who is a member or who is seen to be too friendly with them.
  6. I think the stippling on the wings turned out fine. It particularly suits a mini of that size. I've just grabbed a couple of bottles of colour shift paint that I'm going to try on my next set of insect wings.
  7. . . . Briefly resurrecting this thread. The Queensland Museum is currently presenting a "Sea Monsters" exhibition, concentrating on Mesozoic marine reptiles from Queensland. I was hoping for a bit more on Kronosaurus, but it was a great display nonetheless. Learnt quite a bit, including the rather fundamental factoid that Kronosaurus is nowhere near the largest prehistoric marine reptile as I was led to believe as a child. That title goes to Shonisaurus, an icthyosaur at a whopping 21m. The display had a cast of the skull which is about the size of a VW beetle. No teeth, suggesting it fed on plankton like modern day whale sharks. At 10m, Kronosaurus wasn't even bigger than Tylosaurus, although it may have been the heaviest of the plesiosaurs - as a short-necked plesiosaur it's shorter but probably bulkier than the long necked versions. Below are some pics I took at the display: These are a couple of 3D prints they've done. Colour scheme seems to be based on Orcas and some species of dolphin. Since the original discovery at Hughenden (not Richmond as I previously through, a few fragmentary fossils have been found. This is a section of lower jaw found near Boulia: And the following is the tip of a nose found in Richmond: Finally, a cast of the almost complete skeleton of an as yet undescribed polycotylid plesiosaur found near Richmond and nicknamed "Penny" for the time being. Only about 4m long, it's similar in appearance to Kronosaurus but latest thinking has it not closely related. The original is on display at Kronosaurus Corner in Richmond. A great display overall. It reminded me that once this Covid-19 stuff gets sorted I need to get back to the Museum of South Australia in Adelaide - not only do they have the original Ediacaran fossils, but they also have a nice collection of opalised plesiosaur fossils from around Coober Pedy
  8. I originally got this mini when it first came out and really loved it back then. An upcoming Skull and Shackles adventure requires two undead cyclops, so I sourced another one. This figure has so much fine detail as well as a lot of wide open spaces to practice blending and freehand. As an bonus, I've included a pick of the original one so you can see whether I've improved over the x years since I got the first one. Firstly the new one. Mostly based on the painted version in the webstore with a few extra touches. And the original, mostly based on the artwork in the Pathfinder adventure. The original looks like it might have spent a few thousand years in a dusty crypt somewhere, and I do like the subtle patchiness of the paler blue robe. Still I like the more recent one better.
  9. When I needed mites for my Dreadmir campaign I had completely forgotten about these little terrors from the Stoneskull Expansion from Bones Kickstarter 3 and I found them by accident when I was looking for something else, I've painted these as mites (pale blue skin with sunken, heavily lidded purple eyes) to go with the metal mites that I already have and they're a much better match that the Kobolds I repurposed to round the numbers out. There are a couple of spots where the matt spray has knocked off some of the paint (sometimes happens when I use a spray undercoat on the old white Bones), however I've since touched them up. Hope the party has their tetanus shots before they go up against those rusty knives.
  10. The Corrupted Hermitage in The Show Must Go On needs some Corrupted Retainers to keep it safe from pesky adventurers. The game art shows them as burly beaded men with tridents and I had an old bendy Bones Vagorg from Bones Kickstarter 3 who might serve the purpose alongside the original metal one I bought and painted when it first came out. The metal one is painted more according to the original art the mini is based on, however I thought I'd try something different for this one. While the armour looks more like platemail (impressive for a sorcerer), it could also pass as hide armour like the Corrupted Retainers wear if painted the right way. For White Bones, the detail on his half-orc face protruding from beneath the helm is quite good, however I tried to hide that with a beard. Couldn't quite get all of the bends out of his trident even after repeated visits to the boiling water / ice water mugs, and he has got a bit of a lean. Overall a quick job to serve the purposes of the game done mostly with contrast paints.
  11. The latest to emerge from my Dreadmere Box - these guys will stand in for a pair of Slurks which are lurking outside the Corrupted Hermitage in The Show Must Go On. These are lovely busy little miniatures - a dream to paint with lots of little nubs and tubercles to pick out. I based the colour scheme on Cyclorana australis, the prettiest of Australia's water holding frogs, because the contrast between the tan and green works well. I used a combination of washes (Agrax Earthshade all over a Corax White undercoat, with a Waywatcher Green wash for the green bits and some Reikland Fleshade in a few places), traditional blending (Rakarth Flesh through to Pallid Wytch Flesh for the belly) and contrasts (Snakeskin Leather for the brown bits and spots, Magos Purple for the mouth parts).
  12. Rounding off the last of the circus related reaper minis I recently bought is the Circus Ringmaster. A nice clean mini to paint and I'm happy with the extra time spent on the NMM for the megaphone. Doesn't equate to anyone in my Extinction Curse campaign directly, however when you're on a circus roll . . . As a bonus, something that does turn up in The Show Must Go On is the Mechanical Carny. There is nothing even remotely like this in anyone's catalogues that I know about (not even Wyrd), so I tried a scratchbuild. The following was made from a dollhouse wooden bowl, a pair of wooden shields, a pair of space marine arms, spare clown hands from Bonzo and Zonkers, the end of a polearm of some sort, part of the engine from a 1:35 scale WW2 BMW motorcycle, a washer, some plastic rod, a grass tuft from a GW LOTR cavalry figure and some unidentifiable part from the bits box. Couldn't quite model the extendable boxing glove hands in the adventure art. The aim was to have him look slap-dash, hastily cobbled together and badly maintained.
  13. Having painted her favourite lion Leandrus, I had to get a mini to pass for Danika the Daring, cruel animal trainer at Mistress Dusklight's celestial menagerie. Danika is one of a trio of former fellow performers to pester the party (alongside the psychotic clown Jellicoe Bounce-Bounce and fire breather Viktor Volkano) and challenge them to a performance duel. Not much in the way of female lion tamer miniatures freely available at short notice, however one of the versions of Vermina seemed to fit the bill. I already have the "Rat Queen" Vermina (SKU 50139), so this one I could paint up fairly close to the way she is portrayed in the published adventure ("The Show Must Go On", the first adventure in Pathfinder's Extinction Curse adventure path). I didn't want to remove her rats, so I'm just going with the rats being some tasty treats to train her cats with. She doesn't look happy, but I'm just putting that down to the time she ran into the party when they made their escape from the Celestial Menagerie in Session 0.
  14. Sorry about that ;) The rectangular base was the last old school citadel cavalry base in my base box. I would have based them both on this sort of base as they fit in my storage boxes better, but I didn't have time to order in some more. Speaking of which, does anyone know of a good source of smaller than 25mm bases. I like the ones you get with the small Nolzur's minis, but I need a stash to base some of my smaller Bones figures.
  15. That would be about right. I've seen that brand if not that product in some of the local FLHSs. Might have a closer look before I order online
  16. I needed a male lion to play Leandrus, companion to Daring Danika in Mistress Dusklight's Celestial menagerie and while I have a nicely painted metal celestial lion, he is a touch on the large side. Besides, I got this pair in Bones II (or I). A fairly quick job on the pair of them, but it does the job.
  17. Trigger warning for Coulrophobics . . . After the Cave Bear scooped the pool for the rights to play Bardolph the Performing Bear, it's time to find someone to play Jellicoe Bounce-Bounce, the psychotic clown from Mistress Dusklight's Celestial Menagerie. Luckily, Chronoscope comes through with two worthy candidates. Firstly, Bonzo, who bears a striking resemblance to a certain cinematic clown we'll call Centsmarts. I really hate painting white, however this gave me an opportunity to play with the pale pink of the greasepaint, a cool white for his undershirt and a warm white for his pants and ruffles. Nasty looking piece of work, especially those teeth . . . Next up is Zonkers, who despite being described as a "Killer Clown" has a much more friendly disposition. I painted him more according to Jellicoe's art in the published adventure, however I don't think he carries the same psychotic demeanour. Vote below - which clown needs to be sent in against the party?
  18. Last Extinction Curse minis for the time being, although holidays means I should get a few more painted over the next few weeks. Alongside the Vermlek's this adventure calls for some Abrikandilu demons to mess up the Goldenlaws church. "Wrecker" Demons have vaguely goatish figures and spend most of their time destroying the works of Gods and men. While the minitaurs aren't a perfect match, I can see these guys as pesky little vandals ripping the place up. Looking at that nose and the general shape of the head, I reckon if you whipped off the horns and rounded the ears up these guys would also make good koala / drop bear warriors
  19. Another quick paint for Extinction Curse - this is Margara playing the role of Pruana Two Punch, proprietor of the Mad Mug. Pruana is a brawler who is quite ok sitting back while the party teaches a lesson to the lazy thugs who use her inn as a base, but she's more than capable of defending herself. While she normally doesn't use weapons other than her formidable fists, Margara's mini is the only female dwarf in my collection who doesn't seem to be armed and armoured to the teeth. Now just to find a cheap pack of farm animals to provide her goat Violet
  20. The First Extinction Curse adventure needs a trio of boars - two juveniles and an adult to harry the party in an orchard. While the scale is wildly out, I thought I'd use two of my metal dire boars painted ages ago as the juvies, and the Bones IV model as the adult to differentiate. Here's the adult. Need to work on the focus for that camera. Once again, a fairly quick job, but I experimented with some different shading and colours for this one (including a pale khaki highlight and a deep blue wash)
  21. Playing catch-up on a lot of minis here - my players in Extinction Curse are progressing much faster than I can paint, so the last few weeks have been a bit of quick and dirty paintjobs with a lot of Citadel Contrast paints. In the first adventure, Vermlek demons are needed. For the uninitiated, these are essentially enormous worms which devour their victims from the inside and wear their skins. The show isn't all that convincing, however, and once the jig is up they have the disconcerting habit of erupting from their host. There are some pre-painted ones which look a little goofy, so I had the idea of repurposing the heads from my Bones IV Giant Maggots (the lower halves will be used in an upcoming project for the end of the adventure) and attaching them to a humanoid body with some greenstuff shreds showing the remains of the skinsuit, however I couldn't quite find a body with the right proportions - until I uncovered my old Bones III Grave Minions. I'm unlikely to need some pumpkin headed gravediggers any time soon, so I now have a pair of jack o'lanterns rattling around in my bits box. Even better, the vermleks in the adventure are posing as gravediggers, so they fit the bill rather nicely. Not as happy with the skin suit remains as I was hoping, but overall I'm pleased with the effect. They'll start off as some normal gravediggers from my collection, then I'll swap these guys in once the party figure them out.
  22. Finally, Nothic minis. I think I played in two separate Lost Mines of Phandelan without a nitric to use as a mini
  23. And just to contradict my last comments about "realistic" minis, I'll go with the mouselings - the geisha does it for me. Maybe I can justify them a "realistic" oriental Ysoki.
  24. That blending on the skull is fantastic
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