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    Painting minis (though I hope that's obvious), cross stitching, reading, keeping my spawnlings alive, playing with ALL THE ANIMALS

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  1. magentawarped

    Reaper Elephant Avatar

    Hi guys, and Happy New Year! I haven't posted in a bit, gonna try to be better about that. Anywho, here's my latest finish, the Elephant Avatar from the Bones 3 Kickstarter. I started this guy in probably October last year, but kind of lost my mojo on him, and he sat on my shelf of shame for quite awhile. This year, I decided to clear out the shelf of shame, so I finished him up. I'm pretty pleased with him. Let me know what you think! ~Magenta
  2. magentawarped

    Blood Rage Fire Giant

    This was my first paid commission. The paint scheme wasn't mine, I was given a photo to copy and I don't know whose work to credit in that respect. However, I'm happy with the result (as was my customer). C&C welcome and appreciated! ~Magenta
  3. magentawarped

    Yephima, Female Cloud Giant (77162)

    This one is actually an older paint job of mine, but she's one of my favorites. C&C welcome and appreciated! ~Lindsay
  4. magentawarped

    Nethyrmaul the Undying (77190)

    Hi all! Been a bit since I posted anything, so I'm going to spam a few minis that I've completed lately. This was my entry for the Reaper Facebook group dragon contest. He's the largest model I've done to date, and I'm pretty darn proud of him. C&C welcome and greatly appreciated! ~Magenta
  5. magentawarped

    Matte Finishing Spray

    Definitely Testors Dullcote. Haven't had any issues with it. I just killed off my can and now I'm sad because I can't have it shipped to me here and I don't know where to buy it. ::cries::
  6. magentawarped


    Just a quick paint up of a group of orcs for an upcoming game.
  7. magentawarped

    Skeleton Army

    Reaper brand, came in the last Kickstarter.
  8. magentawarped

    Gunny Peegs - Bad Squiddo Games

    The most adorable army ever. They'll gnaw you off at the ankles!
  9. magentawarped

    Bones 3 Ogre Sorceress

    Nice job! I must say, this is one of my favorite figures from that Kickstarter. I just recently painted her up as well.
  10. magentawarped

    Skeleton Army

    A small army of skeletons that I finished a bit ago for an upcoming game. Nothing super exciting, but I really like how Sepia Wash over Dirty Bone comes out on these guys.
  11. magentawarped

    Reaper Bones 3: Executioner

    Nice job...he's got an excellent tan going on those legs.
  12. magentawarped

    Leprechaun and Owl (Reaper 03579)

    This poor guy was on my shelf of shame for quite a while. A friend requested that I finish him up so that he could use it in a game, so I got him to a satisfactory tabletop level last night. Not my greatest work by far, but I like him.
  13. magentawarped

    Ogre Matriarch

    Thank you everyone! Pochi, we did indeed discuss her on Facebook...good to see you!
  14. magentawarped

    Ogre Matriarch

    Hello all! This is my first time posting here, so please be gentle! Here is my Ogre Matriarch from Bones 3.