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  1. I did a tutorial on how to use it for an ice base. (https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97600-ice-bases-using-liquitex-blended-fibers-medium/) It does shrink, but can generally keep peaks. Sorry for the late reply, but it took a while to make a tutorial (mostly due to longish drying time).
  2. The Medium I personally find the blended fibers medium by Liquitex to be a highly versatile medium. It can be added to any ground mixture to add the appearance of natural roots and similar debris. In this tutorial I will be looking at how to make an ice base using it. It is important to remember that in most cases the ice is hardly crystal clear and instead it generally appears cloudy white. The blended fibbers have a slight translucency which allows for the illusion of depth, while each fiber acts like a crack in the ice. The Ice Step 1: Base colour Use a dark base. Then tint it with the colour you want. In this case I used Cerulean Blue. This step can be skipped if you are going to be tinting the medium instead (thought a darker base colour is still advised) Step 2: Apply Fiber Medium Slather on a large dollop of medium. You can add some colour to tint it, but the colour will change significantly as it dries so be carful to not overpower it (you don't even need to mix it well as streaking colours may be desired). Transparent colours work better for tinting if you still want to retain the depth. In this case I did not tint it. Step 3: Smooth the Medium I did this by wetting a pallet knife and running it over the surface, followed by cleaning up the edges. The Fiber medium is extremely easy to smooth with a wet pallet knife. The thickness decides how much translucency the final product has. Step 4: Let it Dry In this case I liked how it looked so I decided not to dry brush it with white. Drybrushing with white would make it look more frosty. This took a couple hours for me, mostly due to the thickness I chose. You can see how the blue is showing in the photo, that is the undercoat peaking through. The Snow Step 1: Snow Mix some medium with Titanium white. This will make a nice snow texture Step 2: Applying Snow Apply the snow and feather it out with a brush, the feathering out makes it look more realistic. If you don't want peaks use water to smooth the snow (unless you want peaks to represent sticks in the snow.) Step 3: Let it Dry The base is now finished. The Miniature Put a miniature on it. Thats what a base is for. Unless you want to use it as a trap in DnD or some terrain.
  3. Personally I like Liquitex blended fiber medium for making snow, ice and water foam. It makes really nice ice (Dark base. A thick layer of fiber paste, which may be tinted blue. Smooth with wet palette knife. Do some light diluted washes of colour and a dry brush of white if you want a more frosted appearance. Mix some titanium white and fiber paste, apply for snow). It is also a good additive to ground texture (personally it looks like small roots or sticks in ground, making it look more realistic) I enjoy Liquitex Stucco medium, I just find it the perfect texture for sandy ground.
  4. I received most of my missing items! Wohooo! The only thing I am missing now is Ravenhome winged vampire. Given that they don't have any instock that is no surprise.
  5. So did I. I also got a written one about the missing Ravenhome figure and it was an explanation that they don't have any in stock so the information I have it missing will be filed away for later.
  6. I went to one of my local hobby stores and they had some new second hand miniatures. I already painted the ghost and added a sword to the barbarian rider. They seem to be mostly old grenadiers (barbarian is still sold at Mirliton SG, couldn't find the others)
  7. I am really impressed by the townsfolk figures. I expected to like them, but not as much as I am liking them. They are such simple sculpts and yet they provide a really nice range of characters that include a couple of possible wizards, priests and thieves. Plus townsfolk can be thrown nearly everywhere. Dark depths value for money was amazing. That is mostly due to the the large size of nearly all figures and the large amount of medium to large figures. A comparison to a similar product on the market (Wizkids dolphins and sharks, ~10AUD for a large shark and fin or two large dolphins), really highlight this. As I said previously the merpeople being so large was a real surprise.
  8. The thing is that I did not choose necromancy. Necromancy chose me! I started as a filthy elf lover, which amusing ended with me painting more skaven instead (damn you one of the best valued gw boxes). Then slowly over the years I amassed a collection of undead. My forays into the necromantic arts started with one of the First Reaper Minis I brought. It was ELDESSA(SKU: 02986). Hidden, she started the process of raising forces. Over the years Eldessa intentionally constructed an undead army for myself, whom was not conscious of the fact. Locked in a box she started building abominations after abominations. Most of them I even painted! I have 97 painted undead themed miniatures and 25 unpainted! My second largest painted themed collection is probably ratmen/skaven (slightly less than half that). Neither of which I aimed for... This is my biggest army and I blame Reaper, it is even in their name! (even thought they do not make up the majority of my undead figures, they do make some of the most interesting) If I ever DM we know what the first campaign will be! A recurring villain vampire (who keeps disguising themselves as another type of vampire so that the party never gives them true death) and their necromancer palls. .... Bugger I just realised that I can construct a painted peasant, priest and paladin army to fight the undead.
  9. Since I can't seem too sign up using the + trick. I decide its not worth the effort and the temptation would pull me too much. I already made myself an undead army by mistake.
  10. Received my Noble Knight order. Mostly consisting of Old Glory sets. For the price the sets look nice.
  11. Well, heating the eye tyrant face with a blow drier worked like a charm. The face fit right in afterwards. There are some gaps I will need to fill, but that is normal. Currently I will need to do a lot of work on the black? dragon and some work on the gem dragon to glue the wings.
  12. I really like how the civilian set looks. They are all one set and the poses are generic but mostly good (I think one pose may be a little too stilted). The mermaids from the dark depths expansion are impressive in both size and detail. Haha, the spikes drew blood for me. It surprised me. With the paddles, I just did some knife work on the pegs and they fit well enough after that. I still haven't assembled the eye tyrant, mostly because the face didn't want to fit in.
  13. Received my Bones 5. Went over the order and my PC Characters core set extra is missing about a quarter of the figures. Mostly consisting of my favourites from that selection. 😔 Shadow of Ravenhome is missing the jumping winged vampire, instead having an additional torso of the other vampire. Does anyone know the number?
  14. "So Mr Tyrant will you allow me to give you a face or do you want to go back onto the board?" Skallabjorn questioned. Mr Tyrant remained uncooperative and unresponsive. "Silence? I am quite happy to drip this nice hot water on your face, until you cooperate." The silky smooth voice of Skllabjorn rung out in the cold paved room. Slowly, under the deluge of water Mr Tyrant became cooperative. But even then he was not saved from the being dunked in cold water as final reminder of staying that way. It must be said that he remained silent thpouhgt the process. Personally I am half looking forward to doing inventory and half dreading it. I will be gluing what I can together, so that I don't later loose parts. My fingers will hardly survive this.
  15. To me it seems like Build a Pirate is similar to the current products show, while the concepts is closer to the Frostgrave Wizards and Frostgrave Warriors. When compared to frost grave wizards the sets fail in both prince and options. Really how hard can it be to make goblins in the same way GW made the Skaven Clan Rats and just offer it for half the cost? have 10 unique bodies per sprue, 2 sprees total. Each sprue should have 5 medium shields and 5 bucklers (could work for ranged weapons). Give 10 bows/slings/xbows, 10 spears and 5 swords. The leftover space would be enough to add magical staves, special weapons and magical items.
  16. The prices have consistently been increasing without offering additional value, but if the multipart sets are that expensive. I hardly see any point in getting them.
  17. Woohoo. Shipping email received. Australia post predicts next week.
  18. That is good to know. Hopefully they will ship mine soon.
  19. I got some Avanpost Miniatures. The detail is incredible on the figures. Of course I broke a scabbard in half straight after finishing the figures, but I glued it on again thought its going to be fragile now. Your party better start getting the water buckets ready.
  20. Are these the ones which were digitally sculpted? Because I am always disappointed in digitally sculpted hair and fur, thought it does end up painting up nicely. What is the problem with Maersuluth shrine? Is it the one with a broken arm?
  21. Last time I went to the store I noticed a price increase in the Giant Eagle. It used to be the normal box, but now is in the yellow box with the price of 15AUD instead of 10AUD. In other news, it is disappointing that more of the cool monster minis are moving to yellow boxes (even though they can easily fit in normal boxes.)
  22. Which is a pity, since I really liked the pose. Luckily I have the courtesan from the Dunkendorf range and the pose is similar enough.
  23. Can we please not have sculpted broken arms. If we want to have a broken arm we can easily use a scalpel. I will probably use one of my historic hands and sculpt the arm back on, but that will push it to the back of the queue.
  24. It does. Until you start looking at metal dragons and limited edition resin dragons at the same time. Then it gets confusing, especially if the bones version is discontinued or not released yet. What Reaper truly needs is a dragon page. Which has a nice picture of all the dragons in size order. With a scrolling list of photos comparing 3 dragons closes to each others size.(Photo of Dragon A,B and C. Then a photo of Dragon C,D and E.) I haven't even started mine. I still have more than half the dragons from Bones 4 left to paint. Ahh. There were a lot of dragons in Bones 5. What am I to do!?
  25. Thank you for the comparison shot. Reaper really needs a good seize comparison shot for the dragons, it is so hard to tell on the webstore and in the kickstarter.
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