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  1. great idea....I still have one of this greek guys unpainted....more pics soon
  2. Yes and yes...I always use some floor tiles from the Schematic Piramid Mold in my roman/greek buildings....IMO they adds a lot to the floors...
  3. Well, just want to share with you a pair of pics of the latest building I´ve done with my HA molds... Rob...
  4. Hi guys... This is my second Haslefree mini...Shimmer, the half-drow....the pics are not the best of the bests, but I think they enough good to apreciate the paint job. http://www.coolminiornot.com/96279 My idea was to give her a "manga look", cause the hair and pose reminded me the characters of this kind of comics... This is mini is really small, so painting the eyes has been quite difficult but I think the result is enough good... I made the ruins in the base with Hirst Arts blocks. Rob.
  5. Thanks guys for your comments... You are right...the the problem with the base is that I don´t know if I´ll be able to unglue the mini without damaging hids bottom back area of the mini and about the face, well I painted him some time ago, before knowing the advantages of some of the more usefull painting techniques (like glazing)....
  6. Hi guys...I´ve managed to get a new camera and I´m taking pics of some "old" minis I haven´t posted yet (mainly cause the pics I had were not very good)... Here you have the first one: Cobart a Mage by Bobby Jackson. This was the first (and only) mini I´ve painted using yellow as main color... http://www.coolminiornot.com/95581 Rob.
  7. Hi again... This is my last reaper mini: http://www.coolminiornot.com/91701 Hope you like it... Roberto.
  8. Thanks guys... a+b+c+d... He´s a "Metrosexual Dwarf"...who has many time to spend in personal care...
  9. Hi again guys and gals... Altought I´m a bit busy this days I´ve found a few hours to finish this mini... Tell me waht you think... Thanks a lot...Roberto.
  10. HA only sell mods, but there are some companies which sell blocks...I don´t remenber the addresses now name but you can find some links in the HA web site.
  11. Hi...I use to work with HA molds and there isn´t only one type of "Dice Roller", almost everybody in the HA message board has build one (or even more) and all are different, so there are no instructions to build "the dice roller" in the HA site. Ie, .that´s the dice roller I use... You just need to build some kind of tower, with an open in the roof to throw the dice, some ramps inside and an exit in the lower part to let the dice go out...
  12. Ok.... You can find plans for the watchtowers at the GW-LOTR website...link: http://uk.games-workshop.com/rohan/rohan%2Dwatchtower/1/ But I have no plans for the center of the piece, sorry. Rob.
  13. I use desert sand mixed with beach sand, IMO the best thing you can do is make some experimentation whit diferent types of sand and see which one looks better.
  14. You can add some fine sand to the paint and give the basecoat with this mix.
  15. I like it, I think it´s a very good gaming piece. In order to make it look better I´d try to give some texture to that big flat area in the middle...maybe placing some card pieces to represent bricks. Rob.
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