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  1. But I work she stays home with the kids she can have all of them
  2. I think the only issue I’m going to have with bones v is my wife is even more into it now than bones iv... we’re going to have to get doubles of everything...
  3. A gold dragon similar the one in the 5e PHB that isn’t dinky! Make it happen!
  4. Meditating monks. Male and female, all races. Think like shaolin or Tibetan style monks, unarmed. I’d like some for monasteries in my campaign settings. Maybe one standing on one hand, perhaps some doing other monk like things. Non-combat poses.
  5. We’re going to put some small unfinished shelves above this one (for some of the larger minis that will be coming in bones 4) then hang the second type tray above that. Still not going to be enough to display them all but we’re definitely keeping an eye out an eye out for interesting ways.
  6. So my wife had a couple of these old things laying around. She spent hours throwing some old English at them. I gotta admit I like it, wish we had about 50 more of them for when bones 4 comes lol
  7. In front of one of my paintings lol
  8. Getting there, need to do some blending among a few other things to make the transition between the short and long hair less abrupt. I'm thinking about highlighting with metallic silver but still not sure yet... taking a break for a bit as I had a bit too much grog last night and feel like I need a long rest to recover some HP lol I'm also going to terrain the base a bit and try to go buy some fun things to put on it at a later date (next pay day perhaps) but I'm liking my color choices so far and thank y'all for taking a look! Many more to come I'm sure! I'm liking this more than painting canvas, it's slightly more forgiving if you make some mistakes lol
  9. That's what she was trying to tell me. Thanks for helping clarify!
  10. So I put the blue coat to establish the shadows, then I painted white over to bring out the shadows. I plan on detailing in gold/white but my wife says silver, so I'm not 200% yet. The mane/hoof/tail is going to either be metallic blue or green. Haven't decided yet.
  11. Here's the base coat of my first ever mini! I'm using academy acrylic, system 3 acrylic and liquitex basics acrylics, and water. Here's to luck! I'm letting the base coat dry. I'm too nervous to go wet on wet.
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