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  1. I would recommend into looking into artist grade metalic paints (golden, liquitex and so on). The fine pigment metalics behave similar to the normal hobby grade metalics, but they have some coarse metalic paints which may have interesting applications at weathering. Not to mention the intereference colours.
  2. Did the cracks appear during painting, straight after drying or a couple of weeks after the model was finished? For me some cracks occured when I was painting in glazes and was adding the next layer before the first was trully dry, this caused the paint to slightly peel/crack. At the time I was also using lots of water and was trying to wet blend some of the parts, overworking the paint as it was drying.
  3. Amazing work!! This thread has taught me a lot about painting, especially busts! In my opinion the inclusion of cats will imply the adaption of nature to the "corruption", this would occure due to them drawing attention away from the garbage. Whereas the lack of cats would be used to draw more attention towards the garbage, making it a far more significant part of the finished product. Personally I feel that the cats may make the bust look too cluthered, they would also destroy the contrast of the left and right side you currently have (The tree side has most of the 3D art occuring above the shoulder whereas the garbage side has most of it occuring bellow, I like the contrast this creates). I would do the mushroomts in yellow orche and burnt umber/siene colours. This would be used to represent nature healing or fighting back against human "corruption" (simillar to scabs forming over a cut). The earth colours would also imply the posibilty of growth (soil), and remind us that even the most beatiful flower feeds on dirt.
  4. Nice OSL. The base makes him look as if he was surfing/snowboarding, especially with his pose. The lava surfing ghost!!! Lived an exciting life, leads an even more exciting death!
  5. I love the colour scheme. Due to the eyes he looks surprised/terrified. Especially in the second picture. I can just imagine him thinking, "Where is my gold!?"
  6. Got mine today!!! The minis look nice, thought some of the bigger pieces will require filling.
  7. Beautiful paint job for an amazing figure. The bones behir just got released (today) Tada!
  8. Or for that matter do we have pictures of all the other cool stuff (e.g. core set wyvern climbing rocks)?
  9. Looks nice! That is a surprised minotaur, or is she just in a staring contest.
  10. There are two things that are stoping me from getting the dragon. I don't like the sculpt of how the wings connect to the torso, I feel like the muscles there should have been thicker. The other is the price, which is cheap for that size of figure (but bones 4, I can get 3 Argents).
  11. You can always cut out the high heels and make her stand on her toes.
  12. Is your problem that the robes have green shadows? If yes, that is caused by the mixing of the pigments in black and yellow (most black has a slight blue bias, so when mixed with yellows they create dark green). I am not a professional and have only middle-highschool level art education, so I don't feel confident to go into the colour teory behind it. I use artist paints, so some of the result I can get may not be replicable with the available hobby paints (phtalo green + quinacridone magenta = purple [I must thank Pingo for that knowledge]). A wash should be able to cover some of the green, thought it depends on what effect you want to have. You could also paint in the shadows with a brown, or just strip and repaint the figure.
  13. Nice, I absoluty adore your painting style (it may have something to do with you explaining and using artist paints).
  14. Hmm, maybe a yellowish/orche/sepia glaze/wash? Thought I would test that first, and see If you like the colour.
  15. YES! A different dragon! Paint a candy dragon in candy land, tasting the rainbow!
  16. I would like to see some pagan folklore miniatures. Especially the europeans ones from Poland, Chech, Lithuania, France, Russia, and the other countries in that area. Other miniatures that would interest me are: A lady ridding a horse (the sideways riding method) Dragons, or anything to do with dragons. (A Dragon Bust made out of Bones plastic) A bust
  17. Nice. The flower is a little too vibrant in my opinnion, could be sun bleached a little to fit in with the terrain around it All it is missing is a snake hiding in the grass. For the missing sun you could hang down a giant lighbulb a couple cm above the base, should be close neough to Australian heat.
  18. Those Rauthuros are propably just throwing a party. Interpret that sentence however you like.
  19. I really like the effect you have on the flesh. I can't really say if it fits or not without first seeing how you paint the rest of the figure.
  20. Do you have some of that sceninc field grass (the long type)? If you paint/tint it green you could use it to add some volume to the "blackboy" tree. It looks good, but I think some more volume to the foliage would help it feel more healthy. I can't wait for you too make more flaura and fauna for the base.
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