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  1. So, essentially by donating any amount in the KS unlocks the pledge manager for use after the campaign ends. Since the pledge manager will be open for about a year after the kickstarter closes, will we be able to add funds to our pledge to pay off and order a core set if it is not paid off by the end of the kickstarter?
  2. Hello mods, creators, and Reaper staff: I am new to tabletop gaming and am looking to build my collection on a budget. I had a question, that I'm sure you have been asked a thousand times already about the Bones 4 KS campaign. I cannot afford to drop $100 for a core set, but from what I read, if I pledge anything over $1, I get a set, I just go to the back of the line. Sorry if I misunderstood everything, but I couldn't get thru the 8k comments on the KS page to see if someone had already asked. Thank you,and I'm sorry if this is a waste of your time.
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