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  1. Northern Crusades started a tribes last month. This months reward (still a WIP) is:
  2. STL Miniatures Printed Obsession Clay Beast Creation Medbury Miniatures Reconquer Designs Dino and Dog Animal Den Miniatures Miniature Museum Titan Forge Miniatures Ghamak Tribes Patreon Scifi is still not shown. Lost Kingdom Miniatures Warp Miniatures Labyrinth Models Last Sword Miniatures I recently found Lost Hobbyist Miniatures, who does some nice looking figures that are inspired by what I like (He did some nice Terry Pratchett sets, and February's was Monty Python). March looks to be evil dead inspired.
  3. Look at these beauties. (March release) They also have alternative helmet options (less elaborate) and some more figures not shown. x4 Swan Knight - mounted x3 Swan Knight - on foot x3 Swan Knight pikeman Swan Knight Musician - on foot and mounted Swan Knight Banner Bearer - on foot and mounted Swan Prince - on foot and mounted x5 Swan Knight Horse x3 Vale Archer Vale Archer Musician Vale Archer Banner Bearer Vale Archer Leader Terrain - Stables Terrain - Archery Range Terrain - Mobile Palisade
  4. I found this recently: STL Miniatures February Tribe:
  5. Mithril has some really fun sculpts. I like how you painted the giants expression.
  6. Okay here are a couple more things that came up: White Werewolf Tavern, the renders. Printerra Studios
  7. Just to make sure. Do all of the Light Amazons only have the mask version? I remember patreon showing some Amazonswith and without the masks, but the sample print only has the mask version.
  8. Something interesting. Forged Path Miniatures. There seem to be more dwarves coming. The Dragon Trapper Lodge I like the forging dragon.
  9. Some more stuff Clay Beast Creation: There are also some throwback Minotaurs. Warp Miniatures (They also have individual creatures from the swarms, images on patreon) \
  10. Some February Previews: Animal Den Miniatures (there are more pictures on the MMF tribe, I just chose some interesting ones) Miniature Museum (Look Glitterwolf, a couple feathered dinosaurs! I hope you are the person that asked for some a while back) Dino and Dog. There is more images on the MMF Tribe. (Glitterwolf, more feathered dinosaurs!) Medbury Miniatures Lost Kingdom Miniatures Lost Sword Miniatures, there are more on patreon. Labyrinth Models (More previews on tribes) Ghamak The Printing Goes Ever On(some terrain is also shown on the MMF Tribes) White Werewolf Tavern (More drawings on MMF Tribe) There is a surprising amount of dinosaurs and dragon riders in February (Some have been posted previously by others so I tried to not repeat them)
  11. Okay I think I may have some stuff for January that hasn't been posted: The printing goes ever on: Medbury Miniatures Reconquer Designs PrintYourMonsters: Vae Victis Miniatures: Belkasar3DPrint Dragon Gate Tavern: Animal Den Miniatures Miniature Museum Dino and Dog: Erramir Orlans (their tribe is made up of multiple different creators, who also sometimes do a freebie on gum road, but I am not going to be posting the ten pictures needed to show it. All others are a piece of terrain. The patreon is interesting allowing you to choose a whole faction from his existing range instead)
  12. That gem on the staff has a really nice subdued look to it. Wonderful paint job. It is always nice to see old school figures being given love.
  13. I like the kilt and absolutely love some of the expressive eyes you painted (That kitsune and child figure).
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