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  1. I vote smoosh as much as possible, extras during reapercon, and let @Rat13 swim in the mini's when it makes it way back to him. But also being next I maybe a little biased, I wants to see all the things.
  2. Disserrma

    size comparison of old giants and new giants?

    The "huge" Fire Giants were the Bones 3 sculpts and iirc rescale of the Bones 1 Fire Giants after Reaper got some experience with the new material and a better understanding of what they could do sizewise. My understanding is that all of the Bones 3 and 4 giants are scaled the same.
  3. Disserrma

    Suliman Le Saracen

    He is magnetized to be able to ride any mount, atm that's limited to some GW horses. Will try to get a pic on a horse.
  4. They also mentioned in the Reaper Live that they will NOT be putting extra core/expansions up on the site until AU at least begins shipping and that June was currently planned as the first month of Bones 4 releases. I know some of our overseas friends were worried about these.
  5. Disserrma

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    I was just looking through the paint triads and noticed that the image for the Redstone triad is the same as the Olive Skin triad.
  6. Disserrma

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    I tried to log in with my old info and got a message saying that my email was in the system but it was the first login with option to 'reset' password. Email to reset was sent with a link to reset.
  7. I think we've seen the snek in it packaging already, likely in a reaper live or reaper unboxing video.
  8. Disserrma

    Cats & Catacombs

    IIrc their first KS, dungeons and doggies, was also very successful and they managed to deliver early. ETA was May 2019 i believe and many people got their stuff in March.
  9. Those are likely the bases included in the Core set.
  10. They did say on Reaper Live that they weren't shipping 75lb boxes. That could be why they split your stuff. Might be able to check the pledge manager to see if there is another tracking number.
  11. Disserrma

    Lapsed painter with sad Dragonman

    For the grey you might prefer a black wash instead of the sepia or starting with a darker grey and drybrushing/layering up to the lighter grey. And welcome back to the hobby!
  12. Someone a while back froze their free Efreet so that they could remove the front piece and re-glue it.... They ended up snapping the mini in half, said that freezing it made it more brittle. This was on the Reaper facebook group.
  13. I also got all three on the list o' doom, but have received shipping notification, so that shouldn't have gotten you put to the side. Lock in email 9-10-17 9:40et wave 1. 32.1lbs.