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  1. I'm so ready for that expansion, my wallet, not so much :D
  2. Yeah, I was so excited to see the greek expansion. Feel all deflated now :(
  3. You all speak of the amazing sounding sculpts! Where can I find pictures?
  4. I'm not sold on the core, like others have said, there are too many humanoids and too few monsters. I love the spell effects though and tabaxi are difficult to come by, so I might get those if they can be bought separately. I'm getting the bridge, the siege weapons and the dragonborn. Other than that I don't see anything I must own yet (which is fine and mostly because I would never get the asian-style minis used). I'm looking forward to the greek expansion, the statues from last year were my favourites, so I hope this will be great! (Is it bad that I haven't finished a single Bones 4 mini yet?)
  5. Core set is also gone for me, so hopefully that is getting a much needed update as well.
  6. Currently hiding in the bathroom while the boys are loading gear into the car and I'm basically ogling the ghost pirates. I'm running a short pirate campaign right now, so I think in a couple of years, the ghosts of my PCs mutinous shipmates might show up to haunt them
  7. I have a gig tonight a few hours from home, so I will unfortunately miss the madness. Enjoy it and pledge, pledge, pledge!
  8. Ooh, I have (completely unrelated to this hobby) issues with that term I play in a punk band, bonehead is the term for a racist skinhead as opposed to regular skins.
  9. You can all relax now, you got your dragon fanfic sculpt!
  10. I already backed on the European pledge, but I guess I should look into it.
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