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  1. I've never been to ReaperCon, but have wanted to go ever since learning about it. I've never actually been to a convention before at all, so...the whole ordeal will be new to me. I was looking at things to do there, specifically how to enter pieces into the competition, taking classes, and all the various events. Could someone help me find answers to these questions? The older threads were informative, but I don't actually see any "rules" per se, nor a composite list of events. Maybe it's too early? With the Reaper MSP Open competition, I see there's four categories: Painter, Open, Diorama, and Vehicles. Let's say I paint up Narthrax, ridden by a Dark Sword Miniatures model, complete with a fancy diorama base, and want to submit it for Painter, Open, Diorama, and Vehicles categories. Is there just a checklist on my submission sheet (I assume that's what's used) on what I'd like to be judged in? I see that in 2019, there were manufacturer awards...using Dark Sword Miniatures models, Bombshell Models, etc. In order to compete to win those awards, is that a separate competition? Or does someone from each manufacturer just go look at the submissions in the four categories, pick out their stuff, and judge that? Where might I find the actual rules for the competition? I'd hate to paint up a huge diorama with Krug, only to have it be too big, or not conform to one of the rules. @Heisler mentioned in a previous year's thread that quantities of black felt can go out pretty quick. Let's say I want to showcase something large, like Ma'al Draka and a handful of smaller figures. I don't want to take up wide spaces on the table, but if I built my own knock-down display, does anyone know how wide the display area is (so I can go 'deep' instead of 'wide')? This might not even matter, I'm just trying to cover my bases and don't want to make anyone upset. Class Camping: how do I find out how to sign up for classes, and when the first signups are, as a VIP? I plan on picking up that ticket, and would love to go to classes (especially for some of my favorite artists), but I'm not one for camping out (I waited two weeks and avoided the TV and internet in order to finally see the Fellowship of the Ring, lol). Is there a consolidated run-down of all the events that will take place, where they are, and what we do with them? I've never played Pathfinder, just 2e D&D (in the 80s and 90s) and 5e (recently). Obviously I'm super excited to finally get to go (yay, kitchen pass), so please forgive the wall of text. I *DID* read all the threads, until I realized that many were from 5-8 years ago, lol
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