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  1. Mythology wise. I would like more of the slavic kind as well as some demons and monsters from old illuminated manuscripts. What I was looking at were some more interesting and unique monsters. Denizens has some of that. I wonder why we don't get more chimeras. After all all a chimera really is is a mixture of animals and there are so many that could be explored. You aren't a miniature painter if you haven painted using Genuine Mummy Brown at least once!
  2. Talking about stamps, I wonder how a gel press would work. Or for that matter water marbling? Since certain rugs have geometric patterns marbling could be interesting.
  3. The more I look at Hakir the more it calls to me... The amount of large figures is what is really interesting and the designs of the scarab folk. I am getting more and more tempted to forget the core set (which I like) and change it with two expansions. Mostly because the expansions have a more monsters. Currently my preferences go something like this: Will get: Briarwood: I always want fairies and I am prepared to put money were my mouth is. Plus even the non fairy sculpts are whimsical. Anniversary Dragon, with the wings fixed and the rider added it interest me a lot more than when it was first shown. Making a choice between these Core set: I do love some of the figures inside it Sullenhall: I already have an unplanned undead army. The giant skeleton and necromancer will be nice additions. The terrain can work anywhere and is nice. Denizens of the Dungeon: The wyverns (I have blacksting!), skeletal dogs and the trolls. Plus a lot of other medium sized sculpts. Hakir: At first it looked Meh. Until I reminded myself that the most of the figures are 75mm... Then the set went up a lot in value. Plus undead Egyptians. Ahh Anubis leading a pack of Dark Alliance Anubises would be fun. Wolfpack + Bee Lancers: if I don't get the core this is in. Interested but the other options are better Egg of the Phoenix: This encounter has a really good selection of medium figures. But salamanders aren't something that I am that interested in Lighthouse: Sullenhall has more terrain and figures for a slightly increased price. Will need to see the the final sculpt and the walrus for final decision.
  4. I think I will go over what I liked and didn't for the core set. Legend: Like, Don't care Core Set: Problem with core set: Not enough medium figures: Bog Shambler, Bloodstone Golem, Nightmare, Werebear, Warg, Driftlurker, Lardgulp, Honeythorn Lancer, Vandorendra. Especially when compared to past core sets. Who had a lot of medium sized figure and Large ones too (nightmare is probably the biggest in this core set) Only some figures can be out in sets (ants, warg and wolves, newts, gnomes, guards, witches and mudmen). Most others, even if they were unlocked in a "set", are not really conductive for building single encounters together. Not enough human sized or smaller monster. Lacking a larger theme for multiple unlocks. Bones 4 had the villagers, Bones 5 had the dragons and undead. I think the decision to not break down the core set may have been what removed the larger consistent themes. When Reaper was breaking up the core set they considered how to make the groups as large as possible so that they could break them off together. Final thought on the core set: I didn't dislike anything. But it is lacking in several key areas and some of the sculpts, I just didn't care about. The prevalence of digital sculpted figures is a little disappointing. If I want digital sculpts I may just as well buy a 3d printer instead. In most cases it doesn't matter, but fur and hair are the two areas that hand sculpted looks so much better. Expansion opinions: GG: Too generic and not enough fun patrons. The patrons that are there are really nice. Sullenhall: Nice, the bone piles seem a little meh and I don't like the female vampire amour designs. Would have preferred male armour or over the top dress. Maybe I will paint the armoured skeletons as black knights? That may make me like them more. Briarwood: Not enough red caps to make them something more useful. Will o'wisps are boring. Probably because I remember the Malifaux Halloween version with the children chasing the light. They just seem so uninspired... I like everything else. Which is really good for the expansion. I would have preferred to have more Faeries to make a wild hunt to court of winter/summer. But I can't complain about interesting figures. DD: Nice monster. Especially the wyverns. I like how we have more of the fat troll designs. Haakir: I like it, but I feel that it's going to be cut due to budget. It does have a large amount of medium to large figures.
  5. Ahha! A fairy! I wonder when they were planned to show up.
  6. Every time I see one of those I keep thinking Hollow Knight. First the beefolk. Sure they have a different design than the hollow knight bees, but they are close enough to the other hollow knight designs that they fit. But the Scarabfolk just remind me of the Dung Defender.
  7. Interestingly the close up of the flumph makes me want it more while the lizard close up reduced my interest in it. I think it may have to do with the happy face the flumph is making. The lizard throat is not really appealing to me. From the the side the face does look like a synapsid more than a lizard. So that is nice. Would you mind if I asked for the inspirations behind the lizard sculpt?
  8. I wanted to say that we are missing giants in this kickstarter, until I realised we are missing giants as add-ons since all the giants are currently in the expansions. The skeleton giant and Egyptian gods. It does seem like we are missing some medium sized add-ons this kickstarter. We have human sized groups, some nice encounters and two large add-ons. Which is interesting as that was what I remember people being interested in last couple kickstarters. Furthermore, the core set really lacks the same amount of larger scaled figures. Sure it has a decent amount of medium sized monster but compared to gaunt in Bones 4 and the zombie giant + dragons in Bones 5 it seems a little more targeted at smaller figures. The recent updates: The drake looks really nice and now when I can actually see the tail it looks quite good. Especially the back scales. I like what they did with the flying carpet, thought I fear bones material warpage may cause issue. Also the teaser from the latest updated: A rattle snake based snake woman/man! (intuition pushes towards woman) For some reason it makes me think they will be in the Hakir expansion
  9. Yeah. I am not sure if the thing at the back is a tail or some other part of the anatomy.
  10. The new encounter looks nice. A flying carpet as well as a fire drake.
  11. Does anyone know if this creature has 3 or 2 legs? I am not sure based on the angle of this picture. The design is interesting and could have some fun paint jobs. It also probably fits well with the Dreadmere terror fish.
  12. I do seem to prefer smaller dragons, but I can see a lot of people being angry in the kickstarter if such a change isn't communicated well. And I see some possible 3D printer people being angry because small sized dragons they can print easily, but large ones are a pain. So I do believe they should keep the 4 inch base. Also since no one mentioned this is the next revealed add on to the core set. Sister Arani looks interesting. Wonder how close the sculpt will be.
  13. Hmm I am not sure what to think about Arilyn. The concept art: The Metal Sculpt: The kickstarter plastic: The new model poses looks more natural than the old metal pose (but that may have to do with the direction the head is looking and the more appropriate arms). In the end I feel that the new model looses some of what made the original special. The new poses is a generic sorceress throwing a spell at the person over there. The concept had more of: manipulating the water down bellow. The metal had more of: Just a pinch of powdered newt and my brew will be done. Amusingly the hand goes higher and straighter from concept -> old metal -> new plastic. Ending with it fully extended. In the end I like it, but feel a little sad it became generic.
  14. Nice storytelling. It's nice to see the Eurekas painted. It so hard to find painted examples of them when browsing. And they sure look better than the black and white website pictures.
  15. I really like how one of the Salamanders has a Diplocaulus head. Interestingly they don't seem to share any consistent aesthetics with each other (apart from being amphibian). I am going compare the other 3 to the Top one. Diplocaulus: fur loincloth same as Top (different styles) Licking: metal pauldrons same as Top. Bottom: Same shin wraps as Top but mirrored. Same necklace and bottles as Top. Same beads as Top
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