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  1. Pics of what I took. There was a lot of awesome mini's in the box.
  2. @Rob Dean box mailed 6/19/20! Will post pics when I get the chance.
  3. The figurehead and alternate figureheads are in the pledge manager as separate add-on/power ups, so you could just get it to paint up
  4. Glad you like the effect. I used a "heavy dry brush" sort of a hybrid between a dry brush and stenciling dab with a stiff bristle brush designed for stenciling. I wasn't sure which color to make my zombie dragon so I cheated and made the DM pick
  5. Thanks! This was my first attempt at osl so glad you like it.
  6. This was a fun guy to paint up. C&C welcome.
  7. This is one of the few minis that I've started and ended up stripping due to not liking how the mini was coming out. I think try two was much more successful, though it looks better in person than the photos.
  8. I painted this mini up as a present for my step-dad for his birthday. He really liked it a lot. Some of the pictures are a little dark.
  9. Per DM request the Bones 4 Zombie Dragon. This guy took longer than I had hoped due to life getting in the way. but was pretty fun paint. C&C welcome.
  10. Looking at back at box #8, looks like @Chaoswolf edits the first post of chatter with the list.
  11. Where Albany area NY No international shipping Not a box starter
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