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  1. DragonWyrm

    Armoured Goblin Boss (Bones 4)

    Love it.
  2. DragonWyrm

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    So after checking my order there seems to be only one problem: - The herbalist from dreadmare is missing a part (from looking at a painted example it seems to be the cylindrical part tht is hanging on her waist), since I don't really like how that part looks I may just sculp the clothing in that area and not even ask reaper for a replacement. Its also possible that I missed that part when taking her out of her bag or it fell off. Some minor annoyances: - some of the pre completed miniatures have some noticable gabs (not all of them) - A peg of one of argent's wings looks like if it was partially cut in production (so that it fits the place its meant to go) - The Nyarlathotep base was bent and after the water trick (partial since its pretty large) the figure doesn't really fit the spaces for it. My mistakes: - the minis I glued in have some minor gaps (looks like they were caused in the changes in temperature) - Dance of Dragons is a pain to put togetther so I will do it later when I have some hot water and time Some comments: - I like how the Frost Giants turned out and even the wolf is not that bad when held in hand. - The dragon turtle is amazing - Civilians are full of character - The medium to big miniatures are really good. - Rocky is fun.
  3. DragonWyrm

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Well AUS Post lied. It is not coming Tuesday, the package arrived today. I will open It later and do some checking.
  4. DragonWyrm

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I got an AUS Post email that my Bones 4 is coming (Tuesday is the estimated deliverly date).
  5. DragonWyrm

    Zombie Dragon (Bones 4)

    I love how this is coming along. Just something to consider. Currently, the base is a little flat. I would glaze some different colours on the reliefs carved on it.
  6. DragonWyrm

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    My current thoughts from seeing what other people got and the quality of the items: - Dreadmare: looks like the best expansion, I am happy it is the only one I got. - Frost Giant Huntresses: I like the giant sculpts, but am surprised that the wolf didn't change from the render (which I assumed to be a work in progress due to looking so cartoony). Overall I prefer them to the Rulers of Hell (which I didn't get). - Dragon Turtle, Rocky, Zombie Dragon, and Dance of Death: Wow! - Blacksting: I am pretty happy I got it, though I did not manage to find a fully assembled picture (can't go into wow yet) - Lovecraft Horror: Nice base and sculpt. - Argent: pity about the size, sculpt is okay and distinct and for the price, I still find it fun - King Cobra: This is the only sculpt I am sad I didn't get. - Roc: Nice sculpt, but I hate painting feathers. - Skeletal Dragon and Treeman: Nice, but I see no point having them - Darkreaches: like it but not enough miniatures I would like to paint. - Lost Valley: Mumlak size was a surprise, but I had no need for 50% of the figures so I am happy I didn't get it (especially with the resolution of some of the sculpts).
  7. DragonWyrm

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I haven't received my bones 4 (they are on a boat having the adventure of a lifetime), but I am a little disappointed on the changes in Argent's size (Reaper could have communicated more, and probably should have. A good example was how the changes in the giant hunters were communicated and people showed that they really wanted to have that deer/caribou). To comment more on this I would need to hold Argent in hand. Personally, I did not find Kaladrax a fun sculpt. I prefer Nerthyrmaul and am sad that they changed sizes. (I do not have any of them)
  8. DragonWyrm

    Painting in the style of ......

    It depends on the pigment, but most of the time they are fine (as long as you don't eat paint, which you shouldn't do anyway.) In some cases even if you eat the artist paint it would be no worse than eating hobby paint (you must understand that as long as artist paint follow the proper standards [have a logo on them], they tell you more about their toxicity than the hobby paints [which are probably just as toxic when it comes to the binder, but don't tell you that]). A paint manufacturer told me that he could eat cadmium red pigment without fear of getting poisoned due to the fact that it is a molecule composed of cadmium and something else [sulpher I think, but would need to check] which has such a strong bond it can be considered to be unabsorbable by the body [unless heat is applied]. The old cadmium paints have the warning due to the chemical process being imperfect and having pure cadmium mixed in with the bound cadmium.
  9. DragonWyrm

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Is there a hedgehog on Dreadmere's Juliana the herbalist? If there is, how nice is the detail?
  10. DragonWyrm

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Ugh, american date system. Why can't you use day/month/year? Is it just to be contrarian and cause NASA to miss schedual their launches? I have been informed that mine is on/going on a boat and having an adventure of a lifetime.
  11. DragonWyrm

    Leather Queen Pin-up

    For hair you could desaturate the colours a little AND/OR Paint some deeper shadows AND/OR You could also make more thin lines going in the direction of the hair flow (I would do it with a dark to black brown)
  12. DragonWyrm

    trista_77094_painting for time efficiency

    To give an impression of detail spend some time to give some shadows to the face and hair (For blonde hair I like using Pingo's way: raw umber + yellow ochre + titanium white makes nice blonde hair).
  13. DragonWyrm

    Character Design Blue Caterpillar

    I don't play enought rpgs (currently I just GM some games of FATE) to say if I would pick him as a PC character (thought I believe I would chose him on the accessories and how well they fit the character I am trying to represent). He is an illusionist so him sitting may be part of his combat style.
  14. DragonWyrm

    Let's paint ... errr ... finish ... Zetta

    When you mess up on the face (or anywhere for that matter) quickly get a wet brush and slober on some water to stop the paint drying (if its starting to dry allready you may need to gently scrub the mistake you just made). Then using a clean (dry-ish) brush start cleaning up the mistake (and all the paint that hasn't dried yet). This will save you so much trouble when you work on eyes, the only problem is that you must let the figure dry before you try to paint the area that got wet (and you can't use this technique if you made a mistake when working wet on wet).
  15. DragonWyrm

    Cal and Aponne

    I enjoy all the miniatures you paint. To see improvement in painting the best thing is to try new stuff, whether that be a highly limited colour pallet or a new technique. As an example you could paint a grisalisse (a value sketch in black and white) and then glaze it with multiple transparent layers of paint.