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  1. Have purchased all of my addons except rulers of hell and frost giantesses any chance we get to see a finalized sculpt relatively soon?
  2. my Current list, Core Set Extra Monster Set x2 (I always have my monsters come in packs and 3x owlbear, griffon and wyvern is a nice encounter) Extra Apes (I just really like the sculpts on these and want to paint one set as yetis and traditional apes) Narglauth Rocky Dragon Turtle Zombie dragon Blacksting Roc Thunderfoot Behemoth Blacktooth Terror Dance of Death Argent x2 (Im thinking Gold/Silver for one and Red/Black for the other) Maybe List: Agramon Fire Giant Huntsman Frost Giants Lords of Hell Will get Agramon and the Fire Giant if the sculpts on the frost giants, lords of hell arn't to my liking. At 305.95 Currently will get up to 335.95 at the most... only 36 dollars more then my limit... I call that a win
  3. Argent is a great capstone. its ideal for molding 1 large piece with maybe 3-4 pieces total which is gonna make the detail much easier to define and lowers the cost significantly Would i have liked a hydra or something complicated sure but this makes so much more sense. and for 20 dollars I am likely to buy multiples to give to players who want to get into painting because a solid color large mini is the perfect first painting piece. And (not to be a cheap about it) but a foot tall dragon resale is so much higher then lets say if Nyarlathotep is a foot tall, you could buy 10 argents paint half and have the other half pay for most of your kickstarter in a year or so. Love the capstone would love to see the finalized object when its reworks are done in maybe one of those 3d spinning model programs with sir forscale to get people excited about it
  4. Have a family member order the parts you want as a second installment?
  5. Considering Argent is just an inch shy of the colossal red dragon figure from Wizards I honestly think hes the best deal in quite awhile for in game DoD is awesome as a set piece though. and looking at the pose im thinking i might sneak a clear sticky tac piece right on his back to have a figure perched their as a rider. Currently planning a good final battle with a Ancient Red/Black with a Lich Riding or a Gold/Silver with a Solar on his back if the party is an evil one
  6. my Current list, Will likely find an excuse to go past my 300 dollar limit Core Set Extra Monster Set x2 (I always have my monsters come in packs and 3x owlbear, griffon and wyvern is a nice encounter) Extra Apes (I just really like the sculpts on these and want to paint one set as yetis and the other as traditional apes) Narglauth Fire Giant Huntsman (Might swap him out with the frost giants if I can see their sculpts before finalizing) Rocky Dragon Turtle Zombie dragon Roc -cough pheonix cough- Agramon (Again might swap him out for the lords of hell if sculpts appear) Thunderfoot Behemoth Dance of Death (I talked my self into getting it even though I wont be able to rebase the dragons) Argent x2 (Im thinking Gold/Silver for one and Red/Black for the other) At 296.95 currently under my budget Likely when I give in and increase my pledge later Blacksting (another one i cant rebase but looks cool enough that I could figure him in as an appearance peice then use one of the wyverns as a stand in) Blacktooth Terror Mossbeard (really iffy on him cant judge his size in my head for some reason) so an extra 48 is in my future i can tell
  7. each base has a "x10" "x4" etc next to it to see the amount of bases you get
  8. I wonder when we will get a look at the frost giantesses and the lords of hell as sculpts gonna wait to see them in 3d
  9. what a good time to get off of work... damn def getting two of those dragons since this campaign has been pretty light on dragons ;p
  10. eesh 150k to get to it though, hopefully we can get through it quickly to try to finish up that map but hopefully we will get another fan favorite add to the expansion to boost the numbers aswell
  11. And they are only 5 dollars for the broken down core set... im thinking a whole ghost pirate ship fight to go along with a dragon turtle encounter sound pretty great for an adventure
  12. me thinks someone watched an old south park episode and was mumbling -crab people... crab people- as they were sculpting and so there it is
  13. Well everyone its the last 24 hours get out their and post on your forums/twitter etc and get as many people in on this as we can would love to see 3.14 in the rear view by the end of it :] http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?535041-Final-24-hours-for-the-new-Bones-sculpts-from-reaper&p=22345555#post22345555 giant tip is where I lurk at so theirs mine!
  14. Looks like a great target for druids awaken spell gotta love living trees
  15. on bones 3 Ma'al Drakar was dropped at 2,250.000 so heres hoping the next one is a big reveal
  16. so why did the number of grave toppers quintuple not complaining but just noticed
  17. well this is the 2mil ding if i had a guess blacksting or DoD is gonna make an appearance
  18. the way im figuring it pledge as much as you can without it hurting you, then you have 11 months, which is 44 or 22 checks to add small amounts until the july end date of the pm even if you only add 5 dollars per pay check thats either an extra 220-110 to your pledge which can get you alot of extra minis atleast this is my plan
  19. I think im gonna hold off on the last two addons until the molds are available to see size to see if i wanna change out fire giant into Frost giants or agramon into the king and queen devils. even though that will push me another 10 bucks over my max with 5-10 more reveals to go the pm is gonna get more love as the months tick by
  20. they usually get split into 2-8 dollar sections of how they were unlocked during the kickstarter and you can cherry pick the ones you want except for the initial core set which was the top 20 minis and the 24 goblins will if it was like bones 3 get in its own set for 60 dollars but i don't remember if their were more minis or less in that core so that price could fluctuate
  21. http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?534595-Final-Week-for-Reapers-new-Bones-Figures hopefully it gets a few new eyes on the project
  22. yeah thats what im thinking too, wonder if someone at reaper would be able to take some close ups of it to see if a scalpel will be enough to get two nice sculpts
  23. I only buy for gaming in mind which is gonna put me out of the running for DoD since the legs are sculpted to the tail which makes me sad but im hoping another dragon might make its appearance to appease those wanting more dragons
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