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  1. This took a while to get to . . . Given to me for my birthday last year by my nephew (almost 12 months ago), I've been waiting to get my airbrush back online before I tackled it. I got sick and tired waiting for my old not-so-friendly-local-hobby shop to get parts in so I found a much better store, took the plunge and got a brand new one. Inspired by a mimic octopus (and a large part by Realmsmith's painting video) I decided to add some white stripes to the brown and red colour scheme in the rule book. Work in progress thread over here. From memory, a Kraken isn't on the books to turn up in Skull and Shackles (and if it did I'd probably use my Bones one), however I couldn't resist taking a snap to send to my players currently on hiatus over in the Czech Republic: The crew of the Rude Tortuga are starting to regret taking that old iron bound chest they found in the sea cave . . . Next large model to tackle . . . Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut!
  2. I think I might declare this one done. I put some contrast into the white lines with some sepia, however that made them a little too yellow, so I brought them back up with some Pallid Wych Flesh. Final highlight with some scarlet on the red patches and I'm reasonably happy with the result. I toyed with the idea of copying the rulebook art and putting in a few round squiggles and scales with brown ink but the end result (tested out on one of the tentacles didn't really justify the effort. I'm really happy with the water effects - three different shades of blue wash over the colourless transparent and then a highlight with a mix of pale grey and white. Final touch was an extreme edge with pure white. I'll post the final pic over at Show Off. Thanks for all the great comments during the process
  3. Still love the blue vs orange. Number 1
  4. I'm with you on the albatross. I can't see it as any other bird.
  5. The grey blending on the cloak really works. The colour is a nice counterpoint to the red brown of the armour.
  6. It's been really tough to find time to paint of late, however I managed to snatch a couple of hours today. I wasn't really happy with the thin Cygor Brown lines around the red patches, so I took some inspiration from the mimic octopus and went in the opposite direction. I thickened up the dark brown lines and then filled in with some Ushabti Bone to give a more stark banding appearance. Still not 100% happy with the effect, however it might improving with some subtle shading with Seraphim sepia. A bit more luck with the details on the face and tentacle beard, with some red and purple shading around the eyes and bases of the tentacles, blending out to black at the tips. A touch more contrast at the back of the throat and touching up the teeth. (Sorry about the focus) Some more detail on the eye. I've gone for a cuttlefish eye to add to the alien nature of the critter. Damn those mould lines. I've also worked a bit more on the splash effects on the bases, but the inks were still drying when it came time to call it a day. I'll start with them next time.
  7. It was part of one of the Game Mastery Compleat Encounter set "Dark Elf Sanctum" which also included a Kalavakus demon and a toothy portal. These sets also had a stack of double sided map cards (one showing the sanctum in ruins, the other operational) plus a brief encounter description. My FLGS had it and a couple of others "Vault of the Whispering Tyrant" and "Terror in the Chamber of Pain" covered in dust a long time after they stopped producing them, so I snaffled them up. Disappointed I missed the Gorilla King one. Great job on the colours, BTW.
  8. Welcome to the forum. I really like the swirly green effect on the flesh, and the orange eyes give great contrast.
  9. That mottled pattern on the carapace is fantastic
  10. The FLGS has asked me to run something for Free RPG Day. Paizo's Pathfinder 2E adventure for this year is "Little Trouble in Big Absalom", where you play as a team of Kobolds breaking into someone's basement. Most of the minis needed could already be found in my collection, however I couldn't resist the temptation to test out some new colour schemes on the old school Bones kobolds. Not much notice, so these were a bit of a speed paint mostly using Citadel contrast paints, If I had more time I would have tried a weapon swap or two to make them more like the pregen characters. Firstly, Grimmnir the Sorcerer: Next, Izni the Druid (from the Kobold Leaders pack) who with that colouring could possibly pass for an albino ratfolk. I like that the scupt appears to have been cast with pince nez, just like the artwork for the character: Quizrel the Rogue: Rhin the Bard. Next time I'd probably use a light green shade than Dark Angels Green: And finally, Simeek the Fighter: One of the first opponents you come up against are some Flash Beetles. Thought I'd try some green and yellow OSL to show the luminescence. Looking at the pics now, I'll probably put a drop of gloss on the eyes: I think that's about all I'll need. Now to familiarise myself with the 2E ruleset . . .
  11. Well that took longer than expected - all sorts of other painting things pushing themselves to the front of the queue. Not too much more progress - just the Agrax Earthshade wash, highlight with Steel Legion Drab and Karak Stone and outline the red with Cygor Brown contrast. Inside the mouth has had an initial hit with Magos Purple contrast. Firstly the Torso: There's a bit of pooling happening with the Agrax, but I'm happy with the texture. Here's one of the tentacles. The water splashe has been unmasked and hit with an initial coat of Aethermatic Blue contrast. There's a lot of other things on the painting table at the moment, but nothing too urgent. Hopefully more soon.
  12. I love the Rivani sculpt, however the colours in number 1 still make it for me
  13. Changing to the Dancing Girl. That contrast between the skin and the blue is stunning.
  14. Yep. That verdigris on the trailing edge of the wings really makes it. The blue eye with the tiny pupil really suits the snagged toothed look. Excellent job!
  15. Still the Wizard (2). That OSL is hard to beat
  16. I have the metal Pathfinder Mites (SKU 60066) but only three of them and I think the most of these little pests that turn up at one time needs six, so I've repurposed some of my old Bones Kobolds to fill the role (since I have dozens more Kobolds, either metal ones I've painted or the ones that seem to turn up in every Kickstarter). As it turns out I like the blue shades on these guys - they may fit in as Kobolds who claim ancestry to a blue dragon. Another quick paint job while I'm waiting for washes to dry, but for first generation Bones and their tiny size these have quite a good amount of detail on them. I may paint up the rest of my Kobolds as different dragon colours as well.
  17. It's a very wet day here in Brisneyland, so everything's taking its own sweet time to dry. While I'm waiting for the Agrax Earthshade to dry on the Kraken, I thought I'd get these guys done to finish off the beasts I need for the Mite Nest under the Old Sycamore Tree. The Mites do like their centipedes, so here's a bundle of squirmy leggy joy from the Bones 3 Kickstarter: Three different colour schemes based on some real-life giant centipedes. I'm not sure whether to be surprised at how many people out there keep these things as pets. A fairly quick job using mostly contrast paints with a few finishing highlights.
  18. Now that I have a functioning airbrush and the dinos are out of the way, it's time to tackle the Kraken that my nephew got me for my birthday late last year. I've decided to follow the colour scheme in the D&D 5th ed Monster Manual - shades of brown with red blotchy patterns on the back, pale underneath. I'm still developing my airbrush skills, so I thought a large and relatively forgiving model like this might be the way to ease myself into using the airbrush for painting more than just large areas. Firstly, the prepped model. I've removed the transparent water splash from the bottom of the torso for separate painting, and masked off the water at the base of each of the six tentacles. There are quite a few gaps from factory assembly, so I used some liquid green stuff to try to fill that in. Sorry about the lighting quality - I do my airbrushing on my garage workbench rather than at my modelling table, and there was a bit of afternoon sun shining in. Undersides were sprayed with Citadel Wraithbone to give it a warmer tone, followed by an airbrush over the back with Citadel Steel Legion Drab. I then tried some stripes with airbrushing Citadel Khorne Red. Underside first: I need to work on my dilution of paint and brush control - a few drips and splashes that will need to be touched up. Now the backs: And a little more detail on one of the tentacles: Finally, front and back of the torso: A little bit less control with the red on the back than I would have liked, however my airbrush is not a fine detail one. I may touch up with a bit of Steel Legion Drab to take the red back a bit. Next step will be to add an Agrax Earthshade wash and highlight. Many marine creatures tend to have darker outlines of colour blocks, so I'll lined in the red blocks. However that will all have to wait. The Schnauzer is demanding her walk and I must obey. Back soon I hope.
  19. 2 as well for me. That OSL takes the cake.
  20. Nice. The highlighting on that blue is gorgeous.
  21. Another foil for my Dreadmir players - this is one of my favourite "civilian" characters in the Dreadmere box. It's a figure that had a few details I wasn't aware of until I actually started painting it (the monocle and peg leg in particular). Unfortunately, let down by a dodgy photo again, but he shows a little more detail than poor old Siobhan. I'm going to have to have another look at my photo settings . . . Reeve Irremborg Planomakov holds most of the power in Dreadmir in spite of the efforts of the various gangs, bands and factions. He represents the Dreadmanov family (who prefer to spend their time in their apartments in Kamengrad than in their ancestral holdings) on the Mir Council, through a devious blend of guile, threat and show of force. He is stern but fair, and does not tolerate insolence. A stout, heavy set man, the current Reeve is believed by some to have some dwarf in his heritage.
  22. This critter sat on my painting bench for a while mocking me. I think I like the idea of greeblies with lots of tentacles a loot more than actually painting them. I toyed with a few different paint schemes before I settled on a fairly traditional pink and purple one. I also considered giving it a cuttlefish eye to create an alien vibe, however my plans to use it in a campaign calls for a more body horror angle, so I did a human eye. Once that came together, the wide staring eye and exposed brain gave me a distinct case of the Mars Attacks, so a subtle greenish glaze completed it. While I'm happy with how it turned out (it photographed a lot better than the other minis I'm positing today) I have to say this was a dog of a miniature to paint. There's a few spots inside that were impossible to reach, however the rest of the mini tends to distract from those, so long as you don't look too closely.
  23. I picked up a bunch of the metal Reapercon figures to make postage for some other minis worth it (and because they're excellent). First off the mark is Siobhan Redraven, Bloodwolves Swashbuckler. I based her palette off the concept art as much as possible and I'm happy with the slightly desaturated look on everything except the red armour. While I believe sh'es supposed to be a vampire, she will fit nicely into either my Skull and Shackles campaign or Dreadmir as a River Widow. I'm trying out a new lighting rig for my photographs - it seems to work well for some of the figures, but it's obscured her face a little. Plus, a Schipperke hair seems to have crept into the front shot.
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