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  1. If this push continues overnight, we might wake up to a couple new toys..
  2. Those elves are awesome looking! And the skeletal dragon is sweet!! edit: Those are some of the most androgynous elves I have ever seen. Very neat.
  3. Haven't heard that used that way in almost 20 years. Was honestly kinda hoping it died.
  4. Personally, I like the "dinosaur" look. Yeah, we know they were a bunch of angry chickens on steroids, but the LIZARD look is still embedded in many of our hearts.
  5. You guys have every right to be annoyed. Vat tax is ridiculous, and I hope nobody blames Reaper for basically an oh s*** moment when they mentioned it. They gotta cover their butts too. Can't get into the politics tho. Love all my European mini loving brothers and sisters!
  6. All my kids like to paint my minis. My 6 year old son loves them. But he always paints them a solid color, with a flashy accent of clashing colors. He's hilarious.
  7. I feel your pain. I have 7/10 kids still in the house, and 5 of them girls. 2600 sq foot house and nowhere to display That beautiful wyvern.
  8. Definitely slower. We were on a roll yesterday until the crash. Technical difficulties suck. Lol
  9. This kickstarter has been superior to the others, IMO. The models are better, the expansions are amazing, and the add ons are super cool. I walked from B3 with the core, stone skull, the crusaders, the frost giants, and extra hobs. This one is going to dwarf that by a huge margin.
  10. Dinos would be cool, but I'm hoping for more of the Dino people! Non saurials are awesome!
  11. Darkreach is friggin amazing! Love part 4! And the new rulers of hell are fantastic!
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