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  1. The figurehead and alternate figureheads are in the pledge manager as separate add-on/power ups, so you could just get it to paint up
  2. Glad you like the effect. I used a "heavy dry brush" sort of a hybrid between a dry brush and stenciling dab with a stiff bristle brush designed for stenciling. I wasn't sure which color to make my zombie dragon so I cheated and made the DM pick
  3. Thanks! This was my first attempt at osl so glad you like it.
  4. This was a fun guy to paint up. C&C welcome.
  5. This is one of the few minis that I've started and ended up stripping due to not liking how the mini was coming out. I think try two was much more successful, though it looks better in person than the photos.
  6. I painted this mini up as a present for my step-dad for his birthday. He really liked it a lot. Some of the pictures are a little dark.
  7. Per DM request the Bones 4 Zombie Dragon. This guy took longer than I had hoped due to life getting in the way. but was pretty fun paint. C&C welcome.
  8. Looking at back at box #8, looks like @Chaoswolf edits the first post of chatter with the list.
  9. Where Albany area NY No international shipping Not a box starter
  10. @Lord of the Dish Pit Could you try writing up both paths and seeing which turns out better? Plus added benefit if you change your mind the preliminary stuff is written.
  11. For us it is two people in the car, which means backseat only plus then there are all of the other books, miniatures, tech for electronic only books, etc. Add to all that the loading and unloading of everything each time from an apartment and anything that large or bulky is impractical for us.
  12. While the ship is pretty and awesome, the size of it made it an easy pass for us. We travel to game and traveling with it would be a big pita. But super excited that so many others are happy for it.
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