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  1. AlonTey - yes the main inspiration for the coloring was rattlesnakes. I also looked at various moths for ideas for the wing pattern. With regard to the head coloration, that wasn't planned. I initially painted all all beige, but while I was doing the dark back scales I decided to splash some ochre on the head for shading, and I liked the effect. Then I decided it might have a red patch as a sort of display crest so I added more red washes.
  2. Painted with acrylics and oil paints. Work-in-progress photos and videos on my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cokane/
  3. Thanks for the comments everyone! 1 - 3D Studio Max (although Blender would be just as good), printed on a Wanhao Duplicator i3 printer. 2 - It's a Tamiya A4 cutting mat. This one: 3 - Yes, I pinned the rock to the base. After supergluing it, I drilled through the plastic rock into the wooden base and used paper-clip pins glued into the holes. I also pinned the wings and feet on the model.
  4. Thank you, I didn't know about this contest. Would this count as a diorama because it has a 2nd model on it?
  5. Very creative! I usually use paper and cardboard for the backdrops in my photos.
  6. Nice idea, I haven't used water effect paste before. I'll have to check it out.
  7. Here's my attempt at Narthrax in a Smaug inspired color-scheme. She's defending her kill which is hidden at the back of the base. The base is a 10cm MDF board with some 3D printed rocks attached to create a cross-section effect on the edge of the base. I coated the 3D printed parts in plaster filler to add texture and used some cork, gravel and sand to finish the base. The horse parts are removable to make a less scary version. They're made from some old citadel horse and skeletal horse models. The horse head has a small metal pin on the side that inserts into a hole in Narthrax's hand. The ponies in the last shot are from Impact Miniatures Chibi Pony set.
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