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  1. I picked up a bunch of the metal Reapercon figures to make postage for some other minis worth it (and because they're excellent). First off the mark is Siobhan Redraven, Bloodwolves Swashbuckler. I based her palette off the concept art as much as possible and I'm happy with the slightly desaturated look on everything except the red armour. While I believe sh'es supposed to be a vampire, she will fit nicely into either my Skull and Shackles campaign or Dreadmir as a River Widow. I'm trying out a new lighting rig for my photographs - it seems to work well for some of the figures, but it's obscured her face a little. Plus, a Schipperke hair seems to have crept into the front shot.
  2. I find I either love or hate the contrast paints. Some of them (like Black Templar) work really well, while others not so much, or they’re just the old shades rebranded (I’m looking at you Aethermatic Blue and Shyish Purple). For this crab, I undercoated in Corax White (for some reason Grey Seer and Wraithbone don’t go well with Black Bonesium ). I then did a single blotchy coat of Militarum Green, followed by a wash of Agrax Earthshade. My experience with Apothecary White is a bit meh. It’s not as useless as Aethermatic Blue, but you end up having to re-highlight in White anyway. My rule for anything white is not to use any paint with “white” in it’s name it tends to be two stark or chalky. My top highlight tends to be something slightly off white like Pallid Wytchflesh
  3. Number 2 - those painted flowers do it for me
  4. Folks may have observed that this pair have been lurking in my "this month I'll be mostly painting . . ." sig for about 6 months. Finally, after finally coming to terms with my airbrush (or finally giving up hope of the crew at a not-so-friendly local hobby store getting in the parts I ordered), I found a much friendlier retailer and splashed out on a new one. The colour scheme is a combination of two I found - the purplish brown with the orange highlights came from a Monoclonius reconstruction, while the bright orange face shield with blue highlights came from a Torosaurus reconstruction. Probably the brightest minis I have painted, however I'm firmly in the "dinosaurs were just big birds" camp, so I wanted to push my limits. Firstly, the Thunderfoot Behemoth, looking surprised to see you: Some other views: Next up, the Wiz Kids version. Quite a bit smaller that the Thunderfoot, and closer to the Triceratops seen in my dinosaur books I had as a kid. I probably should have tried a different colour scheme, however I was so enamoured with this one, I'll pass it off as a juvenile or sexual dimorphism: Next up with the airbrush . . . RELEASE THE KRAKEN!
  5. Still finishing off the minis I need for the Island of Empty Eyes (#4 of the Pathfinder Skull and Shackles adventure path) and now that I've painted all of the cyclops I think I can manage it's time to get some other beasties done. The Bones IV Dire Crab will pass as a Shark Eating Crab (along with my metal Scuttlebones). I was tempted to try the blue swimmer pattern that another has done so well, however given the stocky build of the crab I settled for an Australian mud crab colouration. Nothing too complex here, however I'm particularly happy with the patchy appearance that the sculpt and the hit and miss coverage of the Militarum Green contrast paint gives it.
  6. I've "borrowed" one of the low level dungeons from the first adventure in the Pathfinder Kingmaker adventure path - a nest of troublesome mites beneath an old sycamore tree. I have the Reaper Pathfinder mites in metal, but the boss fight at the end needed something a little more. Grabbles, the leader of the mites is a nasty little brute with delusions of grandeur who rides about on the back of a giant tick called Tickleback, and the Bloodstone Gnome Cavalry figure from the Bones IV Darkreach expansion fits the bill perfectly. I'm not sure whether the mount is supposed to be a beetle or a spider - it seems to have 8 legs and the horned attachment at the front might be able to pass as a cast-off exoskeleton or bone that Grabbles has strapped to his pet. I've painted the "tick" like a cattle tick (Boophilus microplus) with a dull khaki abdomen and bright red legs - I still have nightmares when a load of these laid eggs in a container on my lab bench - a container which could keep the adult ticks in but not their horde of tiny bright red legged offspring when they hatch. The helmet on the rider covers just enough of the head to hide that he doesn't quite have the big ears and hangdog look of the Pathfinder mites.
  7. Back to 1 for me. Give that lady a stand.
  8. The Bones interior would fit in the Nolzur’s one but not vice versa, so that might be a good way of showing off the preferred semi-digested bits
  9. A quick paint job for this one. It is intended to play the part of an anaconda, so I based the scale pattern on a green anaconda, even though it's obviously not a constrictor (the scales are way too rough). It was looking pretty shaky to start but a greenish glaze brought everything together nicely.
  10. Finally caught up with a Wiz Kids Gelatinous Cube, which gave me cause to dig out the Bones one which came with Bones Kickstarter 2. I thought I'd put the pair of them up for a comparison. First up - the Bones one, which I'd like to call the Lime Splice. A yellowish glaze using Citadel's Plaguebearer Flesh still looked a little bland, so I thought I'd liven it up a bit with a few streaks of Hexwraith Flame. I might have possibly overdid that, as the greenish tinge removes any detail from the red interior. I'm happy with the interior detail, however. I wanted to go for "semi-digested" - Anyone currently eating might want to look away . . . The Plaguebearer Flesh lends a nice bilious quality to it. I must get in and touch up the edge of the base. Next up, the Nolzur's version: A better view of the interior this time, although it looks more like a display case than anything. Plaguebearer Flesh again on the jelly, but not on the inside of the cube. Unfortunately, the yellow colour combined with the red on the body parts gives the impression of flame rather than semi-digested adventurers. Here's a closer look at the interior: I've tried to create the impression of dissolving adventurer diffusing into the surrounding jelly - a similar effect with corrosion on the metalwork (not as noticeable in the photos as in the original. Note the space in the middle, sized for a Wiz Kids base where you can sit an engulfed party member. Of the two I think I'm happier with the Bones one, particular with respect to the interior, although it's not too visible through the haze.
  11. I think I might have to change to 2 for this one. The bright orange beard really stands out against the dark leather. Plus one of my players has a beard almost as bright and he uses this miniature (different colour scheme) in our Dreadmir campaign.
  12. This is tough because I love the combination of colours in the Inquisitor, however I'm going to stick with 1. It's the eyes and the way the shawl pops against the red robes.
  13. Great work - both the painting and the cause.
  14. Ok . . . took me a while to dig these out. I'm taking my definition of "mini" here to be rpg or wargame specific mini. I have been making model kits since I was around 7 or 8 years old and probably started painting them at age 12 or so. I started off with the old Matchbox 1:76 military vehicles range, each of which came with its own scenic diorama (the more venerable British or Australian forum members may remember these, although I did see some of the same models bearing the Revell label around 10-15 years ago, so maybe some made it to the US). Towards the end of high school I graduated to 1:35 scale Tamiya WW2 vehicles and figures, making my own vignettes and dioramas to display them. Around the same time I started playing AD&D, however we never played with miniatures (Brisbane at that time had one "wargames" shop but the minis were all lead based and well outside my budget). So I came into miniature painting with some experience, although little knowledge of techniques like undercoating, highlighting or use of washes, and the only paints available were the Humbrol and Testors enamels and Tamiya acrylics, most of which were in military colours rather than the nice bright colours I saw in the occasional White Dwarf or Dragon magazines. When I started university and got a part time job, I could start to afford some minis, and the sole wargames store in town was joined by a few short lived gaming stores. I also started to track some down through mail order, but this was in the days of postal money orders, which were a pain to organise. I think the minis below are the first true gaming miniatures I painted. First up, are a pair of "freebies" you got with the AD&D Battlesystem rule set (a very short lived attempt to take D&D back to its wargaming roots. I make no claims about the quality, however the detail on these miniatures is really quite low, and not helped by the thick Humbrol enamels used to paint them. The bases are stamped with "1988 TSR". Apologies for the dust - this is after I brushed a lot of it off. On the plus side, I did have a fairly steady hand, honed by years of painting the eyes on 1:35 scale soldiers. I'm unsure of which of the following are the oldest. I'll start with an old Mounted Skeleton posed in the distinctive Citadel "star jump" configuration. He's a bit battered from spending a lot of time in the bits box and I can't find his shield. Once again, I managed to keep mostly within the lines . . . I seemed to be a bit keen on using Humbrol Leather for weathering - that might be my first attempt at drybrushing. Lastly, my suspicion is that this guy is the first miniature I bought. It's one that I've held onto for a long time because I was really happy with the painting. There's some evidence of drybrushing, blacklining and layering long before I even knew those were things. This is an old, out of focus photo (I can't currently put my hands on him) and what appears to be an interesting texture on his skin is actually a combination of dust and an unsealed paint job started to degrade. I believe it's an old Grenadier Orcus - If I can find him I'll find out what the date stamp says on the bottom. Both Orcus and the skeleton would have been painted in '87 or 88. Going looking for these uncovered a treasure trove of unfinished or unpainted vintage miniatures (mostly skeletons - they were easiest to paint). I found the old Ral Partha "Throne of Bones" I bought myself on my last day of my undergad degree 31 years ago- largely painted but still unassembled, plus I also uncovered a few of the Ral Partha "Vignettes" series "Bridge of Sorrows" and "The Confrontation" I got through mail order in the early 90's which I've never finished because I lack the space to display them. I'll probably have to strip and restart, but they are nice kits. Maybe once I've finished off all my Bones . . .
  15. I'll take 2. I have a soft spot for the later Pathfinder minis, but just from a painting point of view the subtle freehand wins it
  16. Nice detail on the book and scroll. You've got the illuminated manuscript down perfectly.
  17. Slowly getting through the Dreadmere box for minis to use in my Dreadmir campaign. I spent a bit of extra time on this one because it is such a beautiful sculpt. Steered clear of the contrast paints for the most part and went back to more traditional techniques. That hat makes it difficult to photograph her face, but trust me it's there. The younger of the two Duskwarden agents in town, Damaris is more outgoing and prepared to take risks while Jakob Knochengard is careful and carefully plans his every move. Her extravagant, swashbuckling style annoys Jakob and Damaris takes every opportunity to make him uncomfortable. Of the pair, she is more likely to approach others with missions or support, although this is more intended to put Jakob on the spot than any real interest in them.
  18. I needed a dual axe wielding mini to play Kvetka, a bandit leader my Dreadmir party will encounter on their way to Raid the Sczarni safehouse. After snipping off Arnise's elf ears and giving her and extra axe I had lying around, Kvetka lives
  19. Some fishy business down at the Dreadmir Docks. Quint the fisherman has returned from his daily foray out onto the lake with something extra he found in his nets. While he clubbed it into submission after dragging it on board, it revived just as he was mooring and now it's escaped into the Lebedev's workshop. Someone has to go in there and deal with it, so Quint, his wife Prinda and mother-in-law Beyla are looking for heroes braver than them. Firstly Quint. I realise that the time period I'm going for in my campaign predates yellow plastic raincoats, but I just had to try out the Lyanden Yellow contrast paint. Next up, Prinda: And finally, her mother Beyla
  20. This guy was a bit of a no-brainer - another giant who pretty much already looks like a cyclops. A brief bit of exacto work and a greenstuff eye and he's there. I already have him in metal painted as a Stone Giant, and there are more Stone Giants than I'm ever likely to use in the Lost Valley expansion from Bones IV. When I got him in one of the earlier kickstarters (2 or 3) I momentarily considered replacing his mace for a microphone and moulding on some cargo pants to make a little mini Peter Garrett (former lead singer of Midnight Oil and Australian politician) because he's a dead ringer for the bald bloke and the pose even looks like he has his distinctive dance moves down. I'll just have to buy another one for that project. Spent a bit of time layering his skin up and I'm probably happiest with this than the earlier cyclops. Just one more to go (and then possibly another Cyclops Lich if I can get around to ordering it) . . .
  21. You may call them quick and dirty, but as a former parasitologist let me say they look just like real ticks. Well done.
  22. I remembered that I had an encounter with an Augur Kyton who was serving as a "Cleaner" to remove any evidence of the existence of Drow (None of this spider nonsense for my Drow - they're going full Hellraiser in my campaign). A quick trip through my bits box and I assembled this. All I can say is thank the Dark Ones for all the spare spikey bits and mysterious flesh gobbets you get in the GW Wracks box. An Augur Kyton is supposed to be a floating eyeball surrounded by whirling blades and spiked chains. I started off with that in mind but then got a bit carried away.The base is done with a bit of Citadel Mordant Earth over a purple and PVA glue base.
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