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  1. One batch of Acolytes from The Others - 7 Sins boardgame. Not used to painting tiny minis, some blemishes (shakey hands). White is hard to paint (achieving contrast).
  2. Finally finished Blood Rage monsters. Took me a while to get to them all, Frost Giant was a rush job, forgot paint mixing ratios after base coating.
  3. Yeah, the pegs were on both thighs and both rocks, didn't want to mod it really. Too afraid it wouldn't have enough support.
  4. Finished painting the Roc as a Thunderbird. I lost patience halfway through, so not much blending and proper highlighting.
  5. The Troll, from Blood Rage board game by CMON. Highlights attempted with dusk sunlight from upper right direction. First attempt at painting gems (rubies amd emeralds). This was a bad mini to paint, due to entire areas not being accesible without cutting the figure apart (i.e. behind the handle, underneath the loincloth, the feet and hands).
  6. Fire Giant, miniature in Blood Rage board game by CMON. Second attempt at Object Source Lighting, and first at actual flames, lava and red hot sword.
  7. Touch ups on water and teeth, and slight wash, not very visible on photo (need to set up lights :) )
  8. Bam! Could have done a better job, but was impatient and brushes weren't cooperating.
  9. My best paint job yet, quite proud, for a beginner.
  10. Highlights are the bane of my painting existence as well, and I as well am very hesitant in using bright ones. I fear I might muck up and have to start over. Best advice: get over yourself. It is hard, I know. But mucking up is part of the learning curve. Don't fear it, embrace it. You'll notice it comes out much better in the end. Especially the first layer after the basecoat makes me wet myself, each time. "Noooo, it looks so bad!" But go on, put on the second layer and perhaps third, and it'll look great. Try your hand at some feathering even, have a moist second brush at hand, and when you get the feeling the contrast between basecoat and highlight is too great, feather it down at the edges. I am very much a beginner as well, but I find just trying various techniques without fearing failure, helps you improve greatly. As for your figure, maybe highlight her skincolour a bit brighter?
  11. I painted it ochre/light brown base, and the gold covered it much much better. If only I found that out sooner :)
  12. Gold is the worst to work with :( only my 7th mini so far, but I already hate gold.
  13. Tried this on my Reaper wolf mini. Worked a charm. Very subtle highlights but not so much that it is hidden. https://photos.app.goo.gl/IwITyeJ8azWDjD172
  14. Hi all, First time posting and first time painter. Just started painting recently, and while I'm waiting for my Reaper and KD:M minis to get here, I'm practicing on my The Others: 7 Sins ones. I've only painted 5 minis up until now (3 Age of Sigmar starters and 2 The Others), and have noticed the following difficulties: - proper placement of highlights - proper amount and placement of edge/extreme highlights - proper way of applying dry brush. Any tips are welcome. I'm using deerfoot (?) brushes for dry brushing, because regular ones were too flexible, and rhe other cheap ones I have are too rigid. Link to minis: https://goo.gl/photos/Arkd9kVm9XYeNrEF9
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